Butterfly Wallpaper For Your IPhone

Beautiful Butterfly Wallpaper Ideas For Your Phone Background!

Butterflies are not only beautiful, they also have a lot of spiritual meaning. Many people believe that butterflies are a sign from angels and in the spiritual world, butterflies symbolize re-birth and growth. Enjoy these beautiful butterfly wallpapers that I use on my IPhone as a reminder that life is beautiful, but also short so enjoy it!

Why I Love Butterflies

Butterflies are delicate and graceful, light and playful insects that almost seem magical to me. Their wings are so paper thin and fragile, yet decorated with inspiring colours and patterns, reminding us that life is so precious and is something to be appreciated.

I believe seeing butterflies is a symbol of amazing transformation and change, because the butterfly starts out as a caterpillar and transforms into a winged beauty that can fly!

They give us hope for the future and show us just how beautiful Mother Nature can be.

Let these butterfly wallpapers serve as a reminder that where you are right now, is not permanent.

Just like the butterfly’s transformation, change can happen fast!

How To Save An Image On Your Phone

You can save any image you find online to your IPhone by touching and holding the image for about 2 seconds until a menu appears with the option to save image. Click save image and then the image will appear in your camera roll.

Beautiful Butterfly Wallpaper For Your IPhone

Beautiful butterfly background for iPhone!

These are my favourite butterfly wallpapers that I use on my iPhone! I hope you enjoyed!

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