How To Prevent Wrinkles

Aging is a part of life, but wrinkles don’t have to be! You can help prevent and prolong the appearance of wrinkles with a healthy lifestyle, positive mindset and proper skin care like cleansing, exfoliating, Tretinoin, sun protection and nutrition.

Here are 10 simple ways to prevent wrinkles, without needles or expensive dermatologist appointments.

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How can your skin care products work if they are being blocked by dirt and makeup left on your skin from improper cleansing?

Proper cleansing is important in the anti aging process because your treatments penetrate more and work better on clean skin.

Best Cleanser:

First Aid Cleanser

It’s also good to use a cleansing brush rather than your hands or a wash cloth, to really get a deep down clean. This cleansing brush ensures your pores are totally clean and clear, ready for the next step!


Just like cleansing, it’s important to exfoliate to remove built up oils and dead skin cells. Exfoliate a few times a week with a gentle exfoliator to ensure all of your skin care products are working to their best ability.

Think about it, if you’re using anti-aging products that help increase your skin’s cell turnover, that old skin could end up back in your pores. Your pores end up clogged and your products end up unable to penetrate deep down and do their job!

Best Gentle Rice Exfoliator:

SRB Rice Bran Face Scrub


I also highly recommend an at home microdermabrasion treatment once a week. It helps improve your skins circulation, increase cell turnover and remove dry skin and dead skin cells. It also helps clear blackheads!

You’ll notice your products are much more effective once you do steps 1 through 3, regularly because your products will absorb better.

At Home Microdermabrasion:

Michael Todd Sonic Refresher Microdermabrasion


Tretinoin, also known as Retin A, is the only topical cream that is proven to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Read that again! And, it’s only $25 a tube. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on over-priced creams. In fact, you’re probably just wasting your money.

Tretinoin, also known as Retin A, is a vitamin a derivative that works to speed up your skin’s cell turnover, increasing collagen production and exfoliation, revealing younger skin!

I’ve used Tretinoin since my 20s, when I was originally prescribed it by my doctor for acne. I didn’t realize it has anti aging benefits as well and have been using it ever since. My skin looks 10 years younger!

Tretinoin is available with a prescription from your doctor, but is also available online. Please read my detailed post about how to use Tretinoin For Wrinkles for more info.

Ayurveda Skin Care

Ayurvedic skin care is a natural skin care line that is effective yet gentle on skin. They use all natural skin care ingredients that have been used for centuries. I use many of their oils and love them all!

Try the Ayurveda Vitamin C for sensitive skin!

Read more about Ayurvedic Skin Care.

Kansa Wand

A Kansa Wand is used in Ayurvedic skin care to help stimulate blood flow and improve product absorption. It’s best used with Ayurveda oils. I can see a difference in my skin’s tone and firmness after I use the kansa wand to massage my face. It also relieves tension!

Kansa Wand:

Ayurveda Kansa Wand

Ayurvedic Oils:

iYura Day & Night Oils

Paraania One Pump to Pristine Skin

Sun Protection

The sun is one of the main causes of premature wrinkles and age spots. You can’t avoid the sun completely, so it’s important to prevent it from damaging your skin cells by using SPF every day as well as wearing hats and sunglasses.


Missha Soft Finish SPF 50

Another tip is to stay hydrated and take care of your body from within. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet full of nutritious foods, exercise and sleep well. Aging beautiful skin doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just take care of yourself.

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