Crystal Hearts That Bring You Peace, Abundance And Love!

Beautiful Heart Shaped Crystals

Hearts are a symbol of love and positive energy. These crystal hearts are not only beautiful but they can help heal you from within by allowing positive energy to flow through your body, improving both your physical and mental health. Whether you’re a fourth generation witch, reiki energy healer or complete nonbeliever, you can’t deny that these heart shaped crystals are beautiful.

Keep them on your dresser, turn them into jewelry or put one in your pocket or purse for good energy wherever you go. These crystal hearts come in many shapes, sizes and types. Each crystals has its own metaphysical properties, from spiritual guidance and mental clarity to heart health and wellness! There’s a crystal for whatever ails you.

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Journaling is also a great way to connect with your spiritual side and manifest love, money and success. Check out my post about scripting for the law of attraction. You can use my manifestation journal or make your own.

Beautiful Crystal hearts to bring peace, abundance and happiness!

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I’ll start with one of my absolute favourite crystals- Black Tourmaline. If you want protection from negative energy, help balancing your emotions and mental and emotional clarity than this is the stone to carry with you!

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Strengthen your heart and boost your mental health with a Kunzite Heart.

Green Adventurine is an amazing stone that promotes physical healing, wealth and prosperity!

Get in touch with your spiritual side with this beautiful Angelite Crystal Heart.

These Rose Quartz hearts promote universal love! They’ll bring harmony to relationships of all type- in friendships, romance and self love!

The Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune. It also clears and energizes all of your chakras, attracting positive energy and opportunities into your life.

Keep your crystal close to your heart with these pretty necklaces – Crystal Heart Necklaces.

This Labradorite heart relieves anxiety, regulates metabolism and balances your hormones.

Carry your crystals and essential oils wherever you go with these insanely beautiful Essential Oil Heart Necklaces. I want them ALL!

Who doesn’t want this stunning Chevron Amethyst Crystal Heart?! Chevron amethyst raises your spiritual vibrations and is considered the crystal for spiritual development.

This Amethyst Geode Heart is calming and soothing. It’s the perfect crystal to relax and unwind with.

Grab the entire mini Heart Healing Chakra Set, small enough for your purse but powerful enough to heal all of your chakras.

Choose a few crystal hearts that speak to you and allow positive energy to shine through you!

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