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Suffering From Anxiety? Therapy At Home!

Ways To Relieve Your Anxiety At Home

Coronavirus has me feeling all kinds of things- I’m worried I’ll get the virus or someone I love will and it’ll be bad. Or is it all some sort of government conspiracy to cover something else (worse) up? Is there going to be a second wave and if so, can I handle the isolation and stress of quarantining and homeschooling all over again? When will things feel normal again? What if they never do? These are some tough times for our anxious people!

Most of us experience anxiety from time to time. Symptoms of anxiety vary greatly from a little fear or worry to a full-on anxiety attack! But what does an attack attack feel like? And how do you know when you need help coping with anxiety?

The world has been a very overwhelming place lately, even for someone who has never experienced anxiety before. If you’re feeling heightened anxiety, depression or stress lately, you’re definitely not alone. But where do you go for help if you’re encouraged to stay home and your doctors office is booked solid? Did you know you can talk to a licensed, board certified professional mental help therapist without leaving your home?

Covid has taken a toll on many of us, not only physically, but mentally as well.

I’m sure many people are suffering in silence because they’re anxious about stepping foot in a doctor’s office during a pandemic or they feel their mental health issues aren’t serious compared to the pandemic. Which is why I’m recommending therapy! If you’re suffering from anxiety or depression and you want to speak to a professional, from the comfort of your home- BetterHelp can help!

When Do You Know You Need Help?

Some anxiety is okay and even perfectly normal. It may even help alert you and motivate you, but too much anxiety can lead to excessive worrying, overwhelm and even depression!

Anxiety can take a toll on your health and your life. It can hold you back, stop you from doing things you enjoy, affect your relationships and happiness.

Symptoms happen quickly and are usually triggered by fear. Maybe a past event, upcoming activity or person who makes you uncomfortable.

It’s important to note what triggers your anxiety, although sometimes they happen out of nowhere. If you know what causes your anxiety, you can prepare or prevent it!

So what does anxiety feel like? Here are the classic symptoms of an anxiety attack:

10 Common Physical Symptoms Of An Anxiety Attack

  • Heavy breathing
  • Shaking and/or trembling
  • Feeling detached
  • Not feeling in control
  • Overwhelming feeling of panic
  • Heart palpitations and/or chest pain
  • Chills, sweats, or hot flashes
  • Stomach pain or nausea
  • Dizziness or feeling like you’re going to pass out
  • Trouble breathing

If you feel an anxiety attack coming on, there are ways to calm yourself down quickly. There are also ways to prevent anxiety attacks from happening in the first place.

Worry is a part of life, and worrying doesn’t mean you have an anxiety disorder. But, if you worry to the point where it’s affecting your life for more than a few weeks, it’s time to seek professional help. Or if you’re experiencing anxiety attacks, a therapist can help.

I’ve Had Anxiety Attacks

I’ve suffered from an anxiety attack before, but not like this. I was actually sleeping, and woke up unable to take a deep breath and my heart was palpitating so bad I was sure I was having a heart attack. At first I panicked, which made the breathing and ultimately the anxiety attack worse. Eventually I was able to calm myself down with slowed breathing.

I booked a doctor’s appointment the next day and braced myself for the news. I knew I had suffered from general anxiety disorder since I was a teenager, and even had a typical anxiety attack before where my chest was heavy, my mind was racing with worry and my palms were sweaty etc but never to this extent and never out of nowhere, where I was in a deep sleep. But, I wasn’t completely surprised when the doctor said it was my anxiety. We discussed some underlying issues that were the root of the problem and I began to make some major life changes. That was 8 years ago and I haven’t had another attack like that since! I decided to take control of my anxiety and improve my mental health.

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Ways You Can Improve Your Anxiety

Physical exercise. Try walking, yoga or hiking a few times a week! Or if you have a local indoor pool, swimming lessons are great! Anything that’ll get you active for about 30 minutes, a couple times a week will improve your mental health.

Mindfulness. Practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help quiet your mind from worry and calm your nerves. When I’m feeling anxious, I start meditating and immediately I begin to feel better!

Self care. I’m not talking bubble baths and shopping sprees here. I mean, feed your body good right, shower, make sure you get enough sleep, say no to things you’re not comfortable with, stand up for yourself, limit your alcohol intake, etc.

Emotional Self Care

Spiritual Self Care

Identify your triggers. Knowing what triggers your anxiety can help you avoid it in the first place or at the very least, prepare! Maybe it’s public speaking or a co-worker, or your morning commute. Whatever seems to bring on your anxiety, once you find ways to soothe yourself you’ll feel better about any situation.

You have to try pure rose oil. One thing that has helped me with on the spot anxiety is rose oil! Yep, you read that right! Pure rose oil has been extremely helpful for me when I’m feeling anxiety coming on! This stuff works like magic to calm me down if I feel out of sorts or even if I just need a mental boost.

How does it work? It’s proven to help you relax fast because it lowers your cortisol level (aka your stress hormones), lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. You can use an aromatherapy bracelet and add a few drops or keep a bottle in your purse for emergencies.

Anxiety Healing Bracelet:

Calming Bracelet

When You Need More

Because sometimes you need more than mindfulness and self care. And that’s okay! It’s okay to need more help. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to professionals for help if you feel anxious or depressed. Online therapy is a great way to get help, from the comfort of your own home! It feels more confidential, comfortable and it’s very helpful. You just answer a few quick questions to find a licensed, board certified professional to speak to however you feel comfortable. You can talk through messaging, chat, phone or video- however you’re comfortable.

Protect your mental health during the pandemic! Stay healthy and stay home!

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