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8 Tips To Reduce Eye Strain When Working From Home

“Work from home” office patterns and online education are making your eyes exposed to screen time more than ever. On the plus side, you get to maintain physical distance and save yourself from the virus. But your eyes are paying for this. People who work in front of the screen for a significant time often suffer from computer vision syndrome. It makes your eyes strain a lot resulting in headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and other vision-related issues.

Here are 8 proven tips to prevent your eyes from the effects of increased screen time:

1. Blink More Often

Blinking is such a regular and effortless work of our eyes that we never notice it. But did you know that you blink way less in front of a screen than otherwise? Less blinking means less production of moisture in the eyes. Therefore be cautious about blinking more while working on screen.

2. Reduce Glare of Your Screen

There are options for adjusting brightness and contrast in modern devices on screen. Use them to keep your screen brightness and glare in check. The increased glow produced by the glass screen aggravates the eyes. More contrast also means strain for your eyes.

3. Keep Your Distance

The rays omitting from the screen are hazardous for your eyes. Also, your eyes strain more while seeing something from a close-up rather than at a distance. Therefore the more distance you keep from your screen, the better. The ideal way is to keep your monitor or screen at a minimum length of 25 inches from your eyes.

4. Adjust Room Lighting

The lighting of the place where you are working should be in sync with your screen brightness. Too bright lights in the room are not suitable for your eyes. Close curtains if you are working in broad daylight. But your screen should also not look like a light source in a dark room. Keep balance.

5. Use Computer Glasses

Glasses create a barrier between your eyes and the screen. Computer glasses come with multi-focal lenses. They enable you to shift your focus from close to far distance easily. That will reduce your eye strain significantly. Some of these glasses also have blue light blocking technology which prevents your eyes from harmful blue rays of the screen.

6. Apply the 20-20-20 Rule

The20-20-20 rule is best to reduce the harmful effects of computer vision syndrome. All you need to do is move away from your screen after every 20 minutes. And stare at anything which is 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. It gives your eyes a break from the constant focus on the screen.

7. Avoid Dry Eyes

Constant glaring on the screen and the thermostat temperature of your home or office can make your eyes dry. Do everything you can to avoid this condition. Use room humidifiers. You can also use a desktop humidifier. Also, put few drops of artificial tears multiple times a day in your eyes to keep your eyes moist.

8. Limit Screen Time Before Bed

It is scientifically proven that blue light keeps you awake and stimulated. Therefore, you will hamper your good night’s sleep if you use a screen before sleeping. So avoid it before at least 2 hours of your bedtime. If anything is urgent, use night-time settings on your device to limit blue light exposure.

Key Take Away

You are surrounded by screens everywhere. Your laptop, mobile, and TV are all inseparable parts of your life. Therefore it becomes more important to take the precautions mentioned above to protect your eyes. It will also be beneficial to educate your kids about eye care from an early age.


Author Bio:

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center. With a knack for understanding medical procedures, and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs to inform readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care, especially LASIK. Aaron loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travels.

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