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50 Positive Affirmations For Kids To Inspire A Positive Mindset!

Children are like sponges. Have you heard that before? It’s because they absorb everything around them. Words are powerful, and whether you realize it or not, we are always feeding our minds something- good or bad. Encourage a healthy, positive mindset with these positive affirmations for kids.

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How Positive Affirmations For Kids Work

When your children repeat these affirmations for kids, over and over, it begins to change their mindset. This begins to change their pattern of thoughts and can ultimately change their life.

Is your child dealing with low self esteem? Anxiety? Depression? Confidence affirmations are a great way to boost self esteem. Affirmations for kids can change how they feel about themselves and their future. It all starts in the mind. Try these affirmations for anxiety, money affirmations, self worth quotes and affirmations for self love.

Watch them grow in to happy, confident, vibrant and healthy kids. Affirmation are a powerful tool that can change the way your child thinks about himself, his future, and life in general. Children face challenges just like everyone else. Having more self- esteem, confidence, happiness, and better health is something we all wish for our kids.

50 Positive Affirmations For Kids

Have your child read these affirmations for kids, daily and watch them grow into happier, healthier children.

I am worthy of love

I make good choices

I am smart

I am surrounded by people who love me

I am confident

My friends make me happy

I set healthy boundaries

I make healthy choices

I love my body

I respect myself

Today is going to be a great day

I work hard

I accept challenges and learn from them

I am special

I am a good friend

I am one of a kind

I focus on the good things in my life

Everything is going to be okay

I can change the way I feel

I am thankful

I am caring

My family is proud of me

I attract good things

I am surrounded by positivity

I am safe

My future is bright

I am brave

I believe in myself

I try my hardest

I am important

I am calm

I am helpful

I choose positive thoughts

The challenges I face help me grow

I put in the effort to try to new things

I don’t give up easily

I am patient

I am beautiful

I conquer my fears

I am grateful for the life I have

I appreciate my friends

I make healthy food choices

I treat my body with respect

I trust my own judgement

I wake up feeling good

I stand up for what I believe in

Wrapping Up: Affirmations For Kids

Encourage your child to be happier and healthier through positive affirmations for kids! Feed their mind with positivity and their confidence will grow. We all want the best for our kids, so why not feed their minds healthy words!

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