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Setting Intentions To Manifest With Purpose!

You’re manifesting something right now. The truth is we are manifesting something all the time. Most of us manifest on a subconscious level, where our subconscious thoughts and beliefs influence the decisions we make and everything we attract. Setting intentions can change your subconscious thoughts and behaviours by making them intentional and help you manifest what you really want!

Most of us are stuck on autopilot, just trying to get by day-to-day. We don’t even pay much attention to our vibe or our mood. So, we end up manifesting $hit we don’t want!

Many of us are subconsciously negative, which attracts more negative things into our lives. But, conscious manifestation means making a conscious effort to be more positive in order to manifest motivation, opportunities and ideas to bring good things into our lives!

Life doesn’t just happen to us. We control it on a subconscious and conscious level. When you understand conscious manifestation, you realize you are more in control of your life than you think you are and you can often get what you want in life!

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What is Intention?

When you decide to think or act a certain way, you’re making a conscious effort- an intention! You intend to think more positively or you intend to be kinder to others. Setting intentions means doing something with purpose.

This means taking time to first assess any negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns. The next part of intention then requires you to replace those negatives with positives. Ultimately the goal is to create an environment where there is enough positivity and you have enough belief and motivation to take the steps needed to generate what you want in life. It can be a powerful tool in manifestation!

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Setting Intentions For Positivity

Conscious manifestation requires an intentional decision to shift thoughts and patterns of thinking. This means you must first decide that you are ready to do the work required to get rid of old negative habits and embrace a positive lifestyle.

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In making that intentional shift, your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs become better aligned (Salow, 2017). This then puts you in a position to produce the appropriate actions needed to support those thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

First, you would make an effort to change any negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns. Examples of these areas include: negative self-talk, destructive behavior, or surrounding yourself with discouraging people. Then you would replace those negatives with positive counterparts. You’ll be motivated by how much this alone will change your life!

What do you replace the negative with? Positive self-talk through affirmations or meditation, establishing healthy behaviours, practicing gratitude and surrounding yourself with positive people.

Implementing intention allows you to move from a state of just being hopeful, to a state of action. Your energy and thoughts become more focused and you are able to channel your efforts more strategically.

How to Effectively Set Intentions to Produce Conscious Manifestation

Once you set intentions to get rid of the negative thoughts, behaviors and patterns that are blocking your happiness and success, you naturally move into a space of conscious manifestation. Once those things have been removed you replace them with positive thoughts, behaviors, and patterns and those conscious thoughts then inform everything else in your life.

With a more positive thought process and behavior pattern you can establish a clear vision for your future, establish clear goals, and develop the internal motivation needed to drive yourself forward in life.

Conscious manifestation is not about wishing things into your life, but about being action-oriented and motivated enough to make those dreams a reality (Salow, 2017). Our choice to fully embrace and pursue our desires strengthens us with the stamina and courage needed to produce the results we aim for.

If you are truly ready to make your dreams come true, move beyond wishing and get intentional about the pursuit of those dreams. You hold the key to your future, and by unlocking intention and conscious manifestation you can unlock your dreams.

The Secret to Setting Powerful Intentions

If you think setting intentions is limited to yoga classes and meditation retreats, think again. These guiding principles are just as useful for parenting, working, and anything else you do during your daily life.

Think about what matters most to you and how you want to live your life. What would make you happy? When setting intentions, you keep the most important things at the front of your mind, and make it easier to integrate them into your usual routines, rather than living on autopilot!

Try using some gratitude journal prompts to bring clarity on what matters most to you!

Start by using this checklist to form your intentions for today.

Benefits of Setting Intentions:

  1. Know yourself. The process of creating intentions encourages you to turn your attention inwards. You discover what’s on your mind at a level deeper than paying bills and keeping appointments.
  2. Get motivated. It’s easier to make an effort when you’re doing something that you truly believe in and love. You’re more likely to persevere until you see results, which creates even more incentives to keep going.
  3. Live more meaningfully. Imagine devoting your time and talents to the projects that you feel passionate about. Setting intentions helps you live deliberately and puts you in control of your legacy instead of letting events just happen to you.

How to Set Your Intentions:

Find a quiet space. Start by clearing away any distractions. Sit down in a comfortable position and focus on your breath. Calm your mind with some simple meditation.

Consider your values. Identify your core values and beliefs. Ask yourself what happiness and success mean to you. Think about how you feel when your actions align with your values and you use them to guide your decisions.

Speak your language. Your affirmations need to resonate with you, so write them in your style. Maybe you like to keep them simple or maybe you prefer a more poetic message. Maybe you accomplish more when you look at the big picture or maybe you need more structure and detail.

Think positive. Whatever shape your intentions take, focus on the positive. Think about what you want instead of what you are trying to avoid.

  • Add a timeline. If being compassionate or mindful for the rest of your life sounds a little too challenging, break things down into a single day or hour at a time. Set yourself up for success.

How to Implement Your Intentions:

  1. Write them down. Just the act of putting your intentions into writing can make them seem more real and achievable. You’ll strengthen your sense of commitment and make it easier to visualize your goals. As you clarify your intentions, you may also notice any obstacles that you need to address.
  2. Create triggers. Develop reminders that will prevent you from losing sight of your intentions when you’re dealing with daily responsibilities. You may want to revisit them each morning while you meditate or reflect on them while you’re in the shower.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. What would make you more likely to stick to your plans? You could tell family and friends what you’re doing or promise yourself a reward that will keep you on track.
  4. Evaluate your progress. Speaking of staying on track, establish milestones that will help you to see where you are strong, and where you need to keep growing and learning. Learn from your achievements and setbacks.
  5. Ask for feedback. Sometimes it helps to hear what others have to say about how you’re doing. Find someone you trust who you can discuss your intentions with. Give each other the benefit of your combined wisdom and support. Or if you’re not comfortable asking someone else, ask the universe to show you a sign that you’re on the right path!

Setting intentions can change your life. When you live your life with purpose instead of just letting it happen, you take back the wheel and drive wherever you want! Do you want more happiness or success? Intend to live that way, and you can!


Salow, S. (2017, April 11). 9 Principles of Conscious Manifestation. Retrieved from

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