How To Keep Your Hair Fresh, At Home!

20+ Tips For Great Hair On A Budget

When my hair looks good, I feel good! Fresh roots and a blowout can make you look and feel put together, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great hair! Here are some great tips to achieve expensive looking hair, on a budget!

Hair tips in this post include:

  • Salon blow out at home
  • THE BEST products to get rid of brassy tones for blondes
  • Scalp massage
  • How to trim your hair at home
  • How to strengthen your hair
  • Shine-enhancing products
  • And more!

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Start with a blowout. Blowout your hair at home for hair that looks like you just stepped out of the salon!

How to do a salon-worthy blowout at home:

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.

Towel dry your hair. Microfibre towels are more absorbent and gentler on your hair than traditional cotton towels.

Comb out the knots using a wide tooth comb.

Prep your hair using smoothing primer and/or heat protection. It’s absolutely vital to use heat protection before blow drying, especially if you want to achieve a salon style at home, which involves using a blow dryer with a nozzle and a round brush to really concentrate the heat.

HSI Pro Argan Oil Heat Protection Spray is affordable and it protects your hair from damage, reduces drying time and makes your hair silky smooth!

Blow dry your hair til it’s about 70 percent dry! You don’t have to use a brush to do this part, just rough dry it all over until it’s mostly dry.

Use a round brush for your blow outs! A round brush gives you more control of where you want your hair to go. It also gives your hair that full, voluminous luxe look you get from the salon! Curl inwards to seal your ends.

The Cricket Ultra Smooth Round Brush is infused with coconut oil and keratin protein perfect for expensive looking hair.

Use your blow dryer nozzle. This is a must! The nozzle gives you control of where you want the heat. It also provides a more concentrated heat, to dry and shape your hair how you want. This is why hair stylists almost always use a nozzle when drying your hair!

Use a blow dryer for your hair type. If your hair is fine, use a regular blow dryer. If your is thicker, use an ionic blow dryer.

Using your round brush, roll your hair around the brush and apply heat using your blow dryer. Keep your hair around the brush until that section has cooled. Yes, it is time-consuming, but it’ll look professional!

Use oil like Garnier Glossing Spray to seal ends. Spritz a little oil on your ends to seal them and prevent frizz.

Beautiful Hair On A Budget

Refresh. Freshen up your hair with a deep clean! Product build up can weigh hair down and make it look dirty. Use a clarifying shampoo twice a month to give your hair a deep clean.

I use this Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo a few times a month and it’s super gentle on my fragile locks! It leaves my hair squeaky clean and so fresh!

Scalp massage. Healthy, expensive looking hair starts at the roots! Keep your scalp strong and healthy with frequent scalp massages! It feels great, lifts dirt and impurities and helps to promote new hair growth! I love scalp massage so much that I dedicated a whole post to it here-

Try a scalp massage brush in the shower for an invigorating shampoo experience!

Beat The Brass At Home

Beat the brass. If you’re blonde and want to get rid of yellow tones you will LOVE Fanola No Yellow Shampoo! Have you heard about this? It has so many amazing reviews because blondes are obsessed, including me! I buy the large bottle and it lasts me 6 months.

My No Yellow Hack:

About 10 minutes before washing my hair, I apply the Fanola to DRY HAIR with a hair dye brush, focusing on the yellow areas! I do this in layers to make sure I get the hair underneath as well. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and then hop in the shower and lather it up and rinse and condition. I do this when my hair turns a bit too yellow to help bring back my icy blonde.

Purple Hair Mask:

Since that shampoo can be a bit drying, I also like to use a hair mask! I found an amazing Purple Hair Mask by Bold Uniq, that seriously works as well, if not better, than toning at the salon!! A jar lasts several months, so it’s so so much cheaper than the salon as well! Just check out the reviews and awesome before and afters on Amazon!

Use this Moroccan colour depositing hair mask to add temporary colour and hydration. I love the platinum and rose gold colours. I actually use the platinum mask every other week to beat the brass and keep the cool tones in my hair. It works like an at-home toner but is so hydrating! The results last about 6-8 washes, and leaves your hair smelling abs feeling amazing. You can also find this line at Sephora!

Here’s a before and after shot (courtesy of Sephora) using the Moroccan platinum mask:

Touch up roots. You can’t look expensive with roots. If you can’t get to the salon, try an at-home root touch up or temporary root colour!

Strengthening hair mask. Expensive hair is strong and healthy. I personally love the Olaplex Repairing Treatment and leave it on overnight for extra strength! You only need a little bit and focus mostly your ends.

Trims! Unhealthy hair doesn’t look expensive. Trim your ends every few months, or more often if you damage your hair.

Can’t get to the salon? Here are some tips to trim your hair at home. The best tip is to start with good, sharp scissors. Dull scissors will not work. And use 2 mirrors so you can see the back.

Follow this infographic provided by Health Perch:

High shine. Shiny, not greasy, hair looks expensive. Tame frizz and hide split ends with a good shine spray or serum! I love OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil! They also have a lightweight spray version. You can pick them up on Amazon:

Keep it natural. Naturally, your best choice for the healthiest hair is to keep it natural.

Braid it. In between washes, if your hair is starting to look a little rough, try adding braiding your hair to instantly make it look fresh and elegant!

Brush gently. Always brush your hair starting at the bottom, and working your way up to gently get the tangles out. Treat your hair like gold and it’ll look great!

Great hair doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive! You can achieve salon-worthy hair at home, on a budget!

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