Ayurvedic Skin Care

Ayurvedic Skincare For Every Skin Type

What is Ayurvedic skin care and how can it change your beauty routine? It’s time to toss the chemicals for a more powerful, natural approach to skin care!

Typical Western skin care products are full of toxins and chemicals that are harsh on your skin, leaving you with patchy skin that’s prone to breakouts, clogged pores, inflammation and redness. Ayurvedic skin care takes care of your skin, soothing it and leaving it happy, healthy and clear!

I’m a huge skin care junkie. I love to try new things and my makeup table can attest to that. But nothing has impressed me more than Ayurvedic skin care. I recently discovered The Ayurveda Experience and after reading all of the raving reviews and seeing their ads pop up on my social media, I decided to give it a try! They offer a 30 day money-back guarantee so I figured I have nothing to lose, except my dryness, dullness, fine lines and redness!

I have sensitive skin that reacts to most products by getting red, dry and clogged up. Ayurveda has actually calmed my skin so it’s less red and I need less moisturizer now! I use the 2-step, morning and night routine and am blown away by the results.

PLUS THESE BOTTLES WILL LAST SOOOO LONG!! I use 4 drops of each, every single day and they will last me about a year! What a deal!

Got oily skin? Or dry skin? Maybe it’s a bit of both… there is an Ayurvedic skin care routine for every skin type.

What Is Ayurvedic Skin Care?

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine, developed in India. It’s a mind-body approach to better skin and better health. Ayurveda nourishes your mind, body and soul and that’s why it works! Their oils don’t clog up your pores, they care for them. Doesn’t it make sense that you nourish your skin, rather than treat it with harsh chemicals?

I’ve been using Ayurvedic face oils morning and night, and within 24 hours I could see a difference in my skin! It was less red and irritated right away! I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I’ve been impressed with products before that seem to work fast, but don’t last… not this one. My dark spots are actually fading, pores are clear and happy and my skin is CALM! And, they smell so amazing.

I’ve been steady using them for months and I have actually started using less moisturizer, even in the drier months, because my skin is more hydrated. This is huge for me because my skin would get a little dry, flaky and sensitive since I do use Retin-a.

When you gently massage these oils into your skin, they penetrate deep down to nourish, soothe and moisturize. I can see and feel the difference and other people are noticing too.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Ayurvedic Oils

I used to be afraid of oils, because I once used a facial oil and it clogged my pores and broke me out so bad. I figured oils weren’t for me. But, I was wrong. I was using the wrong oil!

These oils don’t break me out and in fact my sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin doesn’t break out at all. It’s clearer and calmer than before! My pores are even smaller!! That’s because these oils are light, non-comedogenic and nourishing.

Start An Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine

Here is the simple two step, morning and night routine that got me hooked! These oils are great for all skin types, but if you are looking for specific, targeted skin care, I’ll show you products for every type below as well!

iYURA Kesaradi Oil is a light, easily absorbing day-time oil that brightens, revitalizes and nourishes you’re skin deep down. It’s super light and gentle and smells amazing!

Kesaradi Oil gives you:

  • Brighter skin
  • Smoother skin
  • A luminous complexion
  • Improved skin texture
  • Moisturized skin

Kesaradi oil contains saffron, which is an expensive and very effective herb that is known to give skin an amazing glow! It also has one of my favourite oils- rose oil, which calms and soothes your skin. Turmeric and other powerful Ayurvedic herbs and flowers like Manjishtha, Lodhra, Priyangu, Kamal, Palashphool, and many more work to nourish your skin like nothing else before!

Just a few drops, massages in to your skin every morning and you’ll have flawless skin you won’t want to cover up!

iYura Manjish Glow Elixir : Gold-Like, Glowing Complexion from The Ayurevda Experience!

Manjish Glow Elixir is a miracle night-time oil that gives you a glow, evens skin tone and restores your skin while you sleep! It’s a best seller, because it works!

Manjish Glow Elixir gives you:

  • Clear, radiant skin
  • Illuminated skin tone
  • A healthy glow
  • Soft, supple skin

The famous ingredient in Manjish Glow Elixir is Manjishtha, also known as Indian Madder. Manjishtha gives you clear skin and evens skin tones! You’ll find the oil has a beautiful pink colour!

