The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Things To Do This Summer For Family, Friends And Couples

Summer is finally here and we are so excited to have some fun. I’ve created a summer bucket list so we don’t miss anything!

Who else is feeling a little extra stir crazy after the past year? The pandemic has forced us to stay home and go stir crazy. Flu season is over here in Canada and pandemic restrictions have loosened allowing us to get out and explore.

Looking for fun things to do this summer with your friends, family or even solo? This summer bucket list has it all.

What Is A Summer Bucket List?

A summer bucket list is a list of ideas and experiences for you to accomplish in the summer.

A typical bucket list is a list of experiences one wants to accomplish before the die and usually consists of big adventures like visit the Grand Canyon or skydive.

A summer bucket list involves fun adventures anyone can do in summertime, like enjoy a beach day, make friendship bracelets and visit a quant cottage village near your hometown to play tourist.

So, to make the most of your summer I’ve compiled a list of fun summertime activities for everyone- couples, families and friends!

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Family Summer Bucket List

Summer is here and the kids are already talking about how “bored” they are. Here are some of my favorite bucket list ideas for families this summer. 

No matter what, we are determined to make the summer of 2021 the best one yet!

Go pick fresh fruit at a local pick your own farm!

Make homemade smoothies with your harvest!

Make homemade popsicles! Love Eat Learn teaches you how to make really good and easy homemade popsicles.

Go birdwatching with these kids binoculars from Amazon!

Go camping- in your backyard or at a local campground!

Check out these cute camping lights for the kids from Amazon!

Turn your backyard into a movie theatre with this projector from Amazon!

Take the kids to a creek and catch minnows!

Check out this adorable minnow catching kit the kids love!

Visit a national park!

Go to the beach!

Kids Beach Day Must-Haves:

Girls Paw Patrol Beach Towel from Target.

Boys Paw Patrol Beach Towel from Target.

Sand Ice Cream Play Set from Target.

Rainbow Beach Set from Target.

Tie Dye Tote Bag from Target.

Kids Jelly Tote Bag from Target.

Girls’ Sun Shine Tote from Target.

Straw Tote Beach Bag from Target.

Mesh Shoulder Beach Bag from Target.

Beach Shoes from Target.

Go to a drive in movie!

Make tie dye!

Check out this amazing tie dye kit from Amazon.

Fly kites! A summer bucket list isn’t complete without flying kites!

Check out these easy to fly kites, perfect for beginners, from Amazon!

Eat something awesome! Try someplace new. Eat outdoors. Go to a patio.

Make a picnic!

Check out this extra large, easy to carry picnic or beach blanket from Amazon:

Have a backyard barbecue!

Have a pool party!

Pool Party Must-Haves:

Finding Dory Dive and Catch Game from Target.

Rainbow Beach Ball from Target.

Make something awesome!

Get the whole family involved in these fun crafts and activities.

Looking for a quiet day inside, because it’s raining or maybe it’s just too hot? I love hands-on activities like making playdough without flour!

Each of these film canister rockets cost less than a dollar to make. They are not the most dangerous thing you can launch, but they are fun for kids and adults alike! The best part is that this activity will keep your family entertained for hours (or at least long enough to get through dinner)!

Do you have a child who loves playing outside? Make beautiful flower painted rocks that will be sure to brighten up any day! All it takes is some paint, water, and rocks. You can use different colors depending on the look or theme of the rock or just one color if simplicity is what you’re after.

Glow in the dark bowling is a fun way to spend time with your family. All you need is some glow sticks and some water bottles, and you’re ready for some good clean fun! This game can be played indoors or outdoors, so get creative with where you play. You can even set up an obstacle course that will make it more challenging and exciting for everyone involved.

Summer Bucket List With Friends

Have a bach day!

Beach Day Must-Haves:

Birds of Paradise Beach Towel from Target.

Sea Sun Fun Beach Towel from Target.

Have a cute pool party!

Summer Pool Party Must Haves:

Minnidip Pool from Target in pretty Banana Leaves print.

Ombré Minnidip pool from Target.

Flamingo pool float with legs from Target.

Llama pool floater from Target.

If you’re from the 80s like me, you will love this cassette pool floater from Target.

Pool Party Photo Booth Kit from Target.

Beach Theme Tablecloth from Target.

Make friendship bracelets!

How fun is this friendship bracelet kit from Amazon!

Go camping!

I found this cute Take a Hike T Shirt on Amazon!

Pick up a fun camp fire roasting kit!

Go tubing!

Couples Bucket List For Summer

Go on a romantic picnic!

Check out this cute picnic set for two from Amazon!

And this cute pineapple blanket from Amazon!

Watch a movie outside with a projector or go to the drive-in!

Nature hike!

Go on a camping getaway!

Relax in this camping hammock from Amazon.

Watch the sunset!

Visiting a quant town near by should be on everyone’s summer bucket list! Have fun and play tourist for the day!

Go to an air b & b for a romantic getaway!

Summer comes and goes oh so fast, but it’s the perfect time to make some memories that last forever with a summer bucket list!

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