30 Day Glow Up Challenge

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A Challenge To Glow Up Your Life In 30 Days!

We all want to be the best version of ourselves and this 30 day glow up challenge will help!

Sometimes we get so busy in life that we lose track of ourselves. Once we lose that ’spark’ we tend to lose our ‘glow’ too.

What Does It Mean To Glow Up?

To me, a glow up is more than just putting on some concealer and highlight. It’s about glowing with confidence and passion.

It’s about taking care of yourself.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can take steps toward becoming your best self so you glow up too.

What Is The Glow Up Challenge?

In this post, we’ll outline a 30 day challenge to glow up your life, and push you out of your comfort zone, into a healthier frame of mind.

Glowing up is about more than looking pretty on the outside. Real beauty is inside and out.

Over the course of 30 days, become more confident, become healthier, build self-love, eat healthy, set a budget, become more mindful and have a more positive mindset!

Some people seem to ’glow’ from within! They have confidence, self love and are happy. After this 30 day glow up challenge, that will be YOU too!

Once you discover the secret to manifesting beauty, you’ll feel better once you focus on taking better care of yourself as a whole.

We’re giving you as much information as possible so that by the end of this blog post you’ll know exactly what steps to take in order to become your best self. We’ll try to make this as easy as possible for you. No fluff, no filler -just the basics!

Glow Up Challenge Day 1: Build Self Confidence

This 30 day glow up challenge starts with building your self confidence!

Confidence is everything, and most of us lack a healthy self esteem. Affirmations can help build your confidence so you take on each day feeling good about yourself!

Need a confidence boost? Take some time today to read these confidence affirmations and affirmations for self love to help boost your self esteem. Remember you are a high value woman and deserve to feel good.

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Glow Up Challenge Day 2: Workout for 20 minutes

You don’t have to become a gym rat or sign up for a marathon in order to be healthy! There are many ways you can get exercise with little equipment and no time commitment.

One way is by taking your dog on an extra long walk, going bike riding with friends or just doing some push-ups at home during commercials of your favorite TV show. Another great alternative that will only take twenty minutes from start to finish is pilates .

The best part about this type of workout? You need zero equipment -not even shoes! If you’re looking for something more intense check out our workout challenge to tone your stomach, fast.

Glow Up Challenge Day three: Stretch

Stretching is an important part of a healthy lifestyle because it increases your flexibility and prevents injury. It also reduces stress by keeping you limber.

If you already have a routine that works for you feel free to stick with it- but if not, we recommend yoga or pilates since they’re both full body workouts!

Also check out these yoga gift ideas.

Glow Up Challenge Day 4: Journal daily

Glow up challenge: journal

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with yourself and relieve anxiety. The best thing about journaling? You don’t need any special tools other than pen/paper (or computer) and five minutes out of your day.

Try these ideas to start journaling for self love.

We highly suggest starting each morning when you wake up and before bed at night if possible so that everything can be written down as soon as possible. Writing things down as soon as you think of them will help keep your thoughts from getting jumbled and out of control.

Stuck for ideas? Check out these daily journal prompts and journal prompts for mental health.

Day 5: Start a blog (if you don’t like journaling)

If journaling isn’t for you, another option is to start a blog! It’s an easy way to get in touch with yourself and share your journey with friends or family who may be going through similar things.

Check out my post: Should I start a blog?

The great thing about becoming a blogger is that it forces you to write every day which can also lead into journaling in the future. If this seems like something too much work just stick with the journal- we’re giving you options here! Just remember that everything starts small -if writing blogs intimidates or overwhelms you then don’t do it yet. You have plenty of time to work your way up to build a better you!

This glow up challenge is supposed to be make you feel good.

Glow Up Challenge Day 6: Take a minute out of your day to be mindful.

Never underestimate the power of your mindset. Your perception of yourself and the world around you starts with your mindset.

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment- there’s no judgement involved, just observation .

