How To Get Trendy, Glossy, No Makeup Skin

Gives You Dewy, Juicy Skin But Never Greasy!

Want the dewy, lit from within look but most of the products on the market end up leaving you greasy and oily. Palettes and highlight tend to look fake and sparkly.

The Ayurveda Experience Prinourish precious oil is a new favourite of beauty blogger because it gives you radiant, glossy and healthy looking skin, without makeup or chemicals.

It nourishes deep down and absorbs completely so you won’t look or feel oily!

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Juicy Skin Oils

Manifest beauty the natural way! Enjoy the benefits of 4 nutritional oils, 4 herbs, 4 spices, 3 fruits and 2 essential oils – all in 1 shot. And all of that hydration without leaving you greasy and oily throughout the day. You’ll be beautiful and feel like a high value woman with skin that glows.

This clear, almost colorless face moisturizing serum is the most WHOLESOME moisturizer you’ll ever need or want! I use it every morning and get compliments on my skin’s glow:)

The way that I can explain it is- it’s the ethereal glow that almost appears to come from within, not the glow that comes from glittery, highlight or shiny oils. It’s slight and natural! And oh, the smell…

It smells like a delicate bouquet of flowers, plumps up the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, smooths the delicate skin around your eyes making them look brighter and leaves your cheeks juicy! And if it doesn’t, and you’re unhappy with your purchase you get your money back!

With this oil, you can skip both moisturizer and primer, saving you time and money, without sacrificing how your skin looks or feels. In fact, your skin will never look or feel better!

If you have dry or mature skin, you know how hard finding a good primer is. You want one that hydrates but also absorbs deep down so you’re not left looking and feeling like an oil slick!

I have dry skin, sensitive skin that also can be acne prone (fun right?). I use nearly the entire line of Ayurveda Experience and will never use anything else now.

Check out my post- Ayurvedic Skin Care.

Best Primer For Mature Skin Or Dry Skin

Introducing – iYURA’s first ever – Prinourish Skin Enriching Superfood Serum

  • This serum is a unique, VEGAN blend of 4 rich oils to revive malnutritioned or under-nutritioned, dull skin!  
  • The 11 Ayurvedic herbs including fruits, herbs and spices, employed in this formula nourish and plump-up the look of sallow skin 
  • Is the richest booster you could add to your daily skincare products to get a whole plethora of benefits from multiple plant-sources
  • Works instantly to brighten dull-looking skin.  
  • Cleanses the pores; doesn’t clog them.  
  • Prinourish is your perfect pre-makeup, pre-sunscreen serum which can bedoubled as a skincare facial serum & as a makeup touch-up  
  • Compatible with primer and foundation.(that is, if you use any! Most users of iYURA products don’t want any coverage makeup as their natural skin becomes just too good to hide!) 

Revive malnutritioned or under-nutritioned, dull skin!

Prinourish cleans your pores instead of clogging them and nourishes deep down, absorbing completely to leave you smooth, supple and ready for the day. It’s compatible with foundation and works like the best primer for mature skin and dry skin to help keep you looking fresh and glowy, all day!

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