Top 5 Hair Colour Trends For 2022

The Perfect Hair Colour For Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter 2022

These top hair colour trends are perfect for spring, summer, and even into fall and winter! After years of icy, cool tones we are back on the warm, vibrant shades and as a pale girl myself, I am so thrilled! But these shades tend to look good on most skin tones so you’ll feel and look beautiful!

My step-sister owns an amazing hair salon near me and so I’m always asking her what trends are in and upcoming! I was actually going in to get an ashy blonde and she told me to go warm, so I did and I love it. Excuse the roots, this is a few weeks old now!

But, what am I gonna do with all this purple shampoo? Save it for when the icy tones return?

What to do with my jumbo sized purple shampoo?

This spring and summer forget the ashy tones and go for a golden hue instead. Whether you go for a light brown or a true auburn, these shades are sure to make you feel good.

Hair Colour Trends For Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 2022

Looking to switch up your hair colour this spring and summer to really glow up? Here are five trendy options to consider! Albeit, some of these shades may be very similar, I have verified the colours with a stylist to ensure the most accuracy. Of course, there are always people who may feel the strawberry blonde I picked should be a little more red or that the auburn is too light, but I guess everyone’s opinion is their own:) So, take these suggestions, as just that- suggestions.

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1. Money Piece

If you’re looking to add some depth and dimension to your hair colour, consider highlights in a money piece blonde- which is a piece right in the front. This look is subtle but eye-catching and perfect for brightening up your look.

2. Strawberry Blonde

Another great option for summer is strawberry blonde. This light, bright shade is perfect for those with fair skin and will add a touch of fun to your look. It’s a fun mix of reddish and blonde.

3. Bronde

If you’re looking to keep your hair colour coolish, bronde is the way to go. This mix of brown and blonde tones is perfect for those who want a natural looking hue that will last longer in between colours.

4. Golden Brown

But wait isn’t auburn, golden brown? Hmm maybe to some, but I consider golden brown a little bit darker than auburn.

Golden brown is perfect for those who want a classic look that will never go out of style. This warm shade is perfect for those with medium to dark skin tones and will add some extra warmth to your look this summer.

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Here are some photos for inspo:

Photo Of Bronde Hair

Photo of Bronde hair

1. Bronde: A mix of blonde and brown, bronde is a natural looking colour that will suit most people.

Photo Of Strawberry Blonde Hair

Photo of strawberry blonde hair

2. Strawberry blonde: A warmer, more reddish version of blonde, strawberry blonde is perfect for those with fair skin.

Photo Of Auburn Hair

Photo of auburn hair

3. Auburn: A deep, rich redish brown that is perfect for those with darker skin tones or even fair skin too.

Photo Of Golden Brown Hair

Photo of golden brown hair

4. Golden brown: A warm, light brown that looks great on all skin tones.

Photo Of Money Piece Hair

Photo of money piece hair

5. Money piece- blonde highlight in front: A trendy way to add some interest to your hair colour! A money piece is a bright, blonde highlight right around your face.

How to choose the right hair colour for your skin tone:

If you have fair skin, go for light or bright colours like blonde, strawberry blonde or platinum.

If you have medium skin, go for warmer colours like auburn, golden brown or chestnut.

If you have dark skin, go for deep colours like black, chocolate brown or burgundy.

And if you’re not sure what colour to go for, ask your hairdresser for advice – they will be able to recommend the best shade for you.

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A Quick Recap Of Hair Colours For 2022

1. Bronde– A combination of blonde and brunette, bronde is a great option for those who want to experiment with their hair colour.

2. Strawberry blonde– A soft, pinkish hue that is perfect for spring and summer.

3. Auburn– A classic redhead shade that looks great on all skin tones.

4. Golden brown– A versatile shade that can be tailored to suit any complexion.

5. Money piece– Blonde highlights in the front are always a popular choice and can brighten up any look.

Whatever colour you choose, I hope you love it! And if you don’t, you can always change it up!

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