Beautiful Boho Tapestries

Beautiful boho tapestries for your home decor!

Tapestries are an affordable and super easy way to add a little boho-chic style to your home. These boho tapestries have earthy, hippie vibes with fun macrame, fringe and the moon cycle.

What Are Tapestries?

If you don’t know what tapestries are, they’re woven textile art pieces that can be used as wall hangings, curtains, or even blankets. They come in all sorts of styles, but mostly they are a bohemian decor trend because many feature mandalas, mushrooms, and the moon!

How To Style With A Tapestry

If you’re looking to change up the vibe of your home, a tapestry is a great way to add some new style without having to paint a room or buy a new couch. Just add a large tapestry to the wall or throw one over an old couch for a new look without spending a lot of time or money. They also look great as a centrepiece on the wall at the top of your bed!

Tapestry’s make great conversation starters because many of them have such interesting designs. Personally, I love the moon tapestries and the mandala designs.

If you’re renting or in a dorm room at school, tapestries are perfect for adding your style without making any permanent changes.

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Shop Boho Tapestries

Thin moon phase tapestry from Target.

Boho wood beaded tapestry from Target.

This beautiful gold boho tapestry is just $20!

Cool beaded macrame inspired wall hanging is available at Target.

This unique hand made decorative wall hanging may not be an actual tapestry but it is super boho and would be a great decor piece in any bohemian style place.

I love the colours and tassel details on this beautiful blue tapestry.

This pastel moon wall tapestry is one of my absolutes favourites.

This sun tapestry is just $14 from Walmart!

Walmart has a wide selection of boho tapestry’s for low prices!

Etsy has a lot of really pretty tapestry’s too, like this cool boho nature theme one! They are a little more pricey, but the quality is top-notch!

I love this Tarot tapestry from Etsy!

Other Boho Home Finds

I love this Work Hard & Be Nice To People sign!

This Decorate Weave Basket makes a great chic storage space.

This Wash Your Hands Sign is a cute bathroom reminder!

Throw this White Macrame Pillow on a couch or chair to add a little touch of boho to your room.

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