Meaningful Small Tattoos For Women

Cute Meaningful Tattoos For Women

Meaningful small tattoos for women are on trend right now because they’re cute, discreet and small. They make a great first tattoo if you’re nervous because they’re quick and small enough that you won’t worry about regretting it later on in life.

Cute, tiny tattoos are also less expensive but can be just as detailed and meaningful as any other tattoo. I’ve found some cute meaningful tattoos that make perfect best friend tattoos, sister tattoos, self love tattoos and animal lover tattoos.

Where To Get A Small Tattoo For Women

There are many great places to put your cute little tattoo: behind your ear, the back of your neck, wrists, ankles, hips, shoulder, or the back of your hand.

If you want to be able to make your small tattoo hidden on occasion than choose a spot that’s easy to cover up. Though there are also some great tattoo cover up products.

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If you love small, cute tattoos, you’ll want to follow tinytattos__feathertouch. They feature the most adorable tats! Here are some of my latest faves:

It’s hard to choose which one is my favourite, but if I had to pick I would say 6 and 8 are my top two. The free birds tattoo is so small yet meaningful – a free bird! And the cute written name tattoo is adorable and perfect for the wrist.

Any pup lovers out there? Show off your love for your pooch with a cute tiny tattoo to represent your furry friend. How cute is the first one with the paw and the hand reaching for each other?! And the second one, with those tiny paw prints are so delicate and cute!

Check out these 10 small, meaningful tattoos for women! I love the quote tattoo – ‘Even the darkest day will end and the sun will rise.’

Bring your protection every where with you with this small evil eye tattoo.

Small, floral tattoos are so pretty! Here are a few cute choices to consider.

How cute is this tiny palm trees tattoo and I love the ankle placement. This meaningful small tattoo is perfect for women who have a beach mindset.

Animal tats make amazing small meaningful tattoos because they’ll be there long after your furry friend passes on. A simple paw print makes an easy little tattoo.

I found these adorable moons that I think would make a great small tattoo for any celestial women.

Look at the stars with your star-crossed lover with these matching small tattoos.

This simple, small heart tattoo may be tiny but it would make a very powerful self love symbol.

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  1. […] know what else is cool? These meaningful small tattoos for women! They make great self love tattoos, best friend tattoos and furry friend […]

  2. […] know what else is cool? These meaningful small tattoos for women! They make great self love tattoos, best friend tattoos and furry friend […]

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