Manifestation and Law of Attraction

How To Manifest Weight Loss In 5 Easy Steps!

How to Manifest Weight Loss Fast

Rather than struggling with extra weight and crazy diet fads, why not learn how to manifest weight loss?

If you can use the law of attraction to attract love and manifest money, why not weight loss?

First, let’s look at what manifestation is and how manifestation works

Manifestation works by using your body’s vibrational energy to attract what you want. Using your thoughts and energy, you have the power to control your life, including your weight.

When you focus on feeling overweight, or on your unwanted weight, you continue to attract- MORE WEIGHT! But, when you choose to focus on being healthy and losing weight, you’ll notice something ’magical’ will happen- you will make healthier choices and you will manifest weight loss.

So, how do you stay positive when manifesting? And how can you effectively manifest weight loss?

To manifest something great, it helps if you want something that’s good for you. You know deep down, in your subconscious, if something is good for you or not and so does the universe. If you want to lose weight to be healthier and feel good, then you should have no problems manifesting weight loss.

You can manifest a boyfriend, manifest your crush to like you and even manifest beauty.

Want To Manifest Weight Loss In 10 Steps

To start manifesting weight loss, start thinking about losing weight and being thinner and healthier. Imagine yourself looking and feeling lean and healthy. Then make some small steps toward it right away. Remember, making small changes using tiny habits can help make a big difference.

Try my 30 day glow up challenge to feel beautiful inside and out!

Here are 10 tips for using the law of attraction to manifest weight loss:

1. Identify A Healthy Weight For You To Manifest

Identify what a healthy weight would be [for example, if you were 5’10” tall, it could be 130 lbs]. Visualize yourself at this weight and connect with how it feels on a deeper level– not just the fact that it looks good on screen.

You want to focus on how it feels to be a healthy weight. Allow yourself to feel good and lean into that wonderful feeling. Enjoy it!

Having trouble manifesting? Try using mantras for manifestation!

Be sure to check out my recent post- how to lose belly fat fast.

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2. Love Your Body

To manifest weight loss fast you have to love your body now. Don’t wait until you’ve lost the weight. If you want to attract weight loss, you have to love and be grateful for what you already have.

Try these affirmations for self love.

Whatever you think about the most is what manifests in your life– so it’s important to take a step back and really love yourself. If you don’t, then you’ll constantly contribute negative energy into the universe that will come back to you at some point or another. You don’t want that!

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3. To Manifest Weight Loss, Change How You Feel About Food

Change how you feel about food. This doesn’t mean eat a ton of junk food and expect positive results, but rather change your relationship with food from one based on guilt/shame to one based on gratitude. Choose intuitive eating for weight loss instead of traditional dieting.

When we feel guilty or shameful for eating something we enjoyed, our bodies can’t release those feelings very easily because they’re locked inside of us through the act of overeating.

Eat high vibrational foods to help raise your body’s vibe!

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4. Strengthen Your Mind To Manifest Weight Loss

To help you manifest weight loss, strengthen your mind. Your body is capable of so much more than you think it is– it’s really just a matter of thinking outside the box and testing all types of possibilities to see what works for YOU!

Through doing this, you’ll discover how powerful the mind really is in both physical appearance AND weight loss/gain (which may not be what you were expecting).

Avoid mental exhaustion and keep your mind healthy and strong!

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5. Meditation To Manifest Weight Loss

Use meditation [or deep breathing]. You can meditate anywhere, anytime with simple deep breathing techniques that bring about good vibes instead of bad ones!

It’s an easy way to tap into positive energy if you’re feeling negative or already thriving on positivity, but need some extra help staying there instead of letting your thoughts stray toward the negative.

Meditation is a great hobby for women and men! I love meditation for manifestation!

6. Weight Loss Affirmations

Try positive weight loss affirmations. While these are typically used in conjunction with manifesting, they can also be used alone in order to begin shifting how your think about yourself AND weight loss/gain. Simply repeating a mantra over and over again is enough to get this started– so try it out right away!

If you’re constantly saying things that are negative, then that’s all your brain will know how to produce for you!

