Tailwind Create Pricing, Strategy & Review

Lately, I’ve been considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle some of my Pinterest marketing. The platform drives a ton of traffic for me, but takes a lot of my time… until I re-discovered Tailwind and it’s newest feature- Tailwind Create! It’s the next best thing to a Pinterest VA, at a fraction of the cost.

I’ve been able to grow my Pinterest account and my blog with little time and effort, so I can spend more time focusing on creating fresh content.

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What Is Tailwind? And How Can It Save You Time & Money

Tailwind is an official Pinterest scheduling tool that allows you to schedule out your pins, along with descriptions, to your boards, in advance. You can schedule pins for weeks, so you can just set it and forget it. No more being a slave to your Pinterest every day.

Not only that, Tailwind helps you optimize your pinning!

No more wondering ‘Did I just pin that URL to that board last week?’ Or ‘Am I pinning too much?’

Tailwind also analyzes your pins to make sure you’re pinning with Pinterest’s best practices in mind, so you don’t repin the same pin too many times and get marked as spam. It also creates an optimized pinning schedule for you, based on the numbers of daily pins you want and the most popular times for your account.

I’ll admit, 6 months ago I canceled my Tailwind subscription to cut some costs. I started pinning manually and it was a lot of work. Since re-activating my Tailwind account, my Pinterest account has sky-rocketed, which is likely how you found this post in the first place. So, thank you and thank you Tailwind!

Tailwind also offers Tailwind Communities, allowing you to join tribes within your niche and upload your pins and repin others. I don’t use Tailwind Communitiws, but I have heard there are some really good groups out there.

And they offer a free plan so anyone can get started.

Asking yourself ‘Should I start a blog?’ Don’t have a blog yet? Want to learn how to become a blogger?

Tailwind Create To Make Pretty Pins, So Fast & Easy

I’m sure you’ve heard that Pinterest loves lots of fresh pins, and although Tailwind could help you schedule out all of those lovely pins, making them can be a pain in my a… until now!

Tailwind Create is my new OBSESSION. I used to use Canva, and I’m sure I still will sometimes, but Tailwind Create makes me 5 pretty pins in just a few simple clicks. I no longer have to try and come out with new designs, colour schemes and font combos (you know the struggle).

Tailwind Create offers tons of stock photos, pin designs, font combinations and colour palettes to choose from.

Pins made with Tailwind Create get 47% more repins (saves)

With Tailwind Create, you can choose a plan that suits you and if you join now, you can lock in a 50% off discount!

Tailwind Create Plans & Pricing:

Currently, these plans are 50% off, which you lock in when you buy now!

Tailwind Create Free: $0 Monthly forever

Tailwind Create Starter: $9.99 Monthly/ $119.88 Annual Plan

Tailwind Create Advanced: $19.99 Monthly/ $239.88 Annual Plan

Tailwind Create Max: $39.99 Monthly/ $479.88 Annual Plan

I chose the advanced plan with 100 pins and access to their premium stock photos, because we all know how valuable those are! I simply add the link to my blog post, add a few stock photos and photos from your post (that upload automatically) and hit create.

The Results

Since I reactivated my Tailwind account in April, my traffic, engagements and saves have all grown by as much as over 60 percent… in just over one month! And since using Tailwind Create for the past 3 weeks, it continues to grow. I’m astounded by these results. Before Tailwind, I felt like my Pinterest was at a stand-still.

Here are some screenshots of my Pinterest analytics over the past 90 days:

My results may not typical results. Please refer to Tailwinds Typical Results for more result information.

How Tailwind Create Works

Tailwind Create make tons of beautiful designs to choose from, in one click. The colours are perfectly coordinated to match your images and you can switch up the pin styles for recipes, round ups, how to posts and more!

You pick your top 5 pins for each post, which fits with Pinterest’s best practices because you don’t want to pin the same URL too many times or you might get marked as spam. Then schedule them out all in one place. Just think about the time you’ll save and results you’ll see!

This pin creating, time-saving tool actually makes creating new pins, fun again!

Using both the Tailwind scheduler & Tailwind Create, I’m able to save tons of time and grow my Pinterest account and my blog!

Just check out these pins I made in just a few clicks and a few minutes:No

If you want to grow your Pinterest account and your website, I highly recommend Tailwind and Create! These tools also help you develop an effective Pinterest strategy that works to drive more traffic to your account and your website!

I’m so thankful to you for stoping by and showing support!

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