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These succulents may be so cute but they are also super mighty! Conquer your gardening fears with low-maintenance and adorable succulents! These plants are practically impossible to kill. Growing succulents is such a fun hobby to try. I don’t have a green thumb, but these sweet little plants make me feel like I can garden! My little daughter even loves to help take care of them. You can order a variety of succulents online, making it easy to get started! These cute succulent boxes make starting this sweet hobby easy! But I’ll also show you some other great succulents you can order online plus a quick guide to succulent care.

How adorable are these succulents?

Succulent Care

Succulents are desert plants, so they require little water. I sometimes go a month before remembering to water mine and it’s still going strong (sorry little guy). They’re like cactus’ but without the prickles. They look great all year round and make thoughtful gift ideas!

As mentioned succulents require minimal care, making them great for just about anyone. They add an interesting elegance to any home decor and make you feel like you have a green thumb even if you don’t because virtually anybody can keep these babies alive!

Succulents require plenty of light. Just put them near a window and they’ll be happy and healthy! Place them in a well-lit area where they can soak up around 6 hours or more of light a day.

Rotate them every few months so that all sides of the plants get proper sunlight.

Water them according to the season. During summer months, your plants will receive more sunlight and require more water. A good way to check if your plant needs more water is to touch the soil. If it’s dry and crumbly, give it a drink. If it’s damp, wait a few days to water. And don’t give it a heavy drink at one time. A drizzle will do. Avoid watering the plant itself and just water the soil so the roots can soak it up!

Choose the right pot. Succulents don’t like to be sitting in soaking wet soil so choose pots with proper drainage. Terracotta are perfect because they have plenty of drainage holes in the bottom.

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Fertilize your succulent. A little fertilizer can help your succulent grow! They don’t need a lot, just a little in the spring and summer months to give your plant a boost. Or if your succulents are looking a little sad, give them a little fertilizer food and watch them GROW!

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Want to grow some beautiful succulents in your home? It can be a fun and therapeutic hobby, plus they are great for the air in your home! They also add a touch of elegant greenery to any room. My little daughter also loves to help care for them so it really makes a fun little hobby for the whole family.

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These succulents are carefully packaged and shipped right to your door!

Another great online succulent shop is Lula’s Garden. They have cute succulent gift ideas as well. They are so beautifully packaged and would make the perfect gift idea for anyone. Succulents make great additions to any home or office!

Try A Succulent Box

If you want to grow your own succulents, Succulents Box makes it fun, easy and affordable to start your own hobby! They have over 300 succulent varieties, all organically grown and satisfaction is guaranteed! They have boxes starting at just $5. I never thought succulents could be so fun but they are super popular right now and I can see why- they are so easy and affordable to grow and they are so so cute!! Plus gardening really is therapeutic and succulents can make anyone feel as if they have a green thumb!

They have adorable gift boxes that include a cute succulent inside the perfect pot and a care guide! They also have the cutest beginner’s box for $39.95 with everything needed to grow and care for your own succulent including tiny rakes, soil and a succulent watering can! Or you can choose a small box with a few succulents in pots for beginners, shipped safely to you for under $10!

Whether you order a sweet succulent box or some live potted plants, succulents are a great addition to any home and make a fun hobby too!

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