Make an effort to turn any negative thoughts into positive ones, no matter how small or inconsequential you may think they are. There are affirmations for anything. I love reading these affirmations for manifesting and these affirmations for beauty! Also, be sure to read these affirmations for relationships and love or if you’re feeling down, try these affirmations for mental health and these journal prompts for mental health.

These types of thoughts will help you climb out of that slump if have ever existed or continue to exist in your mind about how ‘unworthy’ you are because of some extra pounds. It’s okay to acknowledge negative thoughts, but don’t let them keep you stuck– this is not true! You are worthy, I promise 🙂

Here are some positive weight loss affirmations:

  • I am healthy and strong.
  • I am worthy.
  • I make healthy choices.
  • I love my body just the way it is.
  • All of my needs are met easily and effortlessly.
  • Everything I put into my mouth is nourishing, life-giving food that makes me healthier and happier each day.
  • I take care of myself by eating nourishing foods, staying active, getting plenty of sleep, etc.
  • Because I make these choices every day, it becomes effortless to maintain a steady weight that allows me to feel confident in how I look AND who I am as a person– because YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER ON THE SCALE!


7. Make A Weight Loss Manifestation Board

Create a manifestation board to help you manifest weight loss. This is a great idea because it makes you feel accountable for what’s on your board– so if you have goals of becoming skinnier, then stick that on there. You can even go out and buy a physical manifestation board or just use poster board/poster paper plus markers/glue/spray adhesive to stick things onto it.

Another fun way to do this is to create a Pinterest board filled with images that represent the vision you have in mind about how life would be once all your weight-related dreams come true 🙂

8. Manifestation Journal For Weight Loss

Manifestation journaling. Make time every day to write about what you’re grateful for, and use a law of attraction journal for help with weight loss, and really anything else going on in your head that could be holding you back.

Try journaling for self love to boost yourself up!

9. Try Positive Thinking To Manifest Weight Loss

Manifestation starts in your mind. Work on positive thinking [seeking good things through your thoughts]. As you make an effort to change your relationship with weight loss/gain and food, also try to seek out all of the positive possibilities in life– including those that have to do with becoming a healthier version of yourself!

Your thoughts attract your life, including your health and your weight. Of course, there are other factors, but your thoughts do have a lot to do with it. Using the power of your thoughts, you can manifest beauty from within.

For example, say “I am beautiful!” when you look at yourself in the mirror instead of “ugh my stomach…”.

This one is really important because you want to be able to see yourself as beautiful/handsome no matter what size you are. This isn’t just for skinny people– everyone deserves to have a positive outlook on life and to feel good about themselves:)

10. Take Action To Manifest Weight Loss

Take action to manifest losing weight and stay consistent. The best way to achieve anything is by being consistent– this applies to weight loss as well! it may take some time, but if you really want it then try not to give up or get discouraged no matter what happens. Just be diligent and work at manifesting the body you desire every day/every week of your life! Have fun with it 🙂

What are some healthy foods that you enjoy eating? How would your life be different if you lost x pounds? What do you appreciate in your current life? Write these things down so they stay on your mind throughout the day.

Remember, there is no rush when learning how to manifest weight loss, so go at your own pace!

Identify and act as if you already have the body of your dreams. When you live and feel as if you’re already thin and healthy, your body follows suit. You’ll feel better about your body, making healthier choices and attracting a healthier lifestyle.

How to manifest weight loss using the law of attraction.

Embrace the journey of manifesting your weight loss. It’s easy to want a specific number on the scale when you begin working toward healthier habits, but the truth is that you are not defined by any number.

Your weight doesn’t measure your worth! Love yourself unconditionally, just as you are in this manifesting mindset that will fuel your body so it can feel its best—this means snacking on nuts instead of chips, and filling up on leafy green salads and veggies.

Treat yourself with kindness and remind yourself often that you are enough just as you are.

Make peace with food. There is no good or bad food, there is only nourishment or poison for your body—so choose wisely! No matter what, eat foods that nourish your body and your mind!

Wrapping Up: How To Manifest Weight Loss?

A healthy mind and body all starts within. When you feed your mind positive thoughts, you make healthier choices. The secret to manifest weight loss is in showing your body love and treating it with love and respect.

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Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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