How To Be Mysterious & Irresistible

Surprising Ways To Be Sexy, Cool & Mysterious

Being mysterious leaves people wondering and thinking about you long after you’ve left. Let’s look at how to be mysterious and sexy! The most important thing is to always be true to yourself and don’t try so hard to become someone you’re not because that will always back-fire. Being mysterious means leaving something to the imagination, and being a little exciting, without being extra.

I’m not suggesting you play games or change who you are, because you are amazing just the way you are, but as we grow we change and evolve. Being mysterious takes a bit of self discipline, like not over-sharing your life on social media and not getting caught up in petty drama. It’s a high value trait women and men will love!

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How To Be Mysterious

How to be mysterious and irresistible!

Be calm. Being the one who remains calm in dire situations requires self discipline. Over-reacting is usually not cool. Be calm and cool the next time things don’t go your way.

Be polite. Manners are always in style and alluring. Kindness is one of the most attractive qualities.

Don’t over-share on social media. Most people have a tendency to post every little thing on social media, leaving very little to the imagination. Think before you post. Ask yourself ‘Is this post necessary?’ and ‘Do I really want to post this?’.

Avoid drama. You don’t want to be seen as full of drama. Some people seem to bring drama with them wherever they go. But, mysterious women appear to live the drama-free life!

Don’t vent too much. You want to be known as mysterious, not a complainer. A beautiful life usually appears to be problem-free, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. That just means you know when to vent and who to vent to, because venting to people who really don’t care is a waste of time and being known as a complainer is not cool.

Be inquisitive. Shift the focus of the conversation away from you, to the other person. Ask questions and really pay attention to the answers. Being curious shows you care and want to know more.

Keep your emotions in check. Being overly emotional is often seen as over-dramatic. I’m not suggesting you act cold during times of grief, but avoid overreacting especially during minor instances.

Learn new things. The more you know, the more alluring and mysterious you’ll appear. Learn a new language or new skill in your free time.

Be funny. One of the best tips on how to be more mysterious is to make people laugh. Humor is super attractive. Make them laugh and you’ll hold their attention and keep their interest.

Don’t always be available. Don’t be too quick to reply to text messages and calls. I’m not suggesting you ghost anyone, just leave them wondering and waiting for a bit. Again, this requires self-discipline!

Practice good posture. Slouching is not only bad for your back, but isn’t very attractive. Think about how much better you look and feel when you sit up straight.

Develop your own signature style. Your style should reflect who you are as a person and can evolve over time. Develop a signature style that reflects who you are as a confident, sexy & mysterious woman! Personally, I love lots of black and lace!

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Signature sexy scent. Experiment and pick a scent that meshes well with your body and style. Flirty, sexy scents like vanilla and rose are seductive and when you make it a signature scent, it’s a smell that’s all your own!

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Be fun. You want to be thought of as positive and optimistic. Everyone likes the happy, go-lucky person in the room. Rather than dwelling on the negative things, try and make things fun!

Take up an interesting hobby. Hobbies are good for your mental health and self discovery! Find something you’re good at and enjoy doing, like photography, playing guitar or origami! Imagine how cool it would be to be able to fold a $20 bill into a crane or heart.

Don’t talk about yourself too much. Keep the mystery about you by not revealing too much, too soon.

Get busy with your own life. Don’t always be available at the drop of a hat. Don’t ignore your own interests, goals and circle, for one person. Everyone should make time to work on lettering themselves.

Don’t be clingy. Being needy is far from mysterious and can even be annoying. Rather than being clingy, be interested but not desperate for attention. This means holding back a bit, especially in the beginning of relationships and friendships. It’s hard, but worth it!

Most importantly, be yourself. The best tip for how to be mysterious and different, is to be true to who you really are! You are completely unique. There’s no one else out there like you, so take some time to really get to know you and let your personality shine.

There’s a fine line between being mysterious and being weird and moody. Keep it fun and don’t take it too seriously so you don’t scare people off. Slowly transform yourself over a period of time rather than abruptly changing it up overnight. And, always stay true to yourself!

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