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Single On Valentine’s Day? Quotes To Help You Celebrate YOU!

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, your love life is worth celebrating! Love comes in all sorts of forms- romantic love, self love, love for your friends or your pets! There’s love for your family, your kids, nieces and nephews, your job, and your life! There are SO many reasons to celebrate LOVE! Love doesn’t have to be a boyfriend. So, if you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, here are some quotes and ideas to help you celebrate either on V-Day or Galentine’s Day!

And speaking of love, I love lists, so here’s a list of things to do if you’re single or alone on Valentine’s Day!

Single On Valentine’s Day Quotes

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, here are a few quotes to help kick off your day!

Date Yourself

The day is only what you make it. It can be just like any other day if you’d like. Or why not date yourself? Cook yourself a 3 course meal, make a decadent dessert, go to a movie or just lounge in your pjs!

Here are some ideas:

Show yourself some love:

  • Cook your favourite meal
  • Set some new goals
  • Spend some time doing a hobby you enjoy
  • Read some self-love affirmations
  • Take a walk
  • Show some gratitude
  • Make an ice cream sundae
  • Put on your best perfume
  • Meditate
  • Read a book

Head to the local grocery store or florist and pick up all of the most beautiful flowers to decorate your home with, or give to friends and family!

Take yourself on a date. Head to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant. Bring a book and order your favourite dessert first!

Avoid watching romantic comedies or movies that remind you of love.

Read some single on Valentine’s Day quotes!

Don’t call your ex. Temptations may be high during the time, but resist! Remember why it didn’t work out!

Do a makeover. Do it yourself or go to the salon! New hair style, new outfit, nails… the options are endless and you’ll love fab!

Plan a dinner party with single friends. Order take out or make it a singles-themed potluck!

Or have dinner with your parents.

Watch a comedy special on Netflix.

Buy yourself a new piece of jewelry! Earrings, a new watch, or a ring! You’re worth it!

Do something nice for someone. Send them an appreciation message, a bouquet of flowers! Buy someone a coffee or give someone a compliment.

Write yourself a love letter. List all of the things you love about yourself!

Binge watch Sex and the City. Order some take out and join the girls!

Make a new playlist with all of your favourite songs. Put a few on and belt it out!

Get your nails done. Or do them yourself. You’ll instantly feel good after a little pampering!

Write a letter to your future boyfriend. List the things you love about him. Give him all of the qualities you’re looking for in a man.

Meditate. Meditation is great for relaxation and raising your body’s vibration.

Start a journal. Head to the dollar store and pick up a journal and some pretty pens and stickers!

So if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, quotes and some self love can help! Also, Valentine’s Day is ironically followed by Singles Awareness Day so feel free to use these ideas for a self love marathon! Being exactly who you are is something to celebrate, with or without a romantic partner!

What do you think? Let me know below:)