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Scripting In A Law Of Attraction Journal For Manifestation!

When writing in a Law of Attraction Journal or scripting, most people simply write down what they want and think it’ll come true. Maybe they even go as far as visualizing it while they write it down. But there’s something wrong here. The universe can’t read… words. The universe reads your vibe! So we communicate to the universe with our energy or our vibrations. When scripting for the law of attraction, you write as if it’s already happening. This technique really gets you into character. Scripting makes manifestation so much easier!!

Law of attraction journal to manifest what you want in life!

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Manifestation is not so much thinking and visualizing. It’s more important to focus on your emotions and how you feel. In order to raise your vibrations and receive what you want, you need to feels good!

What Is Scripting?

Scripting is a fun law of attraction journal technique, that I like to think of as writing the script for your future. It’s journaling, but rather than writing what you want to happen, you write it as if it’s already happening- in present tense!

As you’re writing, you use your imagination and get creative! You get excited and you feel GOOD! If you can set aside some time each day, to script and feel GOOD, you’ll see how fast and easy it is to attract what good things!

It’s like you’re producing a movie, and you’re the star! Is it going to be a blockbuster or a flop? Maybe a comedy or a romance? I like a little action:) Anyway, the point is you want to get into character. What do you want to manifest? A new job? Romance? A life of luxury? Me, I’m a little more simple… Happiness is my mission:) Assume the role you want. This is the real secret to manifestation!

Now, get into character (in your head) and allow yourself to imagine being in this role. This takes a little imagination and some peace and quiet. If it feels a little weird at first, that’s okay. I’ve always had a wild imagination, so scripting is easy for me and I often get carried away! But for some, it might take some getting used to. The more you practice, the easier it’ll get.

The idea is to feel inspired, hopeful and most importantly, feel good!

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The Secret To Manifesting

You have to believe it, for the universe to believe it. If you set unrealistic goals to manifest, you know it’s not going to happen and so does the universe. You’re not fooling anyone.

Set smaller, smarter, more realistic goals and work towards them alongside the universe. Once you see it working, you’ll have more faith and then they’ll be no stopping you!

Let me show you how I did it, using this very Blog you’re reading!

Here’s Proof The Law Of Attraction And Manifestation Works!

I’ve manifested this blog you’re reading. I’ve always been a writer, but I have always wanted to write for myself, on my own terms, and make a living at it! More importantly, I wanted to help people through my writing. So, I created this blog a year and a half ago with the hopes of making my dreams come true. I started with smaller, but realistic and achievable goals. Goals I knew were possible! I worked hard at it and used scripting as well to reach my goals.

My first goal was to get approved by Mediavine. Which if you’re an online publication, you know this is a huge deal. It now requires 50,000 unique monthly views minimum to even be considered. Realistically, I knew this would take some time to achieve, so I set my goal for one year. I worked hard and had faith it was working and what do ya know- the very week of my one year blogiversary, I was approved for Mediavine! I cried! It was then that I became more confident in the LOA and manifestation.

My next goal didn’t take so long to manifest. It was to double my monthly blog income. Now that I have more faith that the LOA works, it seems to work faster and all come together easier. I notice the signs and opportunities that come in and trust them.

The point here is, you can’t just expect to go from zero to a hundred if you don’t even believe you can. 

Here’s how to script for the law of attraction to work:

Write your script in present tense. For example: ‘Today I got a promotion and am so excited to begin my role as Vice President! My new office is beautiful and even has a huge window. I even have a company car!’ Or ‘Today, my boyfriend proposed and I said yes! We are so happy and planning a fall wedding.

And then, as you continue to write your script you can go into great detail of what your future looks like. More money? Children? A new home? Write about it as if it’s already happening, and while you do so, allow yourself to really get into character.

If you don’t feel good you don’t have a high vibration and you won’t attract anything good.

You have to feel really good and excited in order to raise your vibes and attract everything that you want!

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How Does Scripting Work For Manifestation?

