Cutest Halloween Decor Finds From Target

It’s officially spooky season and I wanted to share some of the cutest Halloween decor I could find from Target.

For me, Halloween season is a vibe and the more you decorate for it, the more you feel it! I can’t wait to get a few of these pieces and set up.

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Dog In Butterfly Costume

This cute doggy in a butterfly costume is ready to trick or treat.

Candy Corn Trees

I may not be a fan of candy corn but there’s no denying that just looking at it gives me that Halloweeny feeling.

Light Up Halloween Tree

I have a Christmas tree like this and LOVE IT! I definitely want to add this Halloween tree to my collection.

Out Of Candy

All out of candy? Let the little trick or treaters know with this adorable sign!

Animated Door Bell With Cat Eye

This animated doorbell with a glowing eye brings a spooky vibe to your seasonal decor!

Light Up Ghosts

These little light up ghosts are the cute yet spooky Halloween decor you never knew you needed.

Halloween Skull Pumpkin

Love skulls? Love pineapples? Combine the two with this cute Halloweeny pineapple!

Haunt Ya Later

This haunt ya later sign lights up to give guests a cute little scare!

The fall leaves, the cool crisp air and the Halloween decor is what kicks off the spooky season and gives it that cozy, creepy vibe. Why not add a few new pieces to your collection and create a Halloweeny haven!

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