Halloween Wallpaper For Your iPhone

Halloween Phone Backgrounds To Get in the Spooky Spirit

As Halloween quickly approaches, there’s nothing like changing your phone’s wallpaper to help you get in the spooky spirit. If you’re in need of some cute Halloween backgrounds for your phone, check out these free downloadable wallpapers to make the most out of your fear-inspiring holiday.

Halloweencore Phone Background

If you are all about the aesthetics, this Halloweencore phone background is perfect for you. Download it here to get that cozy October feel everytime you unlock your phone!

Casper the Caring Ghost Phone Background

Download this friendly-ghost background on your phone to remind yourself everyday to be fearless, confident and courageous — the perfect spooky-themed, positive affirmation.

Dancing Skeletons Phone Background

We love a good skeleton pun! Join in on the fun by downloading this dancing skeletons phone background to welcome the spooky season and celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Pup Phone Background

For something more light-hearted,  try this cute pup who is all about leaving the tricks behind and begs for treats instead. Download this Halloween pup background to put a smile on your face everytime you open your phone.

Pumpkin Spice Phone Background

We all know October is the start of pumpkin spice season and we can’t get enough! If you want a phone background that’ll stay relevant throughout the entire fall season, download this pumpkin spice phone background.

Witchy Phone Background

From crystals and herbs to tarot cards and rituals, witches are not only an iconic Halloween staple, but an elusive figure of power and mystery that embodies female empowerment. Whether you’re a modern witch or just loved the witchy elements of the holiday, download this bewitching phone background.

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