You want to raise your vibe, through your thoughts. The more you feel as if you’re living it, the more excited you get and the higher your vibe will be. When you’re having fun and enjoying life, your vibe is high and attracting great things!

When you release those high vibrations, you attract them right back. Your vibes are like a boomerang, they come right back to you. In today’s world, it’s too easy to settle into a low vibe life, and the sad part is we are too busy to even notice.

Keeping a law of attraction journal and using it every day will push you out of the low vibe life and into a high vibe world where you are like a magnet for amazing things!

You aren’t necessarily manifesting what you write down. You’re attracting and manifesting more of how you feel when you write your script!

Use Your Energy To Manifest!

Is it not enough to just visualize? While it’s a powerful technique on its own, visualizing is only part of it. When you write something down, you affirm it. In your head, it makes it feel more real, which is what you want. You want to feel it.

The universe and everything in it is made up of energy. Each of us is constantly releasing and attracting energy. The energy you release and attract is formed through your thoughts, feelings and actions. You want good vibes all the time, but some things can end up lowering our vibe, like stress or negative people. One way to raise our vibe and attract more is to be intentional with our thoughts and feelings. Because we can always change how we think! One of the most effective and easiest ways to do that and stay on track is by using a law of attraction journal!

Law of attraction journaling can include affirmations, gratitude, manifestations, but my favourite form is scripting. It’s so effective because you start to feel what you want and when you write something down as if it’s happening, it’s like sending a script for your life to the universe.

Journaling can also help you stay positive and spark new ideas to make your life happen. This is why it’s important to take note of ideas you get, or opportunities that come your way once you begin this law of attraction journal technique.

Journaling for the law of attraction can help you not only create the life you want, but also design the steps you need to take to make it happen. It sparks passion, connection to the universe and faith that it’ll all come together. You may also find you have more courage and jump at chances you wouldn’t have before! This is why some people seem to have it all and others don’t.

Journaling makes the law of attraction more powerful. When you are intentional about how you think and feel every day, you’ll be able to create the energy you want all the time! It’s normal to have a lower vibe occasionally, but journaling for the law of attraction can ensure you always get back on track fast!

This is a common area of the loa that people often forget. They think the universe can read their thoughts, but not only is that not true, it can also cause a lot of stress because every time you get even a small negative thought, you immediately try to get rid of it.

What If I Have Negative Thoughts?

It’s normal to have negative thoughts and low vibes, occasionally. But, if you have more negative thoughts and feelings, your vibe lowers. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a negative feeling if you want to manifest and use the loa. You just need to make sure you have more positive than negative thoughts. What helps is to focus on gratitude, what you really want, and trying to raise your vibrations as much as you can. This will diminish negative thoughts and keep your vibe high!

Another manifestation mistake is to get frustrated when it doesn’t appear to be working immediately. What often happens is you end up distracted because you’re so focused on the end result and how you pictured yourself getting there, there you failed to notice that the universe had sent you an opportunity or idea! I’ve been there. I have visualized, scripted and nothing happens that day or that week so I get distracted and forget about it and don’t even notice the ideas that come to mind that I was asking for! Now I allow myself a few moments of silence every morning so I can focus and accept new ideas and accept what’s coming!

In order to manifest and attract you have to…

Change The Way You Think Of Manifestation

You can’t just manifest the perfect body or dream job. But you can manifest motivation, new ideas, and opportunities. But we often don’t see these because all we focus on is the fact that our body isn’t magically whipping itself into shape and our ‘dream job’ turned you down.

Pay attention to the opportunities, the ideas that come to you. I keep a journal by my side at all times because ideas can come at very inconvenient times. Mostly while I’m in the shower… I usually come up with the idea I was hoping for or new inspiration. I jump out have to jot it down before it’s gone.

Using A Law Of Attraction Journal To Manifest

Here is some more information about scripting and how it applies to using a law of attraction journal.

You write what you want, but in present tense. For example, if you are trying to manifest a new house, you want to think about the home you are dreaming of. Try to be as specific as possible, so detail the location, the rooms, the decor, and how the house feels like your home. Focus on the details as if you already live it!

