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Let’s talk PMS and your mood. Your hormones fluctuate throughout the month and about a week before your period, your estrogen drops and progesterone rises and causes you to feel like a whole, hot mess. I get overly emotional, extra irritable, exhausted, and feel like total s#hit. I DREADED that time of the month because of how I awful I was feeling. I talked to my doctor about it, and she suggested I up my anti-anxiety/depression meds the week prior. I have been wanting to come right off of them, so that wasn’t an option. I HAD TO find another solution. I didn’t want to feel like that anymore… every, single month!

Saffron! I can’t believe a simple, little spice has made such an impact on how I feel. I’ve been very, very slowly weaning myself off of prescription medication for anxiety, and in the past it’s been hell to go through. I also suffered from bad mood swings and irritability during PMS:( But, while taking saffron, I have actually been feeling so uplifted, happy and optimistic! Even when I’m PMSing.

Mood swings are frustrating. You’re not happy with yourself and you make everyone around you miserable. I felt like my family was suffering and so was I.

If you suffer from mood swings, anxiety, PMS moodiness, depression or are going through postpartum depression, you really should give this a try.

I wish I had discovered Saffrony postpartum! I went through a major dip in hormones which causes a major dip in my mood. I’ve heard saffron is great for boosting your mood and relieving postpartum depression and anxiety.

How Saffron Helps With Mood Swings

Saffron helps to regulate your hormones, naturally, so you feel good. Prescription meds often leave you void of any emotions, so you end up just kind of living on autopilot and feeling like a zombie. I always felt tired, unmotivated and not full of joy but not depressed either. And trying to come off of them mead suffering through serious withdrawal.

I’ve been using Saffron for months, and on days when I don’t take it, I can definitely notice a difference in my mood being lower. On days when I feel really stressed and anxious, I take two, but most days I just take one!

When you have anxiety or are suffering from bad PMS, you don’t feel like yourself. It affects how you think, feel, sleep, and eat! It robs you of who you are- your self confidence, motivation and mindset. I am always looking for ways to feel better- meditation, breathing exercises, routine, self-help books…

How To Use Saffron

I decided to give Saffron supplements a try because what else did I have to lose other than a bad mood? But since taking saffron, I feel like my old self more often! I have more motivation, mental clarity and feel happier! It’s been 3 months now and I just ordered my next month because I really feel like it’s working. Some days I take half the recommended dose, but when the weather is gloomy or I’m pmsing, I take the full dose. It works almost instantly.

Seasonal depression is a real issue for many, including myself. Once January comes around, I get depressed because of the lack of sunshine and fresh air! I’m glad I found saffron before I have to suffer through another winter. Here are 9 other ways to beat the seasonal blues.

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Whether you are experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety or PMS, saffron may be able to help!

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world because of the harvest process, but the benefits might just be worth the price! And I’ve found an awesome saffron supplement that’s under $20!

Let’s find out how saffron works!

Benefits of saffron:

  • Improves mood, memory and learning ability
  • Reduces inflammation and appetite
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Protects against cancer
  • Treats depression
  • Reduces PMS symptoms like irritability, anxiety, headaches and cravings
  • Boost your libido
  • Reduces appetite

This is backed by science people– Studies have shown that taking 30 mg of saffron is as effective as the popular prescribed medications- Fluoxetine, Imipramine and Citalopram. Also, people notice less side effects from saffron when compared to other treatments. Source

I’m always looking for natural solutions to what ails me, and I usually find them more effective than the chemical creations. I had no idea that saffron can improve your mental outlook, feeling of well-being and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also boost mental clarity and your libido!

Prescription medication for depression and anxiety can leave you feeling tired and even unattached and unemotional. I find with saffron, I feel a mental clarity I haven’t experienced in a while. It’s not an anxious energy, in fact it’s a calm, relaxed energy. After just a few days of taking saffron supplements, I was sold. Work is easier because I have motivation. Waking up is easier. And, even my sleep has improved!

You can check out the supplements I use here- Mood Support Saffrony!

How Does Saffron Work?

Your mental wellness affects your entire life. It’s how you feel about yourself, your life and others. It also impacts how others see you. If you are depressed and anxious, you miss out on opportunities, enjoyment. It literally robs you of life by stealing your joy, motivation and happiness.

How does saffron work? It helps your body produce more dopamine, the hormone that makes you feel good, without effecting your levels of other hormones like serotonin!

How To Use Saffron:

Diffuse Saffron oil! I like to diffuse saffron oil, and my favourite oil is – It’s pure and potent so you can really feel the benefits.

Saffron supplements! I also love Saffrony, a natural supplement from Pink Lotus, which contains 2 percent safranal crocin and picrocrocin.

Benefits of Saffrony:

  • Supports your nervous system
  • Promotes healthy stress levels, healthy mood balance, a healthy positive mental outlook and even healthy eating habits.
  • Properly dosed at 15mg with a 2% saffron extract.
  • Other products use a higher 88.5mg dose with a lower 0.5% saffron extract, a formulation that has not been clinically proven for mood support.
  • Premium-quality extract obtained from saffron flowers of Turkey and Morocco.
  • Clinical research demonstrates a 50% reduction in the severity of mood-related PMS symptoms.
  • Excellent choice for new mothers experiencing postpartum depression!

If you suffer from PMS, postpartum depression, anxiety or stress, Saffron may help!

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