Fall Clothing Colors

Fall clothing color trends are inspired by nature- the falling leaves, the holiday decor and of course, my personal fave- the pumpkin spice latte. Fall colors are a whole vibe, making you look and feel like this incredible season. So, instead of sticking to old faithful black this season, why not switch it up and put on a mustard yellow plaid shirt, a nude skirt, some pumpkin spice Doc Martens and get out and enjoy the autumn colors of nature!

I love fall and all it brings- crisp mornings, warm days and cool nights (I’m from Canada). But, most of all, I love the colors of fall. The leaves, the sky and the porches around here are shades of burgundy, nudes and yellows. Why not get inspired by the changing seasons and update yoir wardrobe with some beautiful fall colored clothes?! We have so many colors to choose from- classic neutrals, rich mocha and army greens are some of the hottest color trends this fall.

Let’s take a look at some of the best colors for fall clothing this year so you can get in to the fall aesthetic. Also, be sure to check out my fall bucket list full of fun autumn activities.

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Mustard Yellows

Mustard yellows can vary from bright actual mustard yellow to deeper yellow more dijon tones. This brighter fall clothing color looks great in a plaid print and paired with cream or nude shades. Mustard yellow turtle necks also pair well with a deep brown skirt or a pair of mom jeans on a crisp fall day.

This pretty, feminine floral, split-neck blouse from Old Navy has a beautiful print that will brighten up those gloomy fall days.

This Mad for Plaid mini skirt from Nordstrom looks great with any of the trendy fall colors. And, you can never go wrong with plaid, am I right?

Army Greens

If I had to pick just one season where army green ruled, it would have to be fall. Army greens include shades like olive green and deep forest greens. These colors look great on all skin tones and hair colors, making them quite versatile.

Army green tops pair well with casual jeans and brown boots! Or pick up a pair of cargo pants and nude t shirt for the perfect fall outfit. Don’t forget the nude lipstick!

This water-resistant army green utility jacket from Old Navy is the perfect casual fall jacket and just what your closet needs.

Everyone should own a few of these comfy, luxe crew necks from Old Navy. Bonus: they come in all of the fall colors you love.


Nudes are an essential shade for any wardrobe, but my favourite time to pull them out is fall. Think textures like suede, silk and wool on a cozy autumn evening. Nude shades are easy to mix in to your fall wardrobe because they work well with most colors. You can dress them up or down and the minimalist lifestyle is on the rise so it’s very on trend!

Don’t forget the nude lipstick. This MAC Cosmetics nude from Sephora looks great on all skin tones.

I can almost guarantee that this nude hoodie from Madewell will be on repeat all fall… as soon as you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.


Burgundy is that deep, earthy color that compliments fair skin tones as well as it does olive and darker tones. Try mixing up a nude outfit with a pop of burgundy accents for a trendy fall look.

Dr Martens in ’Cherry’ from Nordstrom


Mocha is the perfect fall clothing color and mixes well with army greens, nudes and greys. And, just like a mug of your favorite coffee, mocha comes in many different shades.

Pair this cute fiddler fisherman hat from Nordstrom with your favorite fall outfit for an instant fall style.

This rib knot cardigan sweater dress in color raisin from Old Navy is comfy on the cooler fall days.

Everyone should own at least one oversized comfy long sleeved t shirt from Old Navy! They are versatile and can be dresses up or down for the perfect fall look.

Pumpkin Spice

If pumpkin spice were a color, I imagine it would be warm, comfy with a hint of spice. It would pair well with casual jeans and a mug of PSL on a fall day.

Doesn’t this mineral wash crewneck from Nordstrom remind you of a pumpkin spice latte?

These Boots from Nordstrom are a comfy fall essential this year.


Grey tones work so well with the other fall clothing colors, making them an essential for your autumn wardrobe. See below how grey mixes with a hint of yellow and some army green.

A boyfriend fit plaid button-up from Nordstrom is a great transition item when paired with a t shirt or tank top. Perfect for the cooler mornings when layers are essential.

Throw this V neck pullover from Target on with some army green leggings and you’ve got yourself a casual, chic fall weekend look.

Don’t forget the chinos! These dark grey chinos from Amazon are mid-rise and top-rated!

Wrapping Up Fall Clothing Colors

Fall clothing colors are inspired by nature– yellows, deep mochas, light pumpkin spice and nudes. Try mixing it up and experimenting with something new this year. Fashion is supposed to be fun.

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