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Human Design Types: Which One Are You?

The 5 Human Design Types

Do you know your human design type? According to Human Design, there are five different types of people in the world. Your design is determined at birth and discovering which type you are can help you better understand yourself.

Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing which one you are is an important tool for personal development and self-awareness. In this post, we will explore each of the five human design types and discuss what makes them unique. We’ll also provide tips on how to identify which type you are!

Learning more about what makes you tick can improve your emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

What Is Human Design?

We are all made up of energy, and our human design is no different. Our design is comprised of nine centers, thirty-six channels, and sixty-four gates, all of which present as either open or closed, connected or absent, on or off, etc. There are a lot of parts and pieces and potential combinations, so how these centers, channels and gates interact all combine together to form our overall Human Design. 

Each person has a unique combination of open and closed centers, channels, and gates, which affects how we experience life and the world around us. Essentially, this is why you are the way you are!

We all have different strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, based on our individual human design. Understanding our human design can help us to understand ourselves better and to make the most of our strengths and talents. It can also help us to identify and work through our challenges in life. Ultimately, understanding our human design can help us to live more authentic, fulfilling lives.

There are five main human design types: Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors and Generators. While there are many potential combinations of these centers, channels and gates, each type has its own distinct energy signature. Knowing our human design type can help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses, our likes and dislikes, and how we best interact with the world around us.

Sounds complicated? It is very complex, so let’s dive in!

How Is Your Human Design Type Determined?

Human design is based on the time, date, and place of your birth. This information is used to create a natal chart, which can then be used to determine your human design type.

Here is a breakdown of the 5 Human Design Types:

What Are The 5 Human Design Types?

The Five Human Design Types

So, what are the five human design types?

  • Manifestor
  • Generator
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Projector
  • Reflector

Human Design Type: Manifestor

Traits of human design type Manifestor

The first human design type is the Manifestor. Manifestors are people who like to take charge and make things happen. They are natural leaders and often have a strong vision for their lives. If you’re a Manifestor, it’s important to learn how to channel your energy so that you don’t become overwhelmed or stressed.

Manifestors often start many projects and have a lot of ideas on the go, but don’t necessarily finish them all.

Signs you are a Manifestor:

-You like to be in control and take charge of situations

-You are a natural leader

-You have a strong vision for your life

-You are confident and decisive

-You are often the one who comes up with the ideas or plans

-You like to do things on your terms

Check out this emotional scale for tips on how to improve your emotions fast! Emotional self care is another great way to take care of yourself from the inside, out. Knowing which personality type you are can also help empaths and highly sensitive people cope with and understand difficult situations.

Human Design Type: Generator

human design type generator

The second human design type is the Generator. Generators are people who like to take things one day at a time. They are patient and practical, and they often have a strong sense of intuition. If you’re a Generator, it’s important to learn how to trust your gut instinct and follow your heart. Generators like to go after things that make them feel alive! They are known as the sacral energy all stars!

Did you know approximately 70% of the population are generators? Making it the most common Human Design Type.

Signs you are a Generator:

-You like to take things one day at a time

-You are patient and practical

-You have a strong sense of intuition

-You are good at problem solving

-You like to feel needed and useful

-You enjoy being productive

Human Design Type: Manifesting Generator

human design type manifesting generator

The third human design type is the Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators are people who have the best of both worlds – taking traits from both personality types!

Manifesting Generators are people who like to take action and make things happen. They are often impulsive and always on the go. If you’re a Manifesting Generator, you almost thrive in chaos.

Manifesting Generators are full of new ideas and have the energy to put them into action.

Signs you are a Manifesting Generator:

-You like to take action and make things happen

-You are often impulsive

-You are always on the go

-You have a lot of energy

-You may find it difficult to relax or sit still for long periods of time

-You get bored easily

Human Design Type: Projector

human design type projector

The fourth human design type is the Projector. Projectors are people who often make great leaders. They are the teachers and guides of the world. As a projector, you’re a natural problem solver and enjoy helping people. You also posses a unique ability to understand others.

Projectors are non-energy beings, whereas the other types are energy-bases. Projectors have a unique way of seeing things, which makes them great guides.

Signs you are a Projector:

-You like to take control

-You are a natural born problem solver

-You have a strong ability to ‘read’ others

-You enjoy helping others

Human Design Type: Reflector

human design type reflector

The fifth and final human design type is the Reflector. Reflectors are people who like to take a step back and observe. They are often introspective and have a strong sense of intuition. If you’re a Reflector, it’s important to learn how to trust your gut instinct and follow your heart.

Reflectors are the rarest Human Design Type, making up about 1% of the population. They are incredibly wise and have the amazing ability to adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in.

Signs you are a Reflector:

-You like to take a step back and observe

-You are often introspective

-You have a strong sense of intuition

-You may find it difficult to make decisions quickly

-They have the ability to easily connect with whatever environment they are in

-Your mood often changes depending on your surroundings

The 5 Human Design Types

Want to find out your human design type? Get your free human design chart here.

Now that you know the five human design types, which one are you? Do you see yourself in any of the descriptions above? If you’re not sure, don’t worry – there are many resources available to help you figure out your human design type. Once you know your type, you can start learning more about how to make the most of it! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll go into more detail about each type. Thanks for reading!

-The Life Designs Team.

Life Designs Team
Life Designs Team

The Life Designs Team is a team of experts in the 5 life design types. We are a team of energy coaches, personal development coaches and healing practitioners that offer tips and guidance remotely, all over the world to help you understand yourself better.


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