You won’t have to worry about breakouts or irritation because this oil works to balance, soothe and calm your skin.

Eye Cream For Every Skin Type

Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter – I use this every night and I am amazed by the results. No wonder it’s a bestseller with nearly 400 positive reviews!

Ayurvedic Dry Skin Routine

Plump up your parched skin with these luxurious oils. Be sure to gently and thoroughly massage them in to your skin for the most effective use!

Prinourish Skin-Enriching Superfood Serum – this oil is an ultra-nourishing blend of 4 rich oils and 11 Ayurvedic herbs that restore dehydrated, flaky skin, leaving it fresh and plump! And like all of these luxe oils, it smells amazing!

Daily Face Care Kit for Dry and Mature Skin – this kit includes everything dry skin needs, daily:

  • Coconut Rose Softening Face Wash
  • Oatmeal Nutmeg Smoothifying Exfoliator
  • Rose Geranium Hydrating Toner
  • Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum
  • Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate

Ayurvedic Oily And Acne Prone Skin Routine

Balance oily skin with healthy care that clear pores and leaves skin fresh, not parched!

Paraania- The One Pump Power-Dose For Pristine Skin – Ayurveda’s one pump daily solution for dark spots, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads and acne-prone skin.

How Paraania works:

An intense, natural vegan power-potion, Paraania brings amazing benefits to your skin to give it a clearer, more purified complexion. It’s a power-purifier so effect that you’ll forget about skin clarifying and beautifying acid concentrates or peels.

Paraania’s pristine power-dose that works deep, deep down to de-clog pores to clear them.

A unique oil for uneven skin tone, dark patches, oily or acne prone skin, that works to moisturize unclear, blemished skin. It works so fast, you’ll see noticeable changes with daily use!

These precious oils have been used throughout history and have been kept hidden away until now.

Paraania benefits:

1. De-clog pores
2. Deep-cleanse skin 
3. Reduce the appearance of dark spots, blackheads and whiteheads naturally 
4. Flaunt a clean and clear appearance of face, neck and back
5. Light moisturization for the face
6. Enhance glow without exposing the skin to the threat of breakouts or a sticky/oily appearance
7. 1 Bottle lasts a long time

Swami Blend Balancing Serum – This serum works for all skin types to nourish and balance deep down, leaving you with a healthy, vibrant complexion!

The Day & Night Face Oil Duo – Bestselling Kesaradi Oil in the morning and Manjish Glow Elixir in the evening are the perfect skincare regimen for any skin type!

1. Superstar and fan-favorite Kesaradi Face Oil – Ayurveda’s Brightening, Revitalizing, Uber-Nourishing Secret

2. Best-seller Manjish Glow Elixir – Glow-Giving, Even-Toning, Complexion-Restoring Night-Time Facial Massage Oil.

A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron + Rose + 16 Ayurvedic Herbs, these oils are gentle on your skin and have amazing aromatic benefits!


1. Give a radiant and smooth skin 
2. Brighten dull skin
3. Bring about a luminous complexion
4. Improve face texture
5. Moisturize dry skin

Ayurvedic Skin Care Kansa Wand

Forget about face rollers and try this Kansa Wand! This healing metal wand relaxes your skin, promote circulation and helps the oils penetrate deep, deep down!

I’ve been using my Kansa Wand morning and night and at first thought it would just keep good and I was fine with that! But this morning, in my car in the bright sunlight I could actually see my fine lines have virtually disappeared! And people have actually asked me if I’ve gotten Botox! Now I have all my friends trying this amazing skin care line!

I know it’s not just the Kansa Wand. It’s a mix of the oils and the wand, and consistency!

What You Won’t Find In The Ayurvedic Experience Oils

If you care about what you put onto your skin, you’ll feel good about The Ayurveda Experience because you won’t find any binders, additives, heavy metals or chemicals in their oils!

There are no parabens, silicones, mineral oil or other chemicals you find in many other facial oils.

These oils are great for all skin types and can be used day or night. You should apply them first, before your other skin care products!

So, what are you waiting for? Before you try another skin care product, I encourage you to try Ayurvedic Skin Care. You can read tons of positive reviews all over social media these days as so many others rave about these awesome oils! And you’ve got nothing to lose because they offer a 30-day, 100 percent money back guarantee! So if you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it! They can do that because so many people love it and would never want to return the product:)

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