Christmas Games To Play With Friends & Family

If you’re planning to have a Christmas celebration with friends but don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered. Christmas celebrations are likely going to be smaller this year because of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. 

Winter is normally a depressing time of the year — add in COVID and you’ve got a recipe for boringness. If you can barely go outside during the holidays, how are you supposed to have fun? With so many bars and restaurants unavailable, it’s time to get creative with your winter celebration ideas. 

Christmas games are a time-honored way of spending time with friends and family during the holidays. It may seem cheesy, but you can make Christmas games fun — even with just a small group of friends. Be sure to get everyone dressed up in their festive Christmas sweaters to make your at-home get together feel like a festive celebration. 

Whether you start your night with a drinking game to get everyone to loosen up or pull out these Christmas games during the middle of the party, these fun Christmas games are sure to be a hit with your friends. Keep reading for some of my favorite Christmas games to play with friends. 

Christmas Movie Drinking Game

A movie drinking game is such a classic game to play with friends. Put a holiday twist on the game by turning on your favorite Hallmark holiday flick and taking a drink each time the characters does one of the (completely predictable) prompts. If they really play into the Hallmark movie tropes, you might even have to finish your drink!

Download the Christmas Movie Drinking Game here

Switch, Steal, Unwrap

Spice up your white elephant gift exchange by playing switch, steal, unwrap. To play, have each player bring a small gift and place it in a pile. Each person selects a present at random, then everyone takes turns rolling a dice to see if you get to switch, steal, or unwrap your present. This is a great game to play after you’ve loosened up with the Christmas movie drinking game!

Download Switch, Steal, Unwrap here

Christmas Mayhem

If you and your friends love to laugh, Christmas Mayhem is the game for you. To play, have the player pick a character card and a scene card. Have the player select a “helper elf” to assist them in acting out the scene. At the end, everyone votes on who had the funniest scene! Whether you’re acting out Kevin from Home Alone trying to return his Christmas present or Olaf interviewing the Grinch, you and your friends will surely have a blast playing Christmas Mayhem together. 

Download Christmas Mayhem here

Christmas games are a great way to pass the time this holiday season. These free Christmas games are great if you want to save money this holiday season but still want to have fun with friends. If you’re looking for other ways to pass the time during Christmas, check out my winter hobby ideas to get started.

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