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Creative Ways To Meditate

How To Make Meditation Easier

Meditation- you hear it has so many amazing benefits, but you just can’t seem to find the time or patience to make it a daily habit. I’ve found some creative ways to make meditating easier!

Meditation has so many benefits from calming stress and anxieties to bringing you clarity and motivation, but in order for it to be most effective, you need to meditate regularly.

The reality is, most of us don’t have time to sit in a peaceful room, with a meditation pillow and a mix of mantras and incense in the background.

So, you sit there palms up saying ‘ummm’ and a quick minute later you notice your mind wandering to ‘what should I make for dinner?’ Or ‘I gotta flip the laundry over.’

A meditation method I find works best to keep my mind off of life stuff, is to pick a word such as: Love, Gratitude, Joy or Abundance and focus on what that words means to you. The idea of meditation is to get yourself into a state of ‘feeling great’!

Your mind will wander. When you notice it, simply shift your mind back to your word!

Your environment doesn’t have to be perfect to meditate. You can meditate anywhere. Some mornings, I lie in bed and close my eyes and meditate. Or I hop in the shower and meditate. When you focus on quieting your mind and feeling good, you block out the noise of your surroundings and allow yourself to be more mindful and in the moment.

Finding time and patience to practice meditation daily can be challenging. And while it takes time to become somewhat of an expert, there are creative ways to fit meditation in to your daily schedule. Just 10 minutes of meditation a day can really help improve your mental health, develop a personal growth plan and keep you motivated and happy.

When you think of meditation, you probably think of someone sitting with their palms up saying ‘ommmm’ in a quiet room. Maybe you’re thinking ‘I can’t do that.’ But, the good news is, there are other ways to meditate- in the shower, while going for a walk or even with your kids! Meditation is about allowing your body to be fully present, focus on breathing and quieting your mind.

Meditation can help you with manifestation and living a mindful life!

Why Is Meditation So Helpful?

When you quiet your mind and focus on the present, you are able to live mindfully and truly enjoy the moment!

When you begin meditating on a regular basis, you’ll notice that you feel calmer and more peaceful. Ideas will start to flow and you’ll find the inner inspiration you needed to really change your life.

How To Meditate

Position And Posture

Find the proper position. This is the most important step in beginning the meditation process. You might not be able to sit in a full-lotus position for long, but you don’t need to.

Posture is important and there are two keys to proper posture for meditation:

The position must be comfortable enough to hold for the duration of your meditation. The longer you sit, the more precise your posture needs to be.

Your body must be well-supported. Slouching or sitting on a surface that is too soft will make it impossible to sit for long. Your back and neck must be straight, or they will tire.

Avoid being so comfortable and well-supported that you fall asleep. For this reason, sitting is ideal. Experiment with different positions until you find one that works for you.

Start Slow

Start slowly. You would think that sitting still and controlling your thoughts for a short time would be easy. It actually sounds lovely to be able to sit and do nothing for a while, or at least until you need to use the restroom… so why is it so hard? But meditation is work!

It takes practice and discipline to control your thoughts and you’ll notice that when you sit and do nothing, your thoughts may begin to wander to places that are not benefiting you- like worry or stress. This is exactly what you don’t want to feel while meditating. If you notice your mind going in that direction, don’t get frustrated, instead take notice of the negative thoughts and then choose a better thought. Choose to feel good at that moment.

How do you make time to meditate? Start with just five minutes and build from there. Find a process that works in to your daily routine. There are many ways to meditate!

Give yourself a chance to be successful at it. Some situations make meditation easier to perform than others. Choose an environment that works for you. It could be your living room or even your bathroom.

Make Time To Meditate

Choose the right time. It’s easier to meditate when you’re relaxed than it is to meditate when you’re stressed or pressed for time. Plan your meditation around your day.

Limited noise and activity make it easier to concentrate. Find a suitable location for your meditation practice.
Avoid meditating when you’re really tired. You’ll find yourself falling asleep.

Guided Meditation

Consider guided meditation. It can be easier to meditate to someone else’s voice than to take the task on alone. There are plenty of free options online you can try, just search YouTube!

Different Ways To Meditate

Try different types of meditation. Do a little research and determine which type interests you the most. Here are a few to get you started when you are searching:
Zen, Kundalini, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Metta, Mantra, Transcendental, Taoist, and several types of yoga meditation. Try a few and find one that really feels good to you.

Meditate in the shower. This is one way I am able to fit in a meditation every day! You already shower daily anyway. To meditate in the shower, I simply begin by encouraging feelings of gratefulness- grateful for the day, my family, clean water, etc. Then as I wash up, I quiet my mind and focus on the process of washing my hair, using the pads of my fingers to gently and deeply massage my shampoo in. I notice the feeling of the suds and the smell of coconuts. I am present in the moment and feeling good! Not a bad thought in sight. This is a form of meditation and it is an amazing way to either start or end a day!

Walking meditation. We tend to think we need to be sitting to meditate, but walking is also a great option and you’ll also be getting in your steps. To meditate while taking a walk, simply allow yourself to be fully present in that walk. Don’t worry about what else you have to do or what you’ll be making for dinner. Notice your feet as they hit they ground and the sound of the leaves blowing by. Feel the sun hit your face and the smell of the air carrying notes of tulip and pine.

Meditate with someone. Maybe your children or your partner! You don’t have to do it alone and when you have a busy family, it’s a great way to get everyone involved.

Use a timer. A common challenge is the constant checking of the time. You might want to get it over with, especially in the beginning while you get a hang of it and realize the benefits, or you might be worried about being late for your next activity. A timer frees up your attention and permits a higher level of focus.

Meditation is a simple process, but can be challenging, especially when you are just getting started. Do everything you can to make your meditation sessions as productive as possible and just keep at it. Be persistent and you’ll be enjoying the benefits.

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