Bath Bombs That’ll Transform Bath Time

Bathe In Style

Bath time is my favourite part of the day. But sometimes, a typical bubble bath just won’t do. Some days, call for something a little extra- bath bombs!

These soothing, scented bath bombs will leave your mind and body relaxed and hydrated!

Bath Bombs For Kids Too

Of course kids love bath bombs too! My daughter loves to watch it fizz and then puts on her goggles and dives under to watch the colours explode under water. The rainbow bath bombs below are really the coolest I’ve seen and can easily kill a half hour or more of these long days during Covid-19 quarantine.

Take your next bath to the next level with these bath bombs! You can order them online from Amazon and have them shipped right to your door fast! And most of these bath bombs are around $2 a pop.

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The Rainbow Bath Bombs are so popular with adults and kids because they literally fizz out the rainbow in your tub! They are sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

Since we all have to stay home a lot these days due to the pandemic, finding fun things to do around the house can be challenging! Make bath time more fun and entertaining with these bath bomb surprises! They have little toys inside!

These handmade bubble bath bombs turn bath time into spa time! They contain essential oils, sea salt and Shea butter to soothe and relax you, leaving you moisturizer and revitalized.

Soothe your muscles and your nerves with these Ribivaul Bath Bombs. Their fragrances soothe your senses while moisturizing ingredients leave you soft and comfortable. Drop them in the tub and turn your bath into a colourful, bubble spa at home!

Make your next bath an enriching experience with these Avocado, coconut oil and sea salt bath bombs! Kids and adults love the soothing lavender and osmanthus scents.

Bathe in style and comfort with Anjou Bath Bombs! Their fun shapes, luxurious scents like lemon, rose and sweet orange help you relax and unwind.

How cute are these bath bombs with tiny rubber ducks inside? I’m not sure who loved them more, me or my daughter?!

Pop a luxe bath bomb in the tub and take your next bath to the next level!

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