Once you can visualize your new home, imagine what it’s like living in your home, every day. How you feel having your dream home. You
might visualize decorating your new home or hosting dinner parties and holidays in your home. Picture a very specific instance of you living life in your new home and try to imagine how it looks, how it feels, the details and the scents.

This is what you are going to write down when you are scripting. You visualize it, then write down all the details, thanking the universe for this home you have received.

Instead of “I want a new home”, you will write “Thank you, universe, for my new home” and then get super detailed with how much you are
enjoying it.

Benefits of Scripting And Law Of Attraction

Why bother scripting? There are actually some amazing benefits, even outside of using it for the law of attraction.

Here are some of the best advantages of adding scripting to your manifesting routine.

It boosts your mood. Have you ever daydreamed about something you really want, then suddenly felt your face flush, got really excited, or had your heart skip a beat? This is the feeling of pure joy and excitement. You can get this feeling every time you script, when done correctly. Not only does it put you in a good mood and help you feel optimistic about the future, but it is going to raise your vibrational energy, which helps you manifest even faster.

New To The Law Of Attraction?

It is an easy way to be introduced to the law of attraction. There are many ways to use the law of attraction and so many methods people use for manifesting. But scripting is a simple way to get started. It is a way of asking for what you want in a very simple method of writing in present tense, using your visualizations, and seeing it all play out
on paper.

Scripting lets you see exactly what you want out of life. Not everyone has a clear idea of what they want their future to look like. If you are someone that knows vaguely what you want, but aren’t quite sure of the details, visualization combined with scripting can really help you get to the next level and figure out even more things you want to
manifest, often things you had no idea you even wanted.

It is an excellent creative practice. It takes a lot of creativity to write down and imagine your life and everything you’re trying to manifest. It gets easier with practice. You will notice the more you do it, the more scenarios you come up with, and the more you can actually feel it happening. It is a great way to be more creative and work on your insight. It’s also fun!

Is Scripting For You?

Even for someone who wasn’t interested in scripting for the law of attraction, there are
some great benefits as you just read. But for the law of attraction and manifesting, it is an amazing tool to use.

Scripting for the law of attraction works so well is because you are not only focusing on what you want to manifest, but how it makes you feel, and showing gratitude for it. It is such an easy and effective way to ask for what you want, which as you know, is essential to manifesting with the law of attraction.

The universe needs you to ask in the right way, in order to help you attract the right vibrations so you can get what you want. Scripting taps into the feelings you are trying to evoke with what you want to manifest, which is why it is such a popular and effective option.

Here are some reasons you want to try scripting with the law of attraction:

You can raise your vibrations. When you write about what you’re grateful for and journal your desires as if they’re already happening, you are raising your vibrations since with all those details, you start getting excited and can actually envision exactly what it will be like when it does happen.

Do you ever feel like you are in a bad mood, or not necessarily really low, but just kind of blah? Nothing excites you, you aren’t looking forward to anything, and you’re just more irritable than normal? This is a major sign of having low vibrations. You are going through the motions, without much thought or open for the future.

On the other hand, when you feel so much bliss and joy, are extremely grateful for everything in your life, and can see and FEEL what you want in the future, those are good, high vibrations. This is the energy you need to manifest what you want. And this is the best thing that can come out of scripting.

It reduces doubt and negative thoughts. Many times, while we try really hard to focus
on the future and raise our vibrations, there are still some doubts. Maybe it’s hard to see
how what you want is going to manifest, or because it hasn’t happened yet, you worry it
never will. Unfortunately, this can actually have the opposite effect, and make it even
harder to manifest.

Scripting for the law of attraction helps you to reduce your doubts, put aside your negative thoughts, and instead focus on the positive. You don’t focus on what you don’t have now, but what you KNOW you will have in the future.

It is easy and quick to do. Scripting is incredibly simple, and can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a short story. You can do it any time, anywhere, as long as you have a piece of paper and a pen. You can even type it on your computer if you prefer. This makes it one of the simplest ways to start manifesting your desires.

