Vitamin C For Sensitive Skin

Get Glowing Without The Burn!

Citrusy Vitamin C serums can be too harsh for sensitive skin, so maybe you’ve given up on this nutrient all together? If you were to ask an Ayurvedic savant and a dermatologist about the best superfood your skin and hair can have, both would have the same answer: Vitamin C! But if you have sensitive skin, Vitamin C can leave you irritated… until now!

Why is it so popular? Here are some of the amazing benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Brightens the look of skin
  • Acts as a guardian against aggressors lurking in the environment
  • Addresses the look of fines lines and signs of aging skin and hair
  • Promotes a protein called Collagen that promotes hair growth

If you have sensitive skin, like me, the citrusy vitamin c serums on the market can irritate and burn skin! Which is why I turn to a more natural form, through Ayurvedic skin care.

Here’s what Ayurveda has to say about Vitamin C:  While modern skincare specialists only discovered its relevance in recent times, Ayurveda unearthed the benefits of Vitamin C in skin and hair care a long, long time ago.

The balance of our natural composition or ‘Prakriti’, which is made of 3 vital Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – is of much importance to Ayurveda. And these Prakriti-based skin and hair care, inherently found in Ayurvedic texts from 5,000 years ago, have shown their richness in Vitamin C! While citrus-based serums are all the hype right now, Ayurveda has always had the ‘Mother herb’ on its side – which is known to contain 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges! Yet this Vitamin C is gentle enough for sensitive skin!

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Pro Tip: Never combine vitamin C products with benzoyl peroxide, since it’ll oxidize the vitamin C and make it less potent.  We recommend never using such a strong chemical on your skin anyway, since it’ll do your skin more harm than good! If you’re looking for a natural and safe moisturizer specifically for acne-prone skin, check out iYURA’s Paraania Face Oil.

Sensitive Skin Vitamin C

Presenting: Ayurveda’s Alternative Ingredient For Citrus-based Serums

AMLA or Indian Gooseberry Found In These:

Ayurveda discovered not just AMLA, but other ingredients that are rich in Vitamin C levels:


Ayurvedic Fruits

Who Loves Vitamin C?

If you have sensitive skin and can’t tolerate the sting of citrusy skin care, Vitamin C & E is the couple you should always go to! These can be found in a gentler form using Ayurvedic Fruits!

Another powerful skincare ingredient that works well with Vitamin C is Vitamin E!

If you have sensitive skin and have been burned by Vitamin C serums before, give Ayurveda a try! Many of their oils contain Vitamin C and are gentle enough for even my very sensitive skin!

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