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Your home can either be adding to your happiness and joy or it can be sabotaging it. If your house is cluttered and chaotic, it’s a constant reminder of all of the things you need to do. It’s hard to relax if you have dishes here and laundry piles there and toys pretty much everywhere! And, since you can’t just get rid of the every day stuff- you’ll need to create a small space in your home that’s calming and relaxing. Think of it as a little oasis you can escape to, in your own house! A space you will LOVE!

Life can get overwhelming. Creating a calm, self care space can help you to get started on your journey toward a more peaceful life. Hygge life can help, which is a Danish word used to describe a relaxing, peaceful life that promotes well-being!

Having a little retreat to de-stress and feel relaxed might even make you a better parent, employee and wife because you’ll feel calmer and happier! Everyone needs a little space.

Yesterday we talked about meditation and how it can help you create a calmer, more peaceful life. You can use your happy space to meditate daily, journal, listen to music or just relax. If you haven’t read my previous post, you can check it out here: Meditation Manifestation.

Why You Should Create A Happy Hygge Space?

Having your own private retreat actually offers a number of benefits. When it comes to physical clutter, it makes sense to choose just one room so that you can lessen the overwhelm that comes from trying to manage a houseful of too much stuff. Clearing out one room is easier than dealing with all of it. Plus, just getting started can help to motivate you with the bigger project. Also, having one dedicated space to relax in can help you to release all of that mental clutter, as well.

You’ll have a Zen oasis to which you can retreat after a long day or when you’re feeling particularly anxious. This is something everyone can benefit from.

How to Choose Your Room

Many people consider their bedroom to be their oasis. It’s a quiet, private space meant for relaxation. This space really is a good one for creating an escape. However, if you share a bedroom or prefer not to use this room for some other reason, there are definitely ways to make other places in your abode work.

First and foremost, you will want to pick a room that offers privacy. If your family is always in the kitchen, this probably isn’t the best place for a private retreat. It’s also good if the spot offers quiet and calming surroundings. You can always clear out the physical clutter, but if you hate the carpet or the wall color, you may want to go with some other space.

A room with a door and that offers various lighting options are also some things to consider when choosing your retreat.

Of course some of us don’t always have an extra room. In this case, use what you have and create a space you love by adding decor, re-painting and putting up pictures, candles and music!

You can create a place to escape even with limited space. Just use a corner of your bedroom and add a cozy chair, some cute pillows, a few candles or string lights and a tapestry!

It might seem like an effort to put this all together, but it pays off when you can start to enjoy your space every day. You will love it!

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Cozy, Hygge Aesthetic Ideas

Your calming space should be personalized and unique to you. However, there are some common characteristics to consider when customizing your room. You’ll want to have a cozy chair, bench or chaise lounge that you can curl up in. Put on your comfortable clothes and grab yourself a good book or put on your favourite playlist.

Create the perfect spot:


One of the most important factors is- lighting! Try to include lots of natural light by opening up the windows and even cracking the window to let a little fresh breeze in. Bright overhead lights can be too much for relaxing. Turn off the room lights and add some string lights and a salt rock lamp instead to create a real mood! Add a few candles for a soft, soothing effect. Candles are soft and warm, perfect foe a Hygge home!

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Set The Mood With Scents

Aromatherapy is a nice touch for helping to release mental overwhelm. A beautiful diffuser is perfect to set the self care tone you want.

Scented candles, a reed diffuser, or room spray are all great additions, unless you’re especially sensitive to smells.

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Cozy Aesthetic

Add some soft textures like throw pillows, comfy blankets and a plush area rug. You want the cozy aesthetic to make you feel so good. Plus, you can’t help but feel good when you’re hugging a soft, squishy pillow, wrapped up in a soft blanket with some jasmine candles burning in the background.

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Personal Touches

Finally, be sure to add some special personal touches. Maybe a nice little desk and chair are something that is important to you so that you can do your writing. If you’re a tea lover, you could set up a cart with a hot plate and assortment of fine teas on hand. Add some decorative mirrors, photos and plants to your space! The possibilities really are endless.

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Creating your own happy space can provide you with more than an escape. It can give you the peace of mind, leading you to be refreshed and renewed to face each day.

It’s possible to be happier at home when you focus on what makes you happy. Everyone should have a small space to relax and de-stress!

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