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Declutter Your Home To Improve Your Mood

We’ve already talked about clutter and the ways it can stress you out, but I feel like this topic is definitely worth revisiting. It’s really important when it comes to your home! As they say, your home is your sanctuary. And you want a happy home! It’s where you go to be alone or with your family and where you can relax at the end of the day. How can you relax and enjoy, with a messy and cluttered home?

Decluttering your home is probably the best thing you can do to foster peace and happiness in your life. It’s also one of the most intimidating, I know. That’s why I’m here to give you encouragement and some tips for getting started so you can enjoy the benefits!

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About Decluttering

As we’ve discussed, there are two types of clutter – physical and mental. Removing much of the physical clutter can actually have a big impact on getting rid of the mental kind, leading you to feel more relaxed. It lessens the chaos around you and helps you to feel more in control of your environment. There’s no one right way to declutter. It simply involves providing a less visually- and physically-obstructed space in which you feel comfortable. 

Benefits of Decluttering

When you get rid of the clutter in your home, you make it easier to find things. You’ll end up saving time and stress. You’ll also save yourself the panic of having lost items in the first place. It really can give you peace of mind and a sense of security to know that things are in their place.

You free up physical space when you get rid of the mess, meaning you’ll have more room to move around freely. That open space is visually calming for your brain, as well. Clutter has actually been shown by researchers to raise levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in our bodies. Think of how nice and calming an open, clear home is.

Things You’ll Need To Start

You’ll need a spot for everything you want to keep. Storage bins, baskets and closer organizers can really help keep everything in its spot!

Imagine how much better you’ll feel and how much easier decluttering will be with the right tools. These simple items will help you organize your cupboards, drawers and closets so you can keep your place clutter-free!

Tips for Decluttering

The biggest suggestion I have when it comes to decluttering is simply to start. Once you get going, you’ll see the results and want to continue. Just making a move to get started can often provide the momentum and motivation to keep going.

Progress is important and motivating! Try clearing just one surface and that will help you to feel you’ve made some progress. Something else that often helps a lot is to begin by getting rid of things that we don’t need. Removing that type of useless, physical clutter is really freeing.

If you need some motivation, cleaning by category or type can help.

Choose one kind of item such as books or old clothes to get rid of or tackle just one room at a time. Go through it area by area.

Start with the toughest job first. The room that’s bothering you the most. It could be the closets, the cupboards (hello Tupperware) or the basement! If you tackle the biggest problem first, the rest will seem like a breeze!

Decluttering your home can have such an impact on your overall mindset. It’s something that can affect all other areas of your life. The motivation and positive impact from having a clutter-free home will help improve your mood, mindset and your life!

Everyone’s looking for tips to Declutter, but the best tip is to get started. One area at a time will help make the job seem less overwhelming and will lead to more decluttering projects! You’ll be well on your way to Zen!

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