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Zhannabelle Shares Her Secrets Of Happiness

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If there is constant fun and a desire to be happy, a human being starts generating substances which maintain the state of happiness, and a person is always cheerful. On the contrary, when a person is depressed or something is bothering him/her, they generate substances which maintain a negative state, and it is difficult to cope with such chemistry and remain happy. If you want to be happy, develop positive emotions. Happiness can also help you manifest what you want in life.

It is not difficult to maintain your state of happiness and harmony. Zhannabelle recommends revealing your superpowers, improving yourself, and getting rid of stress and depressions. When you are used to being unhappy for many years, you will not be able change your biochemical state alone. You may certainly meet your friends to get some moments of joy.

Another option is to go to a party, which will start cheerfully, but then the scenario will be as follows: drinks, tears, and fights. A person usually starts thinking that he/she needs a partner who will always lend a hand, but the partner may be unable to be happy as well. As a result, happiness rapidly comes to an end, and a person is left alone with the problems and complaints; children may be unhappy as well.

“This is the reason why we have to learn to enjoy each moment. It is sometimes enough to put away your mobile phone and walk in the park. Do not make your activities automatic, and you will notice your life becoming colorful, which will make you much happier.

Zhannabelle’s seminars and individual consultations help to succeed in business and get a relationship with your partner back on track. The positive effects are obvious after the first meeting with Zhannabelle. A person stops shedding tears over his/her unsuccessful life or lost love.

“Unlocking new capabilities of your being means receiving a Holy gift, striving to acquire superpowers through self-understanding, spiritual development, and understanding your place in the world. As soon as you feel that your soul strives to achieve something, your intentions will easily turn into reality.”

“In one of her interviews, Zhannabelle says that you can always change everything.”

Zhannabelle is the host of the female ceremony of Power activation in more than 300 cities all over the world and the inspiring speaker for women of all countries and nationalities.

After meeting with Zhannabelle, you will receive recommendations how to accumulate your personal power to get wealthy and implement your ideas. The purpose of your visit does not matter; her recommendations will be sincere and based on long-term experience.

First steps:
My recommendations are specific unique practices which will help you to switch your biochemical state from oppressed to active. The most important thing is that your body is not overloaded, and you may just lie or sit still.
Such practices are like something supernatural. The stories of our students who attend seminars and individual consultations will tell you about their efficiency.

Leticia, Sao Paulo:
“I have not recently had energy for anything except sitting at the computer. I could not find the strength to change my situation and start doing something. My favorite activities and ordinary household chores became too tedious.
As soon as I started applying Zhannabelle’s seminar practice, which I had found out about in her online school, my life started changing. It seems to be one of the easiest and most efficient things I have recently tried. 15 minutes a day are quite enough. I have changed myself and now enjoy each day and activity!”
Of course, a person quickly and easily returns to a healthy lifestyle in such condition.

Second step:
If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, his/her body generates positive emotions, which makes their life better. We often see happy children whose bodies are running like clockwork. Adults often have problems with their bodies, which are impacted by wrong lifestyles and difficult situations. As we grow older, we become unhappier because we generally start having more problems with our psyche and bodies.

“You should understand that any episode in life impacts our internal state, usually even before it takes place. Take care of yourself, do not let misfortunes enter your life, and keep your internal world away from problems.”

Third step:
Happiness of children is also caused by the fact that they have just arrived from the clear and subtle plane, which seems to be heaven in comparison to the Earth. Remember your childhood when you wondered why your fantasies were not turning into reality. It is not about childish naivety and stupidity. It is more about a habit from the subtle plane where all things which we imagine appear.
During her retreats, Zhannabelle helps adults to learn how to manage and master the art of dealing with the subtle plane. We often have to make efforts in the outworld in which there is violence against others and even against us. We are often misled as well as we mislead people. All these episodes in life shock us or make us suffer. Any of our activities are met with resistance of beings which may be destroyed by lies, pain, or physical exertion. As we know, the worse our health is, the more difficult it is to find the strength to live happily.

Helen, Marseille:
“I was often expecting something, things went wrong, and I started suffering. I asked myself: what is the source of our unhappiness? After I read Zhannabelle’s article on the internet, I understood that the source lay in our thoughts and view of the world.
Therefore, you have to develop to become happy. After visiting Zhannabelle’s seminar, I learned to develop self-sufficiency and directed it to my spiritual development. While developing myself, I started sharing happiness with people surrounding me. I became an organizer of Zhannabelle’s seminars and help other women to meet this wonderful woman.
I purchased amulets and watched Zhannabelle’s videos on YouTube. It was worth it. As soon as I started helping other women, I received a job offer from a prestigious law firm and then found my soulmate. We have a wonderful and happy family.”
These efforts are made by your soul in the subtle plane. Therefore, efforts contribute to the development of capabilities which will stay with you forever. First, you become happy and then, surprisingly, achieve the financial success you were always dreaming of.

“The main essence of what is happening is that we can interact with the gross plane with the effort of will.”

Secrets exist!
You need energy that is possessed by the Divine alone in order to make your soul permanently occupy the highest levels of the subtle world! You will have to learn a lot and achieve a certain level of consciousness. Zhannabelle’s Divine experience may help to do it. Basics of Siberian shamanism, which is practiced by Zhannabelle, are directly linked to the experience of contacting through Divine. At that, contact is intensified if there are more people interested in success.

It is important to form communities during seminars, online classes, and retreats. It will help to become happier, get rid of depressions, stresses, and diseases!

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