Being mindful can help reduce stress and anxiety almost instantly by focusing on what’s happening right then and there. If this seems too intimidating or abstract don’t worry -there are plenty of ways for beginners to get started with mindfulness like taking long deep breaths when feeling anxious, writing down three things that you’re grateful for at night before bed or spending five minutes doing some light reading (not hard news).

It’ll take practice but it doesn’t have to become serious unless you want it to!

Also read these live in the moment quotes.

Glow Up Challenge Day 7: Cut out processed foods

Processed foods are any food that isn’t fresh- this includes frozen dinners, boxed mac n cheese and fast food.

By cutting these types of things from your diet you can reduce the amount of chemicals in your body , whatever is leftover will be burned off when exercising!

This doesn’t mean you have to stop eating all junk though-just replace most of it with healthier alternatives like fruits or salads.

If cooking seems too tough for you right now then try going on a dinner date instead- order something lighter than usual (calm down, we’re not saying salad).

Use intuitive eating to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.

Processed foods have been shown to contribute to weight gain, particularly around your stomach.

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Glow Up Challenge Day 8: Start walking (for 30 minutes)

Glow up challenge workout

Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get in shape- you can fit it into any schedule! Take a stroll around your neighborhood or try out hiking if you’re looking for an adventure.

If walks aren’t something you feel comfortable doing alone we recommend going with family or friends -this way, exercise becomes more fun than grueling. Don’t forget to stretch before/after every walk too so that muscles don’t become sore from all that activity.

We have our own set of stretches  if needed but even just stretching while sitting at home works too since there’s no special equipment required!

Remember, anything counts as long as it gets your body moving .

Glow Up Challenge Day 9: Do a random act of kindness

Think how great it feels when someone in front of you pays for your order and they don’t even know you! Or when someone pays you a sweet compliment out of the blue! A simple act of kindness can make your whole day better and even encourage you to pay it forward. RAK can provide a chain reaction, spreading kindness around the world!

Random act of kindness ideas: Do something small for someone else, without expecting anything in return. Buy someone a coffee. Give someone a compliment. Call your grandma.

Glow Up Challenge Day 10: Journal about one positive experience from the day

Journaling can be a great way to reflect on your daily activities. It helps keep track of goals, look back at past accomplishments and gives us insight into our thought patterns.

Today, try writing down three things before bed -even if they’re small good things like finally catching up on a project you’ve been putting off.

Don’t forget though to write down bad experiences as well- it’s important for growth so we learn how not to act next time something similar happens. If keeping a journal seems overwhelming try looking online instead (Pinterest has tons or just making bullet points in a notebook).

Check out our free printable habit trackers and mood trackers.

Glow Up Challenge Day 11: Start a healthy diet plan

Glow up challenge eat healthy

If you’re anything like us, cooking is more of an intimidating task than it should be. Don’t let this discourage you from moving forward with your 30 day challenge though! All that’s required to get started is going into the kitchen and throwing something together -it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Even just boiling spaghetti noodles can count as a step toward our goal if we add some spices-and who knows? Maybe once we see how easy it really is we’ll want to try out new things too!

Glow Up Challenge Day 12: Eat more fruits and vegetables

Do you know how many vitamins are in a single serving of avocado? More than your daily recommended amount. We can’t say the same about other foods, especially fast food.

Mindful eating doesn’t have to be difficult if we make smart choices when grocery shopping or dining out- check online for restaurant menus that offer healthier options too!

It’s important though to get enough protein so don’t forget that while loading up on veggies. Sources of protein aren’t just meat, try tofu, tempeh and nuts for added protein.

Try making smoothies -there are tons of recipes online with different flavors (and even add greens like spinach) to keep us excited about them every day.

Remember, adding these changes gradually is better than trying everything at once because that’s just overwhelming.

Glow Up Challenge Day 13: Go for a walk outside to clear your head

We all have that one friend or family member who says they don’t own any workout clothes (or at least not enough). If this sounds like you try starting small by simply walking around the block once- it doesn’t matter if we do it during lunch break, after work or even before bed- just get out there and move!

Make getting outside for a little movement a part of your daily healthy routine.

