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What Are Angel Numbers And What Do They Mean

If you are someone who is into Manifestation and the Law of Attraction then there is a high chance you have heard about Angel Numbers or Manifestation Numbers. But the real question is what are these numbers? What do they mean?

Well, in this article we will uncover all the details related to angel numbers and how they can help you achieve your manifestation goals. Want to learn more about manifestation? Like is manifestation bad?

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What Are Angel Numbers?

Seeing repeated numbers in a specific order/pattern is known as angel numbers. Any number having at least two digits can be categorized as angel numbers. However, some numbers are known to be more famous and powerful than others.

Some examples of angel numbers are 111,222,333,55,88888,etc.

Each angel number has its own vibration and meaning. Many people tend to ignore these numbers hence failing to recognize the meaning hidden behind these numbers.

Sometimes you would be seeing these numbers again and again because the angels just want to catch your attention while other times it may be a reminder for you to keep your thoughts positive and not lose hope.

Why Are Angel Numbers So Important?

Angel numbers help us communicate with the Universe and letsus understand the signs from the Universe. Angel Numbers tell us if we are on the right path and aligned with the Universe.

Although the angel numbers are listed everywhere we only notice them when we are on the right path and vibrate in alignment with the Universe.

Seeing angel numbers may also be a friendly invitation from the higher power to indulge in the meditative state and increase your vibrations to connect with the Universe and grow towards more spiritual life.

Once you start noticing a particular number or sequence keep an eye out for it, your angels might be trying to tell you something. It might bother you at first but don’t back down as they are just trying to protect you.

The most common places you might start noticing these sequences of numbers will be on the clock, license plates, random house numbers, and even on social media such as your likes and comments.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Different angel numbers might have different meanings for different persons. It is all about understanding the true meaning behind those numbers and connecting it to your own lives.

For Ex- The angel number 5 means change. Now for one person, it might mean that a change is about to happen in their life while for the other person it might be a hint that they need to make a change in their lifestyle or thinking.

Now let us have a look at what different angel numbers mean:-

Angel Number (000) It is a reminder for you to thank the Universe for whatever you have and stay positive.

Angel Number (111)- This is a pretty special number as usually many people begin their spiritual journey, after noticing this number. This number is more of an invitation for you to enter the spiritual world and achieve enlightenment.

Angel Number (222)– This number is a message for you to keep going. You are doing great and are in great hands.

Angel Number (333)–  It is to remind you that the angels are right behind you to help you make your dreams a reality.

Angel Number (444)– It means that you are surrounded by angels and are led on the right path. Continue on the same path.

Angel Number (555)– A BIG change is on its way. It could be a massive shift in reality.

Angel Number (666)- It is a reminder for you to take a step backand evaluate your life. You are focusing on the wrong things. There is a need to shift your focus on the right track.

Angel Number (777)– You are really close to manifesting your goals. Keep it up!

Angel Number (888)– It indicates that something great is about to enter your life. It could be anything such as a new house, car or person.

Angel Number (999)- This number represents near completion. It means that you are about to complete a phase of your life. It can also indicate the completion of a goal you were trying to manifest.

Wrapping It Up

In my experience, I have seemed to notice that I always see the numbers when I am wondering or pondering over a thought or trying to make a decision. At that moment coming across an angel number means the Universe is trying to answer those questions for me.

Also, the meaning of angel numbers I mentioned above is just a basic idea of what a specific angel number means and it is not a compulsion that it will mean the same thing in your life. 

For example- Seeing angel number 123 (Which is your friend’s birthday) could be a message to reconnect with them.

One last thing is noticing the timing of the angel numbers. Are you seeing those angel numbers when you are doing something specific or when you are with someone specific? Try connecting the dots and you will be able to extract the meaning behind those numbers.

I hope this article helped you learn more about the angel numbers and how you can use them to attract the life of your dreams. GOODLUCK!

Author: Patrick Wood

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