10 Jobs For Introverts

The Best Jobs For Introverts

Are you an introvert? Then you probably don’t do too well in a busy work environment, and prefer to work alone! These are the perfect jobs for introverts and they pay great!

Some of these jobs for introverts don’t even require any special education and you can start up your own business pretty much right away! All it takes is dedication and drive to land the introvert job of you dreams and you’ll never have to deal with an overwhelming work environment again.

Jobs For Introverts: Do You Need One?

Maybe you get overwhelmed in large crowds and find busy environments chaotic? Like nearly half the population, you might be an introvert. Top jobs where you get to work alone include working with animals, computers or food instead of people. I definitely prefer to work alone, and am much more productive when I’m left to do tasks on my own… and besides, sometimes it is too ‘peopley’ out there! 

We spend about 1/3 of our lives, working. Finding a job you enjoy is challenging. Some jobs are better fitted for extroverts, while other jobs are more suited for introverts. Extroverts tend to do well working in busy environments full of interaction and stimulation. While introverts thrive in smaller groups or working independently in an environment that allows them to get creative. Finding jobs for introverts isn’t always easy in such a fast-passed, crazy world!

Not happy at your current job? Maybe you need to find a job better suited for your personality:) Don’t have a lot of experience? These jobs require little or no experience to get started, so you can start avoiding people right away!

Here’s our list of top ten jobs for the introverted type. It is possible to earn a living in solitude. 

Top Ten Jobs For Introverts

graphic designer

Jobs For Introverts: Graphic Designer

Most introverts thrive in a career that allows them to explore their creative side. This is one of the best jobs for quiet people who like working alone! If you enjoy designing in solitude and are tech-savvy,  graphic design work might be for you! The average graphic designer salary in the United States is between $32,000 – $62,000 source.

dog walker

Jobs For Introverts: Dog Walker

Prefer to spend your days with furry friends instead of people? Dog walking is one of the best jobs where you get to work alone, but you’re not technically alone because you have dogs! You can make a decent living dog-walking or pet-sitting, and hardly have to interact with people. Walk a few dogs daily and you get to enjoy time outdoors while also exercising. Sure beats sitting in the office all day! The average hourly rate for dog-walking is $14 source.


Jobs For Introverts: Bookkeeper

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy working alone, this is the job for you. Many people make a good living bookkeeping and don’t even have a degree. All that’s required is good computer and math skills. Bookkeeping is one of the top jobs for introverts. You can work from home and many bookkeepers charge up to $50 an hour. Bookkeeping is one of the top jobs for quiet people!


Jobs For Introverts: Transcriptionist

Most introverts prefer to listen than to speak and are quite good at it. A transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to audio files of things like interviews or studies and writes down the information so it can be further documented. There are transcriptionist positions in many fields including medical and legal work. Introverts could start out offering transcriptionist services from home and grow their experience from there. Freelance medical transcriptionist makes an average of $17 an hour source


Jobs For Introverts: Writer

Writing is often a job best done in solitude, so naturally it’s a great fit for an introvert! There’s no shortage of writing jobs- from technical writer, book author, magazine contributor, copywriter or blogger there’s something for every introvert! Some require little or no experience, just good English and grammar skills to get started. Writers can make anywhere from $30,000 – $84,000 annually source.

Want to start your own blog? My post ‘Should I start a blog?’ Can help you get started.


Jobs For Introverts: Photographer

Introverts are often the creative type and can make great photographers, making this one of the top jobs for introverts. If you’ve got camera skills and enjoy hiding behind a lens, you could make an average of $16 an hour doing what you love source.

animal worker

Jobs For Introverts: Animal Service Worker

If you’re an introvert who prefers animals over people, why not work with them? There are plenty of animal service jobs that require little or no experience. Look for jobs in kennels, zoos, veterinarian clinics, dog grooming, pet stores and stables. The average dog groomer in the United States makes $11.60 an hour source.

computer programmer

Jobs For Introverts: Computer Progammer

This is great for the tech-savvy introverts who love working with computers instead of people. Computer programming is a great job where you get to work alone! If you’re good with technology and enjoy problem solving and creative thinking, computer programming might be a rewarding career you can do in solitude. Many computer programmers are self-taught and you can learn from home at your own pace. There are many online resources. The average salary for a computer programmer is $61,000 source.

truck driver

Jobs For Introverts: Truck Driver

Enjoy long drives by yourself? If you love to drive and enjoy spending the majority of your day alone, this is the job for you. Training is often provided for those truly interested. The average income for a truck driver is $19.36 an hour source.


Jobs For Introverts: Chef or Baker

Why not work with food, instead of people? This is a job that can go either way- if you’re working in a busy, fast-paced kitchen, an introvert might be overwhelmed. But, there are plenty of chef and baker positions that offer a solitude escape for the sensitive introvert. Choose to do catering or work in a quite bakery if you prefer to work mostly on your own! Baking and cooking is also great fuel for your creative-side. Bakers make an average of $12 an hour in the United States source

Wrapping Up Jobs For Introverts

Work can be enjoyed when you become more mindful of yourself and what it is you want and need in a job. Don’t get stuck in a career you don’t love! Find the perfect job for introverts and enjoy your career!

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