Dating A Musician

Here’s What You Learn When You Date A Musician!

5 Things You Learn When You Date a Musician

The person you’re dating is always going to bring something new and fresh in your life. But dating a musician definitely has its own category as a unique and soulful experience, with notable extremes when it comes to the ups and downs of the relationship. Love knows no boundaries but it’s helpful to be mindful of the basics you can expect when dating a musician. After all, these lessons can turn out to be rather important for taking your story to another level – or just keeping your sanity intact.

1. Your Coolness Level Will Skyrocket

No matter what genre of music your boyfriend’s band is playing, whether they’re any good or not, or what other people think about them, the fact of the matter is that musicians always radiate a mysterious dose of coolness wherever they go and whatever they do. And it seems that the said radiance engulfs anyone who spends time with them a lot.

As his date, you get bestowed the title of a cool person regardless of what you might think about yourself. After all, this cool musician has chosen you as his muse.

2. Sleep Is for the Weak

You may have a regular desk job or fill your time with something more creative; but regardless of your particular profession, a relationship with a musician usually entails many a late night and everything but a conventional approach to daily lifestyle.

It doesn’t even have to be all about partying and drinking; chasing the inspiration in whatever shape or form it may come at any time of day or night, working on new songs, engaging in other hobbies, and so on, are all the things that definitely don’t have a curfew so don’t expect to be able to go to bed at some reasonable time every night if you wish to accompany your date on this journey.

3. You’ll Go to Many Gigs

In case you’ve ever thought about wishing to go out more chances are you’ll take that wish back once you start dating a musician. After all, as his date, you’re expected to show up for every single gig that his band is taking part in – unless you really have a strong reason not to be there.

You’re his muse, his love, and his support, and even if he doesn’t explicitly tell you this, he probably hopes to see you in the first row cheering the moment he takes the stage.

4. Never Try to Put Yourself Before His Music

Your job might just be a job to you, but a musician takes his calling seriously. This isn’t just about earning money or being popular – music is a part of who he is to the core.

If you’re not a musician yourself, don’t force yourself to understand this peculiar relationship. It would do you a lot of good to simply accept it as is.

Music is his life and his instruments are his precious little babies. He might truly care for you a lot but there’s no way you could ever take away the place his music has in his life. And you shouldn’t try to as it can only end up hurting you both.

5. Brace Yourself for Unpredictability

Creative and artistic souls tend to be rather unpredictable. One day, they might decide it’s the right time to explore new environments and simply drop a bomb on you that they wish to move. Not even this is likely to go smoothly; at 10 am they might be set on moving to Phoenix while at 1 pm they might be convinced that moving to NY is the right choice.

The moving process can be a real challenge as all their belongings, and especially their creative tools, have to be handled with utmost care and gentleness.

Honestly, all you could do to avoid temper tantrums, in this case, is to find the best moving company in Phoenix, NY, or whatever other cities so that the workers can “keep his babies safe.”

As a walking rollercoaster of emotions and ideas, your musician partner will often need such reassurance and validation in their life, even if they might work hard to present a completely indifferent face to the world.

Just because you’re dating a musician in a band doesn’t mean your relationship is going to be doomed from the start or that he’ll be flaky to no end about his devotion.

It all boils down to what the two of you think and feel about each other. Whether or not you can deal with the rest of the typical musician’s lifestyle is up to you to decide. 

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  1. Kathleen King says:

    I’m an older female musician-and most of what You wrote—
    is TRUE!!!

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