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How To Know Your Manifestation Is Coming (It’s On Its Way)

10 Signs Your Manifestation Is So Close

Are you trying to manifest something fast? There are many manifestation techniques to try: scripting for the law of attraction, manifestation journaling, 369 method, 555 manifestation method, full moon manifestation, and more. One of my favourite tips is to make a manifestation board to keep my mind on what I want to attract.

You may be feeling anxious and wondering how to know your manifestation is coming. Here are 10 signs your manifestation is close!

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What Happens Just Before Manifestation

Have you been trying to manifest money or hoping to manifest love? Or maybe you’ve tried to manifest weight loss? If you are manifesting but are feeling a little discouraged, wondering if what you want is ever going to come, KEEP READING!

There are certain signs that happen just before manifestation comes to fruition. These things usually happen when you’re feeling anxious or getting impatient as a sign from your spirit guides or guardian angels to stay positive.

I can assure you that manifesting works! If you’re manifesting something, pay attention to the signs around you.

1 You’ve started to let go

When your manifestation is close, you’ll notice that you’re starting to be able to let go and move on from the thing you want. This may seem like a strange idea, but it’s crucial for law of attraction work . Once you can do this, IT WILL COME MUCH QUICKER!

We all know the feeling: sometimes we get so obsessed with something, or holding out for something (even if we don’t realize it), that we end up stuck. So what happens over time is we stay stuck because we’re trying way too hard – and even though we had no intention of doing that – and then without realizing it, our subconscious finds other ways for us to get what we want, and that’s when good things happen.

So the key is to let go when you reach a certain point with your manifestation. But how do you know when you can let go? Well it’s when you feel anxious or impatient and are losing hope that your manifestation is coming.

2 You’ve stopped obsessing about the ‘how’

When your manifestation is close, you’ll stop obsessing about what it will be like, or how it will come.

Sure, this is always going to be a question in the back of your mind – but for most people who have been practicing law of attraction for a while, they’re not thinking about it every single moment of every day.

You start trusting that everything’s happening perfectly in its own perfect time – and for reasons beyond your understanding, it seems to work better this way!

After all, when you place your attention on something you want, then that’s where most of your energy will go. And when you do that, you tend to forget about everything else – which is not a good idea in manifesting.

So when you start letting go and notice the shift in focus… Well there’s a high chance that your manifestation is close.

3 You have more clarity around what kind of thing this might be

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just came together? Or when you’re trying to manifest something and all of a sudden the perfect opportunities seem to fall in to your lap.

Just recently, as I was manifesting something but feeling a little discouraged, I received several emails with amazing feedback and a new opportunity directly connected to what I was trying to manifest.

That is because when you’re manifesting something life tends to throw up little clues along the way that all tie together nicely once you start seeing them – even if they don’t seem like much at first. So keep your eyes open for these clues when you think you’re close to your manifestation.

4 You’ve become more positive around it

When you start trusting that the law of attraction is working, you’ll notice that your whole vibe will change.

Have you ever tried to manifest a person?

Suddenly you’re not worrying about whether this thing’s going to happen or not any more – instead you just know that it’s on its way.

This may seem like a small thing at first, but trust me… If things aren’t happening for you right now, then having this change in attitude is one of the most important things for your manifestation to come through!

5 You feel lighter and happier in general

Do things feel easier now? Are you finding it easier to get out of bed each day? Maybe you’re feeling a little extra motivation. Have little problems started solving themselves? Do you find yourself laughing more often, or relaxing more?

When it comes to the law of attraction, the universe will always give you little clues and one clue I have always noticed is that I feel excited and more positive right before what I want comes!

6 You’re aware of new opportunities that are coming up for you

Opportunities really are everywhere – even when our manifestation isn’t quite there yet.

So if something seems too good to be true right now, then it probably is! But this doesn’t mean your manifestation’s not close… If anything it means that whatever’s happening in your life right now ISN’T what you want – which means whatever is on its way WILL be what you want!

And because I know how hard things can get sometimes, here are some ways to make sure your vibration stays high until your manifestation is with you:

Try using crystals for manifesting and reading mantras for manifesting. I also enjoy manifestation meditation and tarot card readings!

7 You’re doing things that make your feel good about yourself

Have you found it easier to look after yourself and justify buying nice things or indulging a little?

Have you been cooking at home more often than eating out, or spending time on yourself rather than working overtime?

When whatever’s coming towards you feels right for YOU, this is how it will show up in your life…

So if something seems like a luxury instead of an essential (like a massage or a vacation), then chances are it’s not what you want yet! If the universe sees that you’ve still got work to do before getting what’s yours, then it won’t put it within reach until you’re ready.

Spend time focusing on YOU. Focus on feeling happy so you raise your vibe.

Here are some great self care ideas:

Read beauty affirmations

Self care Sunday

Spiritual self care

Emotional self care

Self care checklist

7 You’re seeing signs like Angel Numbers or spirit signs

This is another really common way of knowing when your manifestation is close… When you start seeing certain numbers over and over again. These are angel numbers.

With my manifestations, I usually start seeing angel number 1111 or manifestation number 444! On phone numbers, addresses, bus numbers, random signs on shops etc.

And if this happens to you then it probably means something similar – whatever’s coming into your life is going to change things for good!

Here is a list of other angel numbers:

Angel number 555

Angel number 999

Angel number 717

8 You get more done in less time

This one sounds crazy doesn’t it? But hear me out… The universe will always give you whatever you focus on the most.

So if your thoughts are all about how hard everything is right now, then that’s all you can expect to get!

But if your thoughts are about how things are moving quickly towards you, and the universe knows this because it’s in your thoughts… Well then everything around you will start speeding up too!

9 You’re noticing yourself thinking differently

This is one of the most subtle signs that something amazing is on its way into your life.

Sometimes we can’t notice a change in our vibration until we take a step back and look at ourselves from afar – but when you do stop and consider how you’re feeling deep down, these small changes will suddenly seem big again!

So keep an eye out for any new feelings or thoughts you pick up on, and be sure to act on anything that feels right.

10 You start seeing signs from the universe

This is one of my favourite ways to know when your manifestation is nearly here – when the universe starts laying it’s cards out in front of you! And this can come in many forms… It could be a picture in a magazine, a book that falls off the shelf into your lap, or even just an idea that pops into your head from nowhere!

Or maybe you’ll spot something out of the corner of your eye when you’re going about your day, which sparks some new direction for you? The truth is though, there are so many possibilities when all little clues start coming through.

Ask the universe for a sign and then pay attention. Besides angel numbers, I usually see dimes everywhere right before my manifestation comes!

11 You get “nudges” from the universe

This is a bonus! Another really subtle sign of your manifestation is when things change in your life and you start feeling lighter.

This is because whatever’s working its way to you has lifted some of your worries, doubts or fears away. And that means that when they do come back (which they will), they’ll feel a lot heavier – after all, there are still plenty more issues left on earth for them to focus on! So when you notice things becoming clearer around you, take these little signs as proof that something GOOD is on its way.

Wrapping Up How To Know Your Manifestation Is Coming

The universe will send many signs to show you your manifestation is coming. All you have to do is ask and pay attention and you’ll be reassured your manifestation is on its way!

Steph Social

Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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