You often find actions that need to be taken. One of the more unique advantages to scripting to manifest what you want is that you often find actions within what you write.

Have you ever written in your journal, and by the end of that entry, come up with a great
idea or suddenly had clarity about your life?

This is exactly what can happen with scripting. You figure out something you hadn’t thought about before, or you get an idea that sparks an action you can take to get closer to what you want to manifest. This is the universe at work!

Guidelines for Scripting

Scripting is really easy to do, and once you start writing in your journal what you want as if you are living it now, you will boost your mood and suddenly feel how high your energy is. It should be fun and enjoyable. It can even lead to more things you discover along the way that you would like to manifest into your life.

Here are some simple guidelines and rules to follow when it comes to scripting in your law of attraction journal:

Always Write in Present Tense

This is worth repeating – you need to write scripting in present tense. You write as if what you are manifesting is already happening, and that you are living that dream life right now. It does take a little imagination, but just think about what you want, and envision that you are living with it at this moment. Then write about it.

Visualize Before You Start Writing

While this might not be necessary every time, in the beginning of your scripting journey, it really can help to spend a few minutes visualizing. Maybe you want to be a homeowner one day, so you need to visualize where the house will be that you want to live in, where is the community, what is nearby, what does it look like, how many l bedrooms does it have, does it have a backyard or a swimming pool.

Get detailed, such as feeling the hardwood floors under your bare feet, and wrapping your hand around your refrigerator in your updated kitchen.

This is why visualization helps so much – it gets you into the zone, to where you can script with a lot more detail.

Focus on Your Feelings, Not Just Your Thoughts

As you may have learned already, the law of attraction isn’t just about thinking what you want to manifest, but feeling it. As you script, you want to focus on how you would feel if you already had what you want. Remember to visualize in first person… you are not watching a reel of your life, you are living it yourself.

Be Thankful to the Universe When Writing

Always have gratitude when scripting, just as when you express gratitude in other ways.
Say thank you to the universe for bringing you this dream, this house, this car, this
abundance, this relationship, anything you are trying to manifest. Show how much you
appreciate it.

Remember “I am”, “I have”, “I do”. If you are struggling with writing in present tense and

keeping out your current lack from scripting, try to start with these phrases:

I am.

I have.

I love.

For example, instead of “I want to be a millionaire”, you would say “I am a millionaire”. If
you want to find the love of your life, you wouldn’t write “I feel lonely” but instead “I have
met my soul mate”.

What to Write About When Scripting

If you only have a vague idea of what you want or are trying to manifest, but are struggling with the details, here are some questions that can help a lot to discover what exactly to write about.

When you think of your ideal life, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If you want a husband or wife, what kind of qualities do they have? What do they look like? How do they make you feel?

Are you wanting to attract more abundance into your life? Think about what life you would live once you were truly abundant and wealthy. Where would you live? What kind of house would you have? How would your daily life be different?

For health and weight loss, what are you looking to manifest? WHY do you want this and how will it improve your current life? Don’t think of the lack you have now, but what you want to have when you become healthy or achieve your dream body.

Remember with scripting, you can write anything you want, as long as you make it clear you are asking for something in your life in order to attract it. The details are completely up to you and are endless!

How Often Should You Script?

There is really no rule about how often scripting is going to work for you. After the first few times, you will get the hang of it, and understand how it raises your vibrations. It’s a good idea to get into a scripting routine. But if you notice your vibe is low, start scripting. If what you’re trying to manifest, is taking too long, start scripting. If you start having doubt, start scripting!

I am proof this method works. I’m living it! No, I’m not a millionaire, but I’m becoming more and more successful, and I have the life I’ve envisioned. And, my story is only just beginning:) And so is yours! You just have to start writing!

I recently released a Law Of Attraction Journal to help you learn scripting for manifestation! You can download it immediately and use it as many times as you’d like. I hope it inspires you to live the life you deserve!

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Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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