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Tips To Maintain A Clutter-Free Home

Getting rid of clutter is so important if you want a peaceful, happy life. This idea really cannot be overstated. Decluttering is the most important step to leading a less stressful life, as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes people focus so much on doing one big cleanup, that they end up losing track and fail to progress. It’s really easy to let clutter sneak back in if you’re not being careful. The key to keeping tabs on the mess is to minimize new clutter going forward. Read on to learn some of the best tips for doing just that.

Be Ruthless

I mean it. This is a tough one, especially if you have a weakness of new things or are a people-pleaser. You need to be brutal and ruthless in order to resist the temptation of adding stuff into your life that you don’t need. Before buying that cute new dress that could end up just sitting in your closet, take time to decide whether you truly love it and will have the opportunity to wear it.

Also, sometimes you need to be brutally honest with others. Don’t take on obligations just because someone asks you to. Determine whether you really have the time or desire to devote. Then make your decision. Don’t accept grandma’s antique sofa just because it’s offered and it’s pretty. Make sure you have the room and that it will work well in your space. 

Assess Your Stuff Regularly

Maintaining your new life of less clutter takes vigilance and constant examination.

It’s too easy to let the clutter slowly creep back in! You’ll need to assess your environment regularly to make sure things aren’t building up and that everything is in its place. This may mean doing a nightly sweep of your home before heading to bed and picking up stray items. It could be a seasonal inspection of your wardrobe in order to pare things down before putting them in storage.

The process is individual for us all, based upon personality, lifestyle, and tendency. Figuring out what works for you might take trial and error. Stick to a routine once you’ve figured it out. 

Seek Affirmation

Sometimes we forget why we instituted a policy in the first place. It’s tempting to become complacent. If you find yourself thinking that just one extra item or piece won’t matter, this is the time to remind yourself what you’ve gained through your previous diligence.

Remember how much better you feel once the clutter is gone. Talk to others or read books on minimalism if you need a little extra reassurance. Just don’t forget your initial purpose, and you should be able to stay on track just fine. 

Minimizing the unnecessary clutter in your home is necessary in order to maintain happiness and focus! These tips should help you to do just that. Re-visit them any time you’re feeling tempted by clutter!

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