It might seem pointless or difficult to do but taking breaks throughout the day actually helps us focus too since staying still can lead to feeling sluggish later on in the afternoon.

Glow Up Challenge Day 14: Start a budget

Whether you’re saving for a trip or trying to get out of debt, making sure we have enough money to pay the bills is important.

Since everyone’s situation is different it can be hard knowing where to start- but remember to focus jst on the 30 day glow up challenge for now. Try these money saving habits to help you with your budget.

The point isn’t about eliminating all our stress over finances in that short amount of time -it’s about learning how much better life will feel once we control where every dollar goes.

If budgeting seems overwhelming try starting small by tracking expenses online, getting rid of credit cards (and relying on cash instead) and setting aside just $30 per month toward savings until everything else feels more under control.

30 day glow up challenge

Glow Up Challenge Day 15: List three things that make you happy throughout the day

This 30 day challenge is about more than just setting goals to be healthier, wealthier or even weigh less -it’s also about figuring out what makes us truly happy.

Whether that means scheduling time for a cup of coffee with friends every week or taking the scenic route home from work- it doesn’t matter.

We all have things to be grateful for and when we are grateful, we are more open to receiving the things we want.

Try these gratitude journal prompts for inspiration.

Glow Up Challenge Day 16: Practice meditation to become more mindful

We’ve probably heard people say meditation leads to being a more mindful life and can help you be more present… but how?

It can seem overwhelming when trying something new so instead of forcing ourselves to sit still for longer than we’re comfortable with try focusing on the breathing process alone- it’s simple!

All that means is closing our eyes and taking deep breaths, in through our nose and out through mouth. If thoughts about our day or even what needs to get done tomorrow (or all of next week) start distracting us then simply acknowledge them without judgement before refocusing again on inhaling and exhaling.

Check out these mindfulness gift ideas.

Glow Up Challenge Day 17: Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

Think of a few goals you want for yourself in the next 6 months. Who do you want to be? Which areas of your life can you improve? Maybe you want to work on landing a new job promotion, or learn a new skill.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are an acronym for specific , measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. S.M.A.R.T goals can help you improve your life by improving your focus and directing your energy toward what is important to you. Okay, here we go:

The steps of smart goals:

1) Define clear and specific goals (What do you want?)

2) Make sure your goals are measurable (How will you know when you’ve succeeded?)

3) Make sure the goal is attainable (Can you really do it?)

4) Make sure the goal is relevant (Will this help move my life in the direction I’m heading?)

5) Give your goal a deadline (When?)

Examples of smart goals: I will run a marathon, or I will save $1,000.

Glow Up Challenge Day 18: Listen to your favourite old (or new) songs

You know how you can be having the worst day ever and then you’ll hear your favourite song and just for a moment or two, everything is better?

Music is healing. It has a great impact on how you feel. So, make a playlist of some of your old favourite songs during this 30 day glow up challenge. These songs can bring back good old memories and the feelings that come along with them.

Glow Up Challenge Day 19: drink more water

Water is so important for our health- especially when it comes to losing weight or maintaining a healthy body.

Studies have shown that drinking eight glasses of water daily helps increase energy, metabolism and even lowers risk of certain diseases. That’s not all either, if we’re dehydrated then brain function decreases which leads us feeling sluggish throughout the day too!

Hydration will hep you GLOW!

It might feel hard at first but once this 30 day glow up challenge becomes routine life just gets better and better.

Glow Up Challenge Day 20: Reduce stress by doing something you love

Whether that means taking a walk outside, reading through our favorite book again or even binge watching our favorite TV show- it doesn’t matter.

Watching mindless (but entertaining) television is fine too but this 30 day glow up challenge isn’t about finding ways to escape the world for hours at a time.

Instead focus on one thing today that makes you happy and reduces stress.

Ideas to reduce stress:

  • Get outside
  • Call a friend
  • Read a book
  • Read positive affirmations
  • Cook your favourite meal
  • Sip your favourite tea

Glow Up Challenge Day 21: Get out with friends and LAUGH

It might sound cliché but spending time with friends really does help reduce stress levels all while improving mental health!

