Manifestation and Law of Attraction

Does Manifestation Work? How To Get It To Work For You!

Does Manifestation Work?

Most of us have heard of manifestation and the law of attraction. The technique was popularized in the bestseller The Secret in 2006 and since then has continued to gain popularity around the world thanks to spiritual leaders including Gabrielle BernsteinOprahDeepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle. They all believe in and speak of the power of manifesting. But does manifestation really work?

Why does manifestation seem to work for some and not everyone? Although manifesting is about attracting what you want, it does require some ’work’ to make it happen. It doesn’t happen overnight. The effort you put in is worth it in the end when you receive what you want.

Your thoughts have tremendous control over your life. Once you take control of the way you life, starting with how you think, your whole life will change. I’ve seen it happen over and over in my own life.

Using the law of attraction to manifest what you want, either works of it doesn’t. So, if it’s not working, maybe something is blocking your manifestation. It’s important when manifesting, to become aware of the things you want, but it’s important to become aware of the things that are preventing you from getting what you want.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is using your body’s vibrational frequency to attract what you want. The energy and vibration we put out, comes back to us in the form of ideas, motivation and opportunities. And, when we live in alignment with what we want to receive, we can manifest anything.

You raise your frequency with your emotions and feelings, and that starts with your thoughts. 

But manifestation is more than just thinking about what you want. It’s more than envisioning it. Manifestation is a lifestyle. You have to live it daily, and that isn’t done in a day.

Does Manifestation Really Work?

I get asked this question a lot – does manifestation actually work? Some people have tried different techniques only to end up frustrated and hopeless. Further investigation usually reveals that they were blocking what they wanting, in more ways than one.

If there’s a manifestation method, I’ve probably tried it, but my favourites and most successful are scripting for the law of attraction and the 369 manifestation method.These two manifestation techniques work because they keep you in alignment with a high vibration. And, they keep your eye on the prize!

Pick up my printable manifestation journal get started!

Here are some helpful tips to help you attract what you want and how to get manifestation to work!

How Does Manifestation Work?

Want to learn how to make manifestation work for you? Try these simple steps:

1. Realize the Power of Your Thoughts

You may have heard the popular phrases of, “thoughts become things,” or “you become your thoughts.” Your thoughts are powerful and focus your attention on whatever you are thinking about at the moment. In psychiatrist, David Burns, MD’s book, Feeling Good, he talks about how thoughts create our feelings. 

According to Dr. Burns, feeling depressed, sad, mad, or even happy begins with a thought. If you’ve experienced negative thoughts, you can turn these around into neutral or more positive ones. By turning thoughts around, you create a more neutral or positive feeling.

Be an intentional thinker. Setting intentions can help you manifest with purpose.

Use positive affirmations to keep your mindset in the right place for receiving. Want to attract more wealth? Try money affirmations and these tips on how to attract money. Start your day with positive morning affirmations.

2. Consciously Creating Positive Feelings to Manifest Things We Want

In his book, Dr. Burns shares how depression can lead to a downward spiral based on the thoughts of the individual and feelings that result from them. To get out of a state of being depressed, the individual must change their thoughts.

Depressive thoughts bring on lower energy emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, repression, and fear. 

Depressive clients continue in this state because they haven’t identified the core belief or thought that replays in their minds. It is like a song stuck in your mind, continually replaying it over and over again. If one negative thought, or several of them, are stuck in a person’s mind, it influences their behavior and also attracts more of what they are thinking to them. The reason is that it is all they can see in reality. That is until they are set on a track to think about something else.

Does Manifestation Work? Pay Attention To The Opportunities

Positive thoughts help in attracting more opportunities for you. If you’ve ever seen a positive, waving, and friendly person in a room full of people, you are more likely to go up to them and talk as compared to a grumpy looking one with their arms folded. Positive thoughts serve as open and receiving invites for more opportunities to come in. When your mind is focused on positive things happening, then you will see more favorable opportunities. Your feelings are more positive, and you will act more confidently on those opportunities.

Use the emotional scale to gain clarity and control over your thoughts and feelings.

3. Clarity Gets the Prize

The secret of how to manifest what you want is to develop a sense of awareness. You will learn to become aware of what you want in your life. If you do not have clarity in what you want, then the universe sends you what it thinks you want. Before you can manifest your desires, the first thing you must do is get clear answers to the questions you ask yourself every day. Without clear answers to your questions, you are in the “dark” and you will not be able to move forward and manifest your desires.

