List Of Bad Habits That Make You Unhappy

A List Of 6 Bad Habits To Quit!

When you think of bad habits, what tops your list? Most of us think about the obvious- smoking, drinking, and drugs. While those habits are bad, there are so many other habits we pick up along the way that destroy our lives, and we may not even realize it! Some habits bring us happiness, like exercise and positive thinking while others sabotage our joy and bring us down, like mindless spending, clutter and grudges.

Some of these habits we do so often we don’t even realize it’s harming us. Why would anyone do this to themselves? Truth is, one of the worst habits is living most of your days on autopilot… Not even fully engaged and aware of your actions, reactions and mindset. When you’re just running through the motions and routine to get through another day, you aren’t even aware of what’s really happening in your own life.

Let’s look at some ways to improve your life through your daily habits, by eliminating the bad habits in this list!

6 bad habits you need to quit

You’re probably doing at least of couple of these things and probably never realized the negative impact that they could be having on your life. Once you become more aware, you can change!

List Of 6 Bad Habits You Should Quit!

Avoid the bad habits on this list and take back your happiness:

1: Over-Spending

Bad habit 1: over spending

Unnecessary spending tops this bad habits list. One of the greatest stressors in life is financial issues, which is why this is at the top of my bad habits list. No, money doesn’t make you happy but happiness is harder to find when you’re up to your eyeballs in debt. General financial pressure is one of the greatest causes of misery and divorce.

Clutter is another barrier to happiness. When you spend too much, you have too much stuff. It’s always in the way and serves as a constant reminder that you spent more than you should have.

Think about the reward you gain by spending and find a less destructive way to accomplish the same thing.

If you want to make happiness a real possibility in your life, keep your spending under control.

Bad habit 2: postponing your life

2: Postponing Your Life

Postponing your life is one of the worst bad habits. We’re always waiting for something to happen before taking action. Whether it’s waiting for the first of the month to start a diet, or waiting for the kids to leave the home before starting a new business, we always have an excuse to wait. I am definitely guilty of this one!

The hardest part is taking the first step, but you can only make progress once you do!

There will never be a perfect time to take that big step. Manage your circumstances as well as possible and get started today. Time is the one thing none of us can ever get back.

3: Blaming Others

Blaming others for your setbacks and challenges is a terrible bad habit. When you blame others, you lose control. It’s not easy to accept responsibility for all of the unpleasant things in your life, but once you stop blaming others, your mindset changes from negative to positive. No one else is going to fix it for you. Holding onto any blame is only holding a negative space in your mind, creating and attracting more negativity. Instead of blame, take action for what you can control- today!

Even if you’ve been used and abused, you are still responsible for dealing with the aftermath. Accept the challenge and move forward.

4: Not Staying Grounded

Not staying grounded in the present is a bad habit. Most people have a bad habit of dwelling on past mistakes and tragedies and worrying about the future. The past is over, so leave it there. Good choices today have the power to create a better future. Focus on making the most of today, and the future will take care of itself. You can choose to feel good in the moment. It’s easier than you think!

Pay attention to your thoughts for an entire day. Notice how much time you spend thinking about the past or the future. Think about how that impacts your effectiveness and your happiness.

5: Holding A Grudge

Holding a grudge is a real bad habit. If someone has hurt you, you might be making a good decision by not trusting that person again. However, holding on to the animosity is pointless. You just make yourself unhappy and less effective. Once it’s over, learn what you can from it and move forward. Steer clear from the drama, learn the lesson and move on.

6: Focusing On Challenges

Focusing on challenges instead of solutions. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you focus on the difficult things in your life. Rather than do that, spend your time, energy, and focus on finding solutions. You’ll feel better and be much more successful and productive!

It’s easier to be happy if you become more self-aware and stop doing the things that prevent happiness. Simple changes in your mindset can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you live your life!

I’m adding an extra one here- Comparing yourself and your life to others. Once you stop doing this, you are free!

List of bad habits

Wrapping Up Our Bad Habits List

We all pick up some bad habits along the way. The important thing is to recognize them and eliminate them, which is why I’m sharing this list of bad habits! Awareness is the first step in making a change.

Allow yourself to be happy by letting go of your anti-happiness habits. You’ll find that happiness is easy!

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