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Romanticize Your Life

A New Way To Add A Little Romance To Your Life

What is romanticizing your life? It’s a popular trend lately, especially on tiktok as GenZ demonstrates ways to love yourself and your life. But, on social media it’s sometimes portrayed as a spoiling yourself in a picture-perfect, luxe lifestyle instead of a realistic romance. After all, real life romance isn’t perfect. It takes work but most importantly, it takes presence.

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So what exactly does it mean to romanticize your life? It varies from thinking of yourself as the main character and your life is the movie, to being more mindful and present in the moment.

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My take on romanticizing your life is romancing yourself… making yourself feel happy and loved. Being more responsible for your own well-being.

Romance is love and when you love someone, you speak kindly to them and you take good care of them. Romanticizing yourself is loving yourself. It’s taking care of yourself inside and out.

It’s more than just bubble baths, fancy coffee and self love affirmations. It’s being present when you’re doing those things you enjoy. Allowing yourself to fully indulge in the moment, mentally and physically. Avoid distractions and drift away in a daydream as you soak up a bubbly bath.

Sip a special coffee first thing in the morning… better yet, make it the best damn coffee you’ve had, every day! And enjoy it before anyone else is awake, while you watch the sunrise without your phone! Get addicted to your life instead of social media.

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Be Easy On Yourself

You’re probably too hard on yourself. It’s much easier to make your way through the world if you love yourself. Perhaps the greatest struggle we all face is the struggle to accept and love ourselves in spite of our many flaws. This isn’t something that’s likely to happen without a little work, though, because we seem to be programmed to ridicule ourselves.

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Romanticize your life a little more each day with these strategies:

Give yourself a meaningful compliment each day, and mean it. You know how good it feels to receive a compliment. Well, give yourself one! Think about all your great qualities:) There’s no reason to wait for someone else to get around to saying something nice. Give yourself a nice compliment, seriously right now.

Make a list of your accomplishments. You probably don’t give yourself enough credit for the things you’ve accomplished. Make a list of all of them. Be creative and give this exercise some thought. You’ll find that your life has been more impressive than you realized.
Did you make the list?

Eat healthier. Take better care of yourself by making some changes to your diet. We could all use a little improvement in this department. You know which foods are healthy. Add a few of them to your diet and drop a few of the less healthy foods.

Show yourself that you’re important. You wouldn’t feed junk food to your child or beloved pet. Give yourself the same level of importance.

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Support a cause you believe in. Spending time on something you think is important is a great way to show yourself that you’re a good person. You’ll feel better about yourself and put a smile on your face. Check out to find a place to volunteer.

Be grateful. Appreciating what you have makes it easier to love yourself. No one enjoys being around a complainer. Think about your life and make a list of the things and people that fill you with gratitude. It’s surprising how much of a great life you already have.

Forgive your past self. Sure, you’ve made some mistakes and probably done and said a few awful things along the way. But that period of your life is over now. Why drag the past into the present? You can make a fresh start each day. Let it go.

Make one small improvement. As great as you are, you can be even better. Make one small change that will enhance your life in some way. Maybe it’s exercising for few minutes each week or calling your mom once a week. Show yourself that you can grow and become a better version of yourself. Try these easy ideas:

  • Pay all of your bills on time.
  • Be more patient with your family.
  • Be on time for work each day.
  • Do five pushups each morning.

Do one thing each day makes YOU happy. If not today, when? There’s no time like the present to begin enjoying your life. Start taking those guitar lessons, finally get a dog, or volunteer at the local food bank. Start loving your life and yourself.

Avoid people that bring you down. Odds are that at least one of your relationships is poisoning your life. It might be a friendship, romantic relationship, or a relationship with a family member. Value yourself enough to avoid negative people and relationships.

You have many wonderful qualities that you’ve been overlooking. Believe that you deserve love from yourself and those in your life. A little self-love will enhance every part of your life.

Life is oh so short, so act like the main character and take the lead. Do what makes you happy, not just today but in the long run too.

Apply for the job. Take the risk. Take a leap of faith. Maybe you’ll fail, but just like in the movies, failure often leads to something greater.

Indulge. Enjoy your life. Make yourself feel special. Why wait for someone else to romanticize you. Stop waiting for someone else to do the little things for you. Enjoy your favourite tea, in the fancy cup… in bed! Go out and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers… better yet, take some clippers and cut a few for a pretty bouquet (with permission of course).

Wear the fancy perfume, even if you’re not going anywhere!

Make sure you know how much you love YOU! Fill your mind up with positive thoughts. Think highly of yourself. Encourage yourself.

Is romantcizing your life bad? It is what you make it. Some people are making it look unrealistic with expensive splurges and dream vacations on social media, but to me romanticizing your life doesn’t mean it’s picture perfect. Just like any romance, life romancing takes effort and has ups and downs.

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