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Printable Road Trip Activities For Kids

I can hear it now, not one hour into your 5 hour road trip ‘are we therrrrrrre yet?’ and you just know that if you don’t come up with something soon, it’s about to bad! Road trips with kids can be stressful! But, once you get there, they’re oh so worth it!

A road trip should definitely be on your summer bucket list this year!

If you’re taking a road trip with your kids this summer, there are a few essentials that I always pack to make the journey a little less painful- snacks, lots of snacks, wet wipes, water, tablet, Netflix downloads, and Printables… and maybe some earplugs for me:)

Print the PDF road trip activities for kids below and bring them along on your next adventure. Just make sure to make extra copies and pack the washable kind of markers:)

Printable Activities For Your Road Trip


Doodle Contest. Challenge the kids to a fun doodle contest! Draw an item and then pass it to the next person and have someone else judge the results.

Highway Sign Bingo. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Play it just like typical bingo, dabbing each of the signs you see. Get a row first and you win!

Alphabet ISpy. Play a game of ISpy together using the alphabet. Spy an object that begins with each letter of the alphabet. First person to go from A-Z wins!

Bumper Sticker Scrapbook. Fill the page with memorable bumper stickers you see on your trip!

Activity Placemat. What goes great with fruit snacks? These fun, printable placemats with word scrambles, a maze and a crossword.

Road trips can be fun and exciting, with proper planning! Start planning your next adventure now, and don’t forget to pack extra printable road trip actives for the kids:)


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