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How To Start A Manifestation Journal (10 Expert Tips)

How To Make A Journal For Manifesting

We know our thoughts become things, but how do we keep our thoughts on track with what we want? We keep a manifestation journal and in the post, I’ll show you exactly how to make one!

There’s amazing affirmation in the written word. Think about it, we sign something to seal the deal and a college degree doesn’t feel complete without the diploma. Everything becomes ‘more real’ once it’s on paper, am I right? The same goes for manifesting! When you write manifestations, they come right to you.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how much more effective manifesting can be when you write it down. It allows you to be entirely present and focused on your thoughts and helps remove outer and inner distractions.

What Is Manifestation

Does manifestation work?

Manifestation is using your body’s energy to attract what you want. It isn’t simply asking for something or thinking about what you want and having it appear. You have to work for it too, but it also might have a lot to do with your body’s vibrational energy. Every one and every thing emits and energy and what we put out, we get back in the form of people, opportunities and more. It’s all about raising your body’s vibration.

Maybe you’ve tried to manifest something fast and it didn’t work. Something was missing. The better you feel about yourself and the thing you are manifesting, the better it’ll be. Which is exactly why journaling can be such a powerful manifestation tool. When you learn how to script and the power it holds, there will be nothing holding you back from what you really want!

There are pros and cons to manifesting, be sure to check out my recent post to find out- is Manifestation bad?

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

There are many ways to use journaling to manifest what you desire, such as setting intentions, goals and tracking habits, but my favourite is scripting. Scripting for the law of attraction is writing what you want, but in present form. For example:

  • I am so grateful for the $2 an hour promotion I received
  • I’m so thankful that I am in great health and all of my tests came back perfect
  • I love my new corner office with a view of the outside
  • I love my new house

Scripting for manifesting makes the process work faster and more effectively. You can manifest someone to be obsessed with you, manifest your crush to like you, or manifest someone to text you! You can even manifest being rich!

I find it really helps to start out with smaller, realistic manifestations so that you believe it is coming. The bigger the manifestation, the more you’ll end up doubting it. Once you begin to see what you’re asking for come right to you, you’ll gain more and more trust in the process.

It’s also helpful to be specific in what you want. The more vague your request, the more vague the response.

I also use my journal to write affirmations, track healthy habits and set goals!

How I Started Journaling For Manifesting

I created this manifestation journal for myself and my readers to help us all manifest what we want. When you focus on what you want every day and write it down, it works like magic to come right to you!

Using this journal, I’ve managed to manifest business growth, money and more!

I wrote down in my manifestation journal that I my traffic would grow by 25 percent and it did! But then I also wanted to make sure my readers were enjoying my content so I manifested that! Suddenly, just days after writing it down in my manifestation journal, my website traffic was trending up and up and not only that, I am getting 10 times the amount of likes from my readers:) I am SO GRATEFUL.

And, in the past I’ve been able to grow my business and website to where it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of! I am not sure this would have been possible with manifestation and the law of attraction helping me along the way.

I want to share this with everyone.

Here’s what’s included with my manifestation journal:

  • Freestyle scripting page
  • Vision board page to keep your eye on the prize
  • 3 month goal setting pages
  • 6 month goal setting pages
  • 9 month goal setting pages
  • One year goal setting pages
  • Balance wheel for every area of your life
  • Yearly planner
  • Positive affirmations tracker for every area of your life
  • Bucket list template
  • Monthly planner
  • Monthly intention setting page
  • Monthly intentional habit tracker
  • Weekly focus and intention setter
  • Daily reflections
  • Evening affirmations
  • Weekly reflections page
  • Monthly reflections page

24 pages of manifestation magic all beautifully designed in a dreamy journal you can print and use over and over so you can watch the magic unfold for years!

Manifestation Journal: Just $3

A Manifestation Journal Can Speed Things Up

Every living thing emits a vibrational energy, which radiates out in to the universe and attracts a similar energy back to us. This is one of the most important factors in your life.

Making a manifestation journal helps to determine the thoughts you have, the people you connect with and the opportunities that come your way.

It’s all about raising yourself up the emotional scale.

When you feel good, you attract all of the good back! So, how do you feel your best? You take good care of yourself. Period. Eat greens, sleep well, try manifestation meditation, practice gratitude (try these gratitude journal prompts) and keep a journal.

Journaling helps keep your mind focused on your dreams, even if just for 10 minutes a day. It can have a dramatic effect in your body’s vibrational energy, especially when you practice scripting for manifesting and the law of attraction.

When you write in a manifestation journal, allow yourself to daydream about your best life. Put yourself there! Feel it. Now, write it down as if you are already living it. Want a promotion? Use your mind to imagine your new role in your career. Take in the details, like how your new office looks and feels, and how you dress and act. Be thankful for the opportunity and the new income! Imagine how your life has changed now that you have landed this new role. Write this all down.

What To Write In A Manifestation Journal

Write what you want to manifest, but write it in present tense. This helps you get into alignment with your desires, to raise your body’s vibration so you attract what you want!

  • I love waking up to my new job position
  • I’m so grateful that my boss realizes my value
  • I feel confident in my role and great ideas seem to come to me
  • My team and i are working great together

There is power in the written word. It affirms what you think. And when you affirm something, it becomes more powerful. Think about how much more real a college degree feels once you receive that diploma. When something is in writing, it’s signed, sealed and delivered! It works the same way in manifesting what you want.

Wrapping Up: How To Start A Manifestation Journal

You can use a manifestation journal in any aspect of your life- relationships, career, spiritual, health, wellness and more! Pretty much anything you desire, you can manifest.

Starting my own manifestation journal has helped me create the business and life I’ve always wanted and it keeps working! As soon as it starts working, you trust the process more and continue to use it!

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Steph is a spiritual writer from Canada. She is a former journalist and magazine writer, who later went on to study the spiritual side of life. She shares her knowledge of manifesting and the law of attraction to help others change their lives through affirmations, angel numbers and numerology, self care, journaling, meditation and intentional living! Also- an INFJ, Reflector and empath so you'll find a lot of personality type stuff here too:)


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