One of the ways to get clarity is to write down questions and answer them. Asking questions like, “What do I want?” are helpful to find out what you truly want and desire in your life. You can ask this question in any life area you want to change, including relationships, work and career, money and finances, and health. 

If you are not clear about what you want, you are stuck in the dark. Without clear answers and a clear path to follow to manifest your desires, you will not be able to move forward with your intention.

4. Visualization Sets the Course

Visualization is often used by athletes to imagine winning. They imagine performing the perfect run or hitting the baseball just right to bring all of the players home from the bases. I’m sure you’ve heard you have to think and feel as if you already have what you want. Visualization aligns you with these feelings. 

Visualizing is like playing a movie in your mind. You are the star. Your subconscious mind will help you visualize a big picture in your mind’s eye. This big picture allows you to see what you want to see when you imagine. Since your thoughts create your feelings, visualizing helps you embody those good feelings that come when you visualize what you want.

You can apply visualization to reach your goals and dreams. During visualization, you use your body and mind to communicate with the universe to manifest what you want in your life. 

5. Gratitude Keeps Your Energy High

If you are always thinking about what you don’t have, you will find yourself lost and lacking direction. So often, we get excited about a plan to work towards, and may not know all the steps it takes to reach the goal. That’s okay as long as we have the desired outcome in mind. 

You are grateful when you think and feel grateful. What if you thought and felt happy each time you did something? When you feel thankful for what you do, it carries over into all areas of your life.

Your gratitude leads to seeing more good things and opportunities in your life when you are grateful for what you do. If you are thankful for the things you have, your life will fill with gratitude, and what you want comes to you more naturally.

Manifestation Works With Gratitude

Here is a formula that I use to figure out how much gratitude I need to manifest what I want: I am what I want. 

Once you start realizing this, you will quickly notice how your world changes as you become more grateful to everything in your life. When you have gratitude for what you have, you will create more positive feelings that will help you be more receptive to opportunities in your life.

Journaling helps keep you on track with what you want. Scripting can help you manifest what you want, faster than ever because it’s done in the present tense. It’s almost like you’re writing the script to your future. As you write, get excited about your new role.

Remember manifestation takes time to work! 

When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

Here are 5 things that may be blocking your manifestations. These are the common reasons why manifestation doesn’t work.

1.) Not being in alignment– You have to be in alignment with what you do want. To be in alignment isn’t always easy. Let’’s say that you want to attract twenty thousand dollars but you are flat broke, than most everything in your environment seems to speak poverty. You may be wishing and hoping but everything in your being feels like ten dollars rather than twenty thousand dollars.

Your goal should be to find a way to begin to feel like you are worth twenty thousand dollars. This is the first and most crucial step to activating the law of attraction.

2.) Lack of focus– This is another barrier to manifesting what you desire. In order to get the universe to move what you want into your physical reality, you have to hold a clear and steady focus of what you want often. Vision boards or manifestation boards, journaling and the 369 manifestation method can help keep you in alignment with your goals.

3.) Lack of power with intent-– Your emotions and feelings fuel your intention. In order for the law of attraction to work quickly with your desires you have to fully trust that you want what you are asking for. You also have to feel that you’re worthy. If there is even a slight doubt, those doubts will work as barriers affecting the attraction process from going in your favor.

4.)Not knowing how reality works -– The law of attraction is one of several pieces to the puzzle. You need to work toward what you want in order to make it happen. Nothing happens overnight or in an instant. Be patient, stay motivated and pay attention to the signs the universe is sending you.

5.) Surrounding yourself with people or things which contradict what you are creating – This is by far one of the most difficult parts to successfully applying the law of attraction.

You are who you associate yourself with.

You see other people’s’ beliefs and doubts can diminish your ability to manifest what you want. Those people could be family members, co-workers or friends. The universal law of attraction moves on vibration and other people’’s vibrational energy can have a great effect on your own personal vibration causing you to attract based on the vibration of the group you are sounded by.

Wrapping Up Does Manifestation Work

There are many parts to manifestation and the law of attraction. If you want manifestation to work for you, you’ll need to put in the effort. It’s not always as easy as people make it out to be, but it is worth it when you attract the life you’ve always wanted.

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