Laughter is the best medicine.

Not only do friendships add purpose into life but also provide opportunities for us to laugh, which is the reason why laughing with our loved ones can even help improve blood flow around our body.

That’s not all either, friendships are a great place to confide in someone since they’ll listen without judgement and often give helpful advice.

Glow Up Challenge Day 22: Clean out and organize a closet

Clutter is an easy thing to accumulate but once we start noticing how messy our life has become it might be time for a change. Whether that means cleaning out the closet, clearing off their desk or even organizing files; taking five minutes each day can help declutter mind and make us feel happier .

It doesn’t sound like much, but over time these small changes add up and will help make your life easier too!

Glow Up Challenge Day 23: Choose healthier snacks

We’ve probably all heard about how important eating healthy really is…but doing so isn’t always as hard as it sounds especially if done one step at a time!

On this 30 day challenge don’t forget about snacking on fruits, vegetables or nuts- which are low in but high in energy instead of chips and cupcakes.

Be mindful when making meal and snack choices. Think about portion sizes and healthy options, rather then just eating for taste.

Glow Up Challenge Day 24: Do something you’ve been putting off

Life is filled with a ton of tasks, whether at home or work that needs our attention. Sadly though it’s easy to get caught up in these obligations and forget about doing the things we really need to get done.

On this 30 day glow up challenge make time for something different- from going on a walk outside or even reading through their favorite book again; taking five minutes each day can help improve life without feeling overwhelmed too!

Glow Up Challenge Day 25: Do another random act of kindness

The world can be an ugly place that’s filled with hatred, violence and negativity. Instead of feeling hopeless perhaps taking five minutes each day to do something nice for another person.

Whether it means leaving a note on the door or even paying for someone else’s cup of coffee- doing a RAK helps brighten their mood too!

Glow Up Challenge Day 26: Count your blessings

Life isn’t always easy which is why sometimes it feels hard to appreciate everything we have.

On this 30 day glow up challenge make time to list three things you are grateful for every morning before work, school or before bed. Doing so helps remind us of what we have instead of dwelling on the negative too!

Glow Up Challenge Day 27: Meditate in the morning

Whether it’s in bed before work or during their lunch break, taking five minutes each day to meditate can help improve focus levels. This is important since meditation has been shown to reduce stress hormones while improving memory!

That’s not all either- daily meditation helps get rid of negative thoughts which means life just seems easier too (and who doesn’t like that?)

Feeling good can also help you manifest the things you want in life! Want to know more? Check out my post on how to manifest anything!

Glow Up Challenge Day 28: Find time for reading/listening to an audio book

Reading isn’t necessarily something everyone loves so if reading books isn’t your thing, why not listen to audiobooks or podcasts?!

Whether you’re commuting to work, at the gym or lazing around on a Sunday afternoon; turn off your mind and take five minutes of silence each day by doing something different. Listening might sound easy yet this one thing can help improve creativity levels too.

Glow Up Challenge Day 29: Make time for a hobby

Glow up challenge: make time for a hobby

Hobbies are important since they help us connect with other passions and creative side. Still, finding the time to actually do them isn’t always easy which is why this 30 day challenge focuses on doing new things!

Try these fun hobbies for women.

Whether it’s taking up a sport or even cooking; trying out something different each week helps stay inspired too.

Glow Up Challenge Day 30: Get enough sleep

Being tired can wreck havoc on your life both physically and mentally. Not getting enough sleep can lead to mood swings, irritability, headaches, and exhaustion. So, turn off your phone before bedtime, maybe try journaling to get your thoughts out and establish a healthy nighttime routine to help improve your sleep pattern.

Wrapping Up Our 30 Day Glow Up Challenge

I hope this 30 day glow up challenge has helped improve your life. Life can get so busy that we fall into a pattern of just doing things day by day without really taking care of you. We lose our passion, our hobbies and ultimately ourselves. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get back on track and that’s why I’m sharing this glow up challenge.

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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