Morning Affirmations

Mornings can be a hectic and rushed time. This is especially true when you have kids to also get ready for their day and out the door on time. How you start your day, is a big determining factor in how the rest of your day will go. Starting your day out feeling frazzled, cranky, and overwhelmed isn’t good for anyone. Instead wake up 15 minutes early to meditate and read these powerful morning affirmations.

This simple morning ritual will set the tone for your entire day. Just watch how much better your day goes after you make this a morning habit.

A simple solution to make things a whole lot less stressful is to create a morning ritual for yourself that you perform each and every day. I like to begin each morning with a thank you to the universe for another wonderful day. It’s true how you start your day, effects how the rest of your day will go.

The morning is a fresh start because your mind sort of re-sets. Take this time to create a positive day ahead! It’ll change how you feel about mornings. But, please don’t talk to me before my morning coffee;)

Let’s talk about how a good morning routine can set the tone for a calm day. Use the morning to reset your mindset and start every day off right!

What is a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a series of actions you take every morning to help set the tone for your day. It’s a type of self-care that allows you to begin each day feeling energized, relaxed, and purposeful.

Morning routines are personal and unique. They usually involve activities meant to calm or revive such as writing in a journal, meditating, exercising, or creating a to-do list. Whatever a morning routine consists of, the purpose is to help the individual feel prepared for – and in charge of – their day.

Include morning affirmations in your daily routine to reset your mind for a positive day. It only takes a few moments to really change your whole day. 

Benefits of a Morning Routine

There are lots of great things that can be gained from this practice. Having a morning routine allows you to positively set the tone for the entire day ahead of you. You can gain a sense of purpose and empowerment by engaging in a particular ritual each day because you are making proactive decisions on how to get things started and the activities you choose can aid in producing that mindset.

Taking time for yourself on a regular basis, particularly at the start of the day, will also help to improve your outlook and your coping skills. The sense of calm and control gained through your morning routine will carry over into the rest of your day, maintaining your mood as you encounter obstacles and in your dealings with others.

If you add things like a healthy breakfast and exercise to your new routine, you’ll also face the day more energized and ready to go.

Morning Affirmations

Wake up just a few minutes before everyone else so you can read these morning affirmations in peace and with intention.

I am creating a habit of taking a quiet pause each morning before launching myself out into the world.

Each morning, as the sun is rising above the clouds, I stop and reflect on my life.

With the first breath I inhale, I am thankful for all my blessings.

My mind immediately travels down the extensive
list of blessings I receive.

I am thankful that I have a family.

I am thankful that I have work and that my work makes a difference.

I choose love instead of fear or worry.

I give thanks because I am needed and wanted.

My life counts and I matter to others.

I start every day full of thanks.

Beginning this way gives me strength to face the day.

The tools I need to win today are found within me.

I declare that this day is a gift for me.

I choose to be happy and find the joy in whatever comes my way.

My heart, spirit, and soul are prepared for the unknown.

With a thankful heart, I am off to a great start.

Awakening my soul first thing in the morning helps me to stay in touch with it throughout the day.

During the day, I find it easier for things to speak to my soul because it has already been awakened.

My thoughts are filled with possibility.

My heart is healthy.

My priorities are in order.

I tighten the breaks on anger and saturate myself with peace.

When I start the day with a pause, my spirit is calm.

Taking a moment to reflect each morning helps me to face the world with a positive attitude.

I can rise above any situation that tries to cloud my outlook.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I start my day?
  2. What am I thankful for?
  3. How does having a thankful heart
    change my outlook on life

More Morning Routine Suggestions

Besides the obvious brushing your teeth, washing your face and some strong coffee, the rest of your morning routine should be tailored to activities that you choose and from which you will most benefit. You’ll want to consider adding things that will nourish your soul and that are particularly meaningful to you.

I do have some suggestions to get you started, though:

Light it up. Start with light! Turn on the lights, open the blinds and let the light wake you up naturally!

If you have a few minutes, try morning journaling. Here are 11 types of journals for personal development to try!

Those in self-help circles often call this practice “morning pages.” Writing about your thoughts and feelings can be quite cathartic and healing.

Give thanks. It’s a great idea to take note of a few things you’re thankful for that day! This sets the tone for a grateful day with positive energy!

Exercise. Do some yoga or go for a leisurely stroll. The extent of the workout doesn’t matter. It’s moving your body that creates energy. Taking your movement outside can add calm and perspective.

Meditation. Try starting the day with 10 minutes of meditation! That’s what I always do:)

Start the night before. Some people even start their morning routine the night before, by writing down a tentative to-do list and schedule for the following day. This might seem a bit over-the-top, but it truly can help to release the tension of uncertainty by providing you with a framework for the day ahead. 

These are just a few ideas. Add whatever resonates with your spirit. Plan to take about a half hour, more or less depending on your lifestyle. The key to reaping the benefits of a morning routine is to make it a regular practice. Once you being a routine with meditation and morning affirmations, you’ll begin to see your life transform.

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