Simply Earth January Recipe Box Reveal

The Hygiene Box

The January 2021 Simply Earth box includes all natural ways to keep your home and body smelling and feeling fresh, without all the chemicals of the commercial stuff!

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I was looking for new ways to incorporate essential oils around the house, but I was tired of paying such high prices for quality oils, which is why I found Simply Earth essential oils. It’s a subscription box with 4 full-sized, top quality essential oils, 6 easy to make recipes and everything you need to make them!

PLUS, you get a Big Bonus Box worth $44.84 for FREE⁠ when you use my code – STEPHSOCIALFREE.
So you get the entire subscription box, plus the bonus box with tons of extras all for only $39. That’s the price of one bottle of the expensive oils that I was paying for before!

Let’s take a look at what’s in my January box.

Freshen Up Naturally With Simply Earth

January Recipe Box includes: 
🌿 B.O. Be Gone Essential Oil Blend 
🌿 Camphor Essential Oil
🌿 Lemon Essential Oil⁠ 
🌿 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil⁠
🌿 6 recipe cards 
🌿 Recipe stickers
🌿 Body wash base
🌿 Zinc Oxide
🌿 75mL deodorant container

The recipes are always easy and fun to make. And they’re always very useful around the house! In the past I’ve made burn salve that helped me soothe a burn from cooking with oil, candles with essential oils, exfoliating body wash, body sprays and dozens of new diffuser blends I use regularly!

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January Recipes

Here’s what you get in the January box, which is still available! But even if it’s too late and you’re reading this post and want to try Simply Earth, every single month they send a cool box and I always look forward to the new ideas they have and fun ways to use oils around my house!

Have you ever tried oil pulling? It’s a method that originated in ancient India thousands of years ago. It has become popular around the world and is a perfect alternative to your typical chemical-filled mouthwash.

With the addition of an essential oil, the benefits of oil pulling have been improved even more- stronger ability to fight and kill germs, improved effect on overall oral hygiene, and MORE!

B.O. Be Gone with this natural deodorant. Ditch the chemical filled deodorants that are absorbed by your body and fight body odour naturally! This deodorant leaves your skin soft and smelling fresh all day, without any toxins!

Soothing zinc cream. All in one zinc cream soothes and locks in moisture. It even helps relieve sore muscles and aches and pain!

Fight stink anywhere on the go with the B.O. Emergency Back Up Roll On! You can use it on your husband’s feet or underarms or anywhere that you stink!

Smell like sunshine with this body wash that energizes your body and senses! Made with the fresh scent of lemon and Ylang Ylang,

Have you tried Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

It has long been used in Asian countries for various ailments such as cuts, burns, and insect and snake bites.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is my choice weapon against stress and fatigue. I personally love carrying around Ylang Ylang Essential Oil inhalers! They are so handy and serve me well when I’m stressed. Which is why it’s also used in the recipe below!

This diffuser blend will get you up off the couch and doing the happy dance! It’s uplifting and de-stressing aromatherapy that will fill your living room with happiness! An essential oil that uplifts, energizes, and is a great cleaner?
Lemon Essential Oil for the win! 

One of the most well-known and commonly-used essential oils because of its versatile and powerful benefits, Lemon Essential Oil is known for killing germs, improving moods, and making your home smell clean! I love to add a few drops to my laundry, and my hand sanitizer!

Order Yours

Make your home toxin free AND have clarity and confidence in using essential oils in your home. 

Each Simply Earth box is complete with 4 full-size essential oils + 6 natural recipes + some fun extras for only $39! 

Plus with your first box, you’ll get a Big Bonus Box worth $44.84— absolutely FREE!

Thank you Simply Earth for another awesome box full of recipes and essential oils I’ll enjoy using!

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