Tru Earth Laundry Strips Review

No More Mess, Fuss Or Huge Bottles Of Chemicals

Typical laundry detergent contains so many chemicals that are deposited into your clothing and end up on your family’s skin! Think about it, you wear your clothes all day long (or at least half day) so whatever is on your clothing, is probably being absorbed through your skin. And all those huge plastic bottles take up so much space and end up in landfill! Are you looking for a new way to do laundry that’s as easy on your skin as it is on the environment? Ditch all that plastic and chemicals! Tru Earth Laundry Strips are the eco-friendly, laundry detergent with ZERO WASTE! Today I’m sharing a very honest Tru Earth Laundry Strips Review!

Take Care Of Your Family And The Environment

Discover a new way to wash clothes that’s more economical, healthier and much kinder to our planet and your skin!

I normally use a concentrated liquid laundry soap, which is considered somewhat environmentally friendly because it’s super concentrated. But, with plastic waste being a huge environmental issue around the world, I was looking for more ways to reduce my impact.

I also wanted something effective, yet gentle on my skin! Which is how I found out about Tru Earth Laundry Strips. I was immediately interested!

I’ve partnered with Tru Earth to bring you this post. If you click through and make a purchase, I may make a commission at no cost to you. As always, the opinions are honest and my own!

Tru Earth Laundry Strips Review

At first, I just added the whole strip into my front loader soap dispenser compartment. This was an issue as it didn’t fully dissolve. I then actually read the instructions which said to tear into tiny pieces before adding if necessary, which helped immensely! The strips fully dissolved and did their magic!! So make sure you tear the strip into pieces if you use a front loader:)

The verdict?

They Are Amazing!

I was amazed at how this little strip could have so much power! I was shocked actually! My clothes came out just as clean as with my previous detergent and smelling so good!

My husband even noticed how nice his clothes smell! My favourite is the fresh linen scent, but I also love the baby scent!

The Price Tag

This is a big determining factor for most of us. Tru Earth Laundry Strips work out to be about 70 cents a load. If you are used to buying the cheap detergent that’s likely full of chemicals, then this may seem a little pricey. But since I started paying more attention to what I’m putting in my body, using a natural laundry detergent is very important to me! At 70 cents a load, it’s right on par with the other more natural liquid laundry detergents, but this is not only 100 percent natural, but also 100 percent environmentally friendly! For me, it’s a no-brainer! I don’t want the chemicals on my skin or the bottles in the landfill!

How To Use Tru Earth Laundry Strips In A Front Loader

When using the strips in a front loader, simply tear the strips into small pieces before putting them in the soap dispenser.

This ensures the product fully dissolves and your clothes come out clean! Actually it worked even better than I expected! My clothes came out clean, fresh smelling and really soft without even needing a fabric softener!

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plastic bottles again!

What Makes Tru Earth Laundry Strips So Awesome?

Each laundry strip is pre-measured strip of ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly liquidless laundry soap. If you’re using a top loader, simply toss it in and wash! If you’re using a front-loader, tear the strips into tiny pieces and add them to the soap dispenser and go!

The strips are low-sudsing, yet super-powerful and work in all types of washing machines, even high efficiency HE!

I hated all of the plastic bottles and always worried about the chemicals that were being deposited onto my clothes. I’m so glad to be reducing my waste, and keeping my family healthy! Now it’s all I’ll be using for my laundry! Our clothes smell fresh and I feel good about helping the environment!

Tru Earth Certifications

  • Paraben-free
  • Phosphate-free
  • Free of added dyes
  • Free of chlorine bleach
  • Free of 1,4-dioxane, as certified by independent laboratory tests
  • Readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 310D
  • Hypoallergenic, certified by independent dermatologists
  • Vegan: no animal-based ingredients or testing on animals by us or our ingredient suppliers

Ditch The Chemicals And Plastic Waste

I hope you enjoyed this Tru Earth Laundry Strips review. If you care about the health of your family and the future of our planet, you have got to try this new way of doing laundry.

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  1. Interesting! NEVER heard of this stuff before! THanks for cluing me in!

  2. Oh wow, interesting. I’ve never heard of these but I’d totally be open to trying them out!

  3. Bright snow Loveland says:

    Wow… Thus nice service you render. Thanks for sharing

  4. Marie says:

    I have never heard of these but they have me totally intrigued. I went organic in food many years ago, but the health and beauty products and cleaning supplies have been harder to change over. Some organic products are amazing and others are so lacking. I am hopeful for this one though, and can’t wait to try them!

  5. Bhuvi says:

    Nice and interesting!!! I am first time hearing about this.Thanks for posting.

  6. I really embrace the chemical free laundry. I will check out this product. Awesome!

  7. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I haven’t heard of that before. Thanks for sharing. It’s great that it’s skin and eco friendly,I hope jt’s available in our local supermarket.

  8. Sushmita Malakar says:

    Wow! This looks really interesting. I have used paper soaps but a laundry agent. This is pretty cool and looking at it’s sustainability, I am pretty impressed.

  9. Sounds like a great product. I’ll check it out.

  10. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    I really do try to use more of chemical free laundry. very useful post to me, I wish it was as easy in my country

  11. I have never heard of this brand. I am curious now to use it. I will be checking this out! 🍕👓🚢

  12. Wow! I can’t wait to pick some of these up and try them!

  13. oh wow this brand is completely new for mw but it seems quite effective and interesting one….great work though..

  14. Monidipa says:

    Good to see that this laundry strps are eco friendly. I will check them out.

  15. I’ve never heard of this product but i am so keen to use it.

  16. Bindu Thomas says:

    Hearing this for the first time. Very interesting one!! Love to hear that every one loves our nature

  17. Doug Crist says:

    Sounds intriguing. Does anyone know how the cost compares to liquids?

    1. It works out to about 70 cents a load! Depending on the type of detergent you buy it can be a little more or around the same. If you buy the cheap chemical stuff, you’re likely paying a lot less but you get what you pay for and those chemicals are in the fibres of your clothes which you wear all day long. For me, it’s a no-brainer:) and I’m making a real effort to be more environmentally conscious, so it really is a win-win! I feel good about using these strips:)

      1. jeff says:

        You can get these for 12.95 If you subscribe to there quarterly, bi-monthly, etc, which brings the cost down to slightly over 40 cents per load.

  18. Margaret Bordak says:

    I wonder why the price is so high… It seems that it actually should be cheaper. No bottles to buy, no huge storage needed, cheap to ship. Do they expect the price to come down after they get more customers?

  19. Cherry Hanson says:

    I have three boys lots of laundry and I love the strips the boys comment on how fresh the laundry room and the laundry smells soo good
    We like fresh scent
    Highly recommend this product
    Mom who is RN working full time with no time and lots of laundry recommends this
    .better than big plastic bottles and pods Clothes are cleaner and fresher

    1. That’s amazing! Love the fresh natural smell!

  20. Marit says:

    I bought some but was concerned because it was made in China, which it did not say on site. I am very Leary of made in China products

    1. Where did you buy them from? Their website? Because they are manufactured in Canada, not China! So perhaps you bought a different brand?

  21. Debora says:

    Wonderful product. But definitely do tear up the strips into smaller pieces for a front load. I used a 1/2 of a strip for small loads and worked perfectly. Definitely will be buying this product time and time again.

  22. Nancy Swanson says:

    Been using for about 9 months now….I’ve never smelled a fresh clean smell ….looking forward to it, tho…..

  23. Wonderful product.

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