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Crystals For Empaths

Crystals For Empaths & Empath Protection

Do you feel other people’s emotions as if they are your own? Well, you might be an empath. Here are the best crystals for empaths and crystals for empath protection to help protect you from negative energy.

This can be a blessing because it helps you understand others easier and you have great empathy. But it can also be a curse because you end up absorbing the negative emotions of others as well. It’s mentally and emotionally draining and if you’re not careful you can wind up completely mentally exhausted! But there are ways to protect your energy.

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Crystals For Empaths: What Do They Do?

Your best defence against other people’s negative vibes is to strengthen your emotions, meditate and use crystals every day. Certain crystals can act as a protective shield, blocking any negative energy that comes your way! They also help raise your vibrations, making you stronger and more resilient!

Where To Put Your Crystals For Empaths

You can wear your crystals for empath protection around your neck, as a bracelet, rings, or buy look empath crystals and carry them in your purse or pocket.

Keep your crystals on your desk at work, by your bedside, or under your bed. You can put some in your car to help protect you while you drive. Keep your crystals anywhere you feel the need for protection.

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Two of my favourite crystal shops are Hilltribe and Spiritmagicka. They have unique clothing, aromatherapy, home decor and beautiful crystals! They were kind enough to send me a package full of crystals for empath protection, to try out and explain the benefits with readers. They sent me a calming angelite bracelet, an amethyst polished point pendant necklace, a smoky quartz cluster and some black tourmaline. I couldn’t wait to wear use them.

The owners of Hilltribe were so helpful and knowledgeable when I explained what type of crystals I’m looking for! They ship worldwide! And the shipping was so fast.

I also love the quality and price of Spiritmagicka crystals! If you want to check them out be sure to use my code STEPHSOCIAL to receive 11 percent off your order.

How To Pick Crystals For Empaths

It’s best to trust your intuition. Go with whichever crystals you feel draw to, because there’s probably a reason. Or sometimes crystals find their way to you. And it helps to touch the crystals and feel the vibration they give you.

The Best Crystals For Empath Protection

As an empath I was looking for stones that cleanse negative energy, boost intuition and offer protection.

Wearing the amethyst necklace

Crystals For Empaths: Amethyst

An amethyst is like a spa in a stone. It promotes relaxation, and soothes away your stresses. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, put an amethyst in your room. It can help clear whatever is blocking your mind and keeping you up at night. It helps promote the sleep you need.

Are you indecisive? Use an amethyst stone to boost intuitive powers and relieve the unnecessary stress we often put on ourselves when making decisions.

Amethyst stones also cleanse your life in all areas, making it a great choice for empaths. Often we don’t even realize what needs to be cleansed. But the amethyst is able to pick up negative energy and remove it. You’ll feel a sense of calmness, confidence and positivity.

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Crystals For Empaths: Quartz

Quartz is great for clearing negative energy that a empaths tend to absorb and carry around. The negative energy effects us and brings us down. Use quartz around your house and especially in your bedroom to clear any negative energy.

How cute are these quartz hedgehogs?! Put them on your dresser to keep negative energy out!

Crystals For Empaths: Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is said to remove radiation. It’s also said to ground energy, clear negative thoughts and promote vitality. This beautiful, dark stone may also boost immunity, treat arthritis and relive pain! What a powerful stone!

Black tourmaline can also help you better understand yourself and others. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion and prosperity.

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Crystals For Empath Protection: Angelite

This is one stone I was drawn to from the beginning. It provides a sense of angelic protection, so you never feel alone. It heals anger, stress and tension and promotes forgiveness and healing.

If you have trouble letting go, angelite can help you reach a place of forgiveness so that you can move on. Instead of hiding your pain, angelite helps you heal it!

Crystals For Empaths: Smoky Quartz

This is another stone that caught my attention. Don’t choose your crystals and stones by their appearance. If I had done that I would have chosen pink and white, but instead I let my intuition help, along with the helpful owners of Hilltribe. We agreed that I would be benefit from a smoky Quartz cluster. And it’s amazing because it’s said that if a smoky Quartz has found its way into your life, that you are ready to open up to light and positivity! And yes I am!

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Smoky Quartz is amazing for empaths because it removes negativity and is very protective and grounding. I can actually feel the protection when I’m holding this cluster! It’s something I can’t explain, other than it’s a feeling of comfort knowing that it actually works. And no wonder, it’s said it offer both physical and psychic protection.

Wrapping Up: Crystals For Empaths

Are you an empath that has trouble dealing with the negative emotions of others? Try these crystals for empaths to cleanse and protect yourself against negative energy. Crystals provide great protection for empaths against negative energy.

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