Soap Making & Natural Cleaning With Essential Oils

Simply Earth just released their May 2021 box and it’s full of fun essential oil recipes to clean your body and your home. Make your home and body smell amazing, naturally at a fraction of the cost of the more expensive oil brands.

I can’t stand the smell of chemicals. And I know how bad they are for my body and my family, so I am trying to eliminate them from my home. Simply Earth makes it so much easier every month to replace toxins with simple, natural alternatives. And, their recipes are so fun.

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Each month, Simply Earth releases a box full of recipes and everything you need to make your home smell good, naturally. You get 6 recipes, 4 full sized high-quality essential oils and everything you need to make the recipes, all for just $39! And with your first order, you get a Big Bonus Box worth $44, FREE! Use my code STEPHSOCIALFREE and you’ll also get a gift card to use in the future!

Essential oils have many beauty and skin care uses! Want to learn how to look pretty and have great skin? Try ditching the chemicals and use natural ingredients like pure oils.

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I am obsessed with essential oils because I love to smell good, but don’t want to use toxins in my home or on my body. I was never sure how to make blends or essential oil recipes for my home, but Simply Earth recipes make it so easy! I’ve made candles, face scrubs, home cleaners and so many decadent blends for my diffuser with their monthly boxes. My home always smells amazing!

The May 2021 Essential Oil Recipe Box

Full size oils:

  • Tranquility blend
  • Frankincense
  • Oregano
  • Orange


  • Rose quartz soap
  • Sugar scrub soap
  • Herbal surface cleaner
  • Depuff ice facial
  • ‘Let’s be frank’ roll on
  • Unwind diffuser blend

Yes, you get ALL OF THAT for just $39. You do not have to smell hundreds of dollars of oils. With Simply Earth, you’ll never run out of oils or ideas for how to use them. Check out the May box here- Simply Earth May Box.

I’ve made the soap already and absolutely love the uplifting scent and how soft my skin feels after. Plus, it’s so pretty.

I can’t wait to make the herbal surface cleaner and use that Tranquility blend to relax and unwind.

Simply Earth makes it so easy and fun to switch to a more natural home that will smell amazing!

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