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I love giving thoughtful gifts, especially gifts that I know are going to be put to good use, and not wasted! These sustainable, eco friendly gifts will be used over and over and over!

We’ve all been given (and maybe even gifted) the gifts that sit, collecting dust in the corner only to end up either in the trash or given to the thrift store. But, not these gifts! Not only are these ideas great for the environment, your friends and family will love to receive and use these presents all of the time! And they are under $50, so they’re also good for your bank account:)

Give them gifts they actually need and will use, like reusable paper towels, bamboo cutlery and shampoo bars!

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21 Eco Friendly Gifts For Everyone

You can get these gifts on Amazon so they make great last minute gift ideas! Especially if you have Amazon Prime.

Any beauty lover on your list will love these reusable makeup remover pads! They work amazing and all you need is water. It’s like magic!

Stop using plastic bags that end up in the trash after one day! These are reusable bags are extra thick and leak proof to store your treats in over and over again!

Zero waste hair care is here! These shampoo and conditioner bars are amazing eco friendly gifts for anyone on your list with a head of hair! May not be the best idea for grandpa though;)

Replace their ugly old green bin with this beautiful compost can!

Turn any container into a storage container with these stretchy and durable lids! You just wrap it over your bowl of leftover pasta and put it in the fridge for later. No need for plastic containers here!

Give her the gift of eco friendly smooth skin with these reusable metal razors!

Gift the gift of endless avocados with this ‘Grow Your Own Avocados Kit’!

This chic bamboo coffee or tea mug makes a cool zero waste gift!

This bamboo cutlery set is great for picnics, camping or zero waste lunches!

We all need paper towels, but they can be such a huge waste! These reusable paper towels are super absorbent and washable, so you can use them over and over again, instead of throwing them away! And they are much, much stronger than paper towels.

These quality wooden puzzles make great eco friendly gifts for kids! So much better than plastic.

Replace the annual advent chocolate calendar with this advent bags! Eco friendly parents (and kids) will this!

Give the little artist on your list this DIY guide to making your own art supplies with nature.

Help teach the kiddies on your list about climate change with this fun colouring book that also provides tips on how we can all do our part to help!

Wrap it all up with these reusable Christmas bags that you can use year after year! No more having to buy and waste wrapping paper.

These beautiful, reusable bags are only $21 for 5 and you can use them for many holidays to come.

You can also wrap in towels or a new pillow case. Use twine instead of tape or ribbon.

And here are some other eco friendly gift wrapping ideas that I love over at

Have an environmentally friendly Christmas with these eco friendly gifts! Happy holidays:)

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