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How To Manifest Your Goals This Year (For Real)

7 Steps To Manifest Your Goals In 2022

With a new year, comes new goals, new energy and new ways to manifest your goals!

What is manifestation? Does manifesting really work? Let’s find out how to make it work for you so you can live the life you deserve and love!

I think one of the reasons why manifesting doesn’t seem to be working for some people is that they over-complicate the process. Manifesting isn’t meant to be complicated. It’s supposed to be fun! The more you are in alignment with what you want to manifest and the better you feel in the process, the easier it’ll flow to you!

When Resolutions Don’t Work

How many times have you made a resolution, only to give up by February? It seems like every time we make a goal for ourselves, we set ourselves up for disappointment. We get bored with it and impatient so we give up. In fact, less and less people are making new year’s resolutions this year and I don’t blame them.

This year, why not try something different? Why not use the power of manifestation to achieve your goals? In this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to manifest your goals in 2022 using some simple steps that I have used personally. I have been able to manifest success in my dream job, I’ve learn how to attract love, manifest more money, peace and so much more! In fact, I know use manifestation in nearly every aspect of my life to ‘make’ things happen.

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The new year’s energy of 2022 is all about hope, healing and getting organized- just what we need after a few tumultuous years. It’s the perfect time to set goals and manifest what you want!

What Do You Want To Manifest In 2022?

How to manifest your goals in 2022

The energy of this year is unique, so take advantage of it by setting attainable goals that are aligned with your passions. Ask yourself, what are you passionate about? What do you think your purpose in life is?

If you want to earn more money, then think about ways that can align with what you love to do or who you are as a person. And, start to live and feel as if you are already living an abundant life. You can manifest being rich if you get into alignment and take inspired action.

When I’m manifesting, I try to align all areas of my life with what I want to attract. This includes how I think, feel, and act. When it all comes together, that’s when the real magic happens and it happens fast!

If you want to manifest love or manifest a boyfriend in 2022, ask yourself if you are fully open to love. Make sure you let go of any past relationship trauma so you can heal and move forward. Then, allow yourself to attract love into your life. Know that you are worthy and deserving of love.

Some people believe that manifesting is bad or that it’s a sin! Manifesting is not bad or dangerous, and manifestation is not a sin, at least in my opinion and many great and successful spiritual leaders agree.

The key to manifesting starts with your emotions and raising your body’s vibration. Your emotions directly affect your vibrational energy.

Have you tried the 369 manifestation method? It’s one of my favourite manifesting techniques.

Let’s get started on these 11 steps now!

How To Manifest Your Goals In 2022

How to manifest in 2022

2022 will be all about healing, getting organized and finding ways to be at ease. There’s a lot of energy flowing through this year that supports slowing down the pace in our lives while being more mindful and setting intentions with every step we take!


Identify Your Goals

Start with your end goal in mind and brainstorm ways to achieve what you want. This will make it easier for you to follow through on the steps that are required along the way.

Write Your Goals Down

Put pen to paper and write down your goals for the new year. When you write your manifestations down, you’re more likely to achieve them. Write down your goals in detail and pay attention to how you feel when you write and read them.

Want to manifest fast? Try my new manifestation journal to help you manifest by writing it down!

Journaling is a powerful manifestation technique. There are many ways to use journaling including scripting for manifestation, daily journal prompts, journaling for self love, shadow work prompts and more.


Envision Yourself Achieving Your Goals

Envisioning yourself achieving your goals is a great way to get into alignment with where you want to be. Allow yourself to feel as if you’ve already achieved these goals. Get into character, daydreaming yourself living your dream life.

Visualizing yourself achieving your goals is a great way to increase the chances of them coming true. The more you can see it, feel it, and experience it in your mind’s eye, the easier it will be for you to manifest those dreams into reality. Make sure that your visualization includes all five senses so that you get the most out of it! Plus, this exercise can help reduce stress levels and make you happier in general.

Believe In Yourself

This is probably the most important step of all, because if don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect the universe to do so? You have to believe that you deserve your goals and dreams, and that nothing is impossible.

What if no one else believes in you? Prove them all wrong! If the only person who believes in yourself is you, then it’s especially important not to lose sight of what matters most!

In order to manifest what you want, you have to first believe you can achieve it. Let go of and release any doubts you have. Have faith in yourself that you not only deserve what you want, but know that it is already on its way!

Try these mantras for manifesting what you want!

Create A Plan

Your goals are only as good as your plans to achieve them! It’s important that your goals are realistic and achievable. Don’t try to take on too much at once because you’ll only end up frustrated and overwhelmed! Start by creating a plan of action with specific steps that you need to complete in order to achieve what you want. Breaking it down into smaller tasks will make it less daunting and more manageable. Plus, this allows for some flexibility so if something unexpected comes up then you can easily adjust your plan without feeling like you’ve failed entirely. Make sure to schedule time every week specifically for working towards your goal, and be consistent with it!


Break Down Your Goals

Come up with small, easy to follow goals that you can make happen and do it one step at a time. Do one thing each day to work toward a goal and you’ll get excited about the progress you’re making!

The act of writing down your goals makes them more concrete and tangible, which in turn helps you to focus on what you want. Seeing it in front of you will also help remind you of what you’re working for every time that doubts try creeping up on your mind!

Goal planner for manifesting

Create A Manifestation Board

A manifestation board is an amazing way to make manifesting more powerful because it acts as a physical reminder of what you want. It helps keep your mind positive and in a great state for manifesting.

It’s like having all the motivation, inspiration, and support right in front of you at all times! You can make one yourself by getting some kind words from friends or family members who believe in you, images that inspire you towards reaching your goals, quotes about dreaming big and achieving dreams no matter how impossible they may seem- whatever positive messages will help motivate you to keep going even when life gets hard are great things to have on there.

The more reminders that are visible throughout the day then the easier it’ll be for manifesting those dream into reality!

Take Action

Taking action is absolutely essential if you want to see results. You can’t just sit around waiting for things to happen- start working on those steps immediately! Don’t give up when things get tough or seem to be taking too long, because with enough determination anything is possible.

Stay focused on your goal and don’t let anything distract you from reaching it.

Be Patient

Manifesting your dreams takes time and effort so don’t expect results overnight.

Big things take time and the same thing goes for manifesting your goals. It’s a process that requires dedication, focus, and most importantly patience.

So if you find yourself feeling frustrated or discouraged along the way then take a step back, reassess what you’re doing, and give it another shot.

The key is to never give up on yourself no matter how hard things may seem at times.


Stay Positive & In Alignment

Be mindful of how you feel and focus on keeping your vibe high. The better you feel, the better you manifest!

Focus on living in alignment with what you want to attract. Think and become the person you want to be. Allow yourself to feel the positive energy that comes to you when you come into alignment. This may not last very long, but the more you focus on feeling good and practice being in alignment, the easier it becomes and the higher you will vibrate!

Wrapping Up How To Manifest Your Goals

What are you waiting for? Start manifesting your goals today! The energy of 2022 is on your side. Focus in small, attainable goals, living in alignment and allowing yourself to feel good